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 COO622018690GP ARGB controller-connect to Reset Button -
COOCK530GKGL1US CK 530 (blue switch) -
COOCK530GKGM1US CK 530 (brown switch) -
 COOCMP5001RWRA50 CMP 500 + MWE 500 Case and PSU 500Watt -
COOCMS693GWN1 690 III green window version -
COOCMS693KKN1 Case 690 III Black bezel. Black interior coating. Fan: front-
 20030mm black fan x1. rear 120mm black fan x1. IO: USB 3.0x 2. 
 USB 2.0 x 2. Mic x 1. Audio x 1 (su 
COOCMS693KWN1 CASE 690 III Window. Fan: 1x front 20030mm black fan. 1x Rear-
 120mm black fan. IO: 2x USB 3.0. 2x USB 2.0. 1x Mic. 1x Audio 
 (Supports AC97/HD Audio) 
COOCMS693WWN1V2 Transprent side window White-Black bezel White interior Fan:-
 front 14025mm BlueLED fan x1 rear 120mm black fan x1 IO: USB 
 3.0 x 2 USB 2.0 x 2 Mic x 1 Audio x 1 
 COOCO241KKP500 Elite 200 Case black 500 Watt PSU for Digitotaal PC only with-
 logo on box 5cm innerbox 
 COOCO551KKP500 CASE Silencio 551 black 500 Watt PSU for Digi Totaal PC only-
 with logo on box 
COOCOS5000KKN1 Case Cosmos SE. Black . Mesh window version -
 COOCXB5S2KWNN03MI MasterBox 5 Black with Dark Mirror Front Panel -
 COOH500PMGNNS10 MasterCase H500P Gunmetal Mesh -
COOHAF915FKKN1 CASE HAF 915 PSU Slot in front side -
COOHAF915RKKN1 CASE HAF 915 PSU Slot in rear side -
COOMAMT4PNAFNPCR1 MA410M RGB TUF version (addressible) -
COOMAPD6PN218PCR2 MasterAir MA621P -
COOMAYT3PN930PKR1 MasterAir Pro 3 Tower 92mm 650-3000RPM PWM fan 3 x 6mm CDC 2.0-
 heatpipe Full Socket Support 
COOMAYT4PN220PKR1 MasterAir Pro 4 Tower 120mm 650-2000RPMPWM fan 4 x 6mm CDC 2.0-
 heatpipe Full Socket Support 
COOMAZT8PN418PRR1 Master Air Maker 8 -
COOMCBB500DKGNNS00 MasterBox MB500 -
COOMCBB510LKANNS00 MasterBox MB510L Red trim -
COOMCBB510LKANNS01 MasterBox MB510L Black trim -
COOMCBB510LKANNS02 MasterBox MB510L White trim -
COOMCBB510LKANNS03 MasterBox MB510L Blue trim -
COOMCBB511DKANNS00 MasterBox MB511 Mesh version Red trim -
COOMCBB511DKANNS02 MasterBox MB511 Mesh version White trim -
COOMCBB511DKANNS03 MasterBox MB511 Mesh version Blue trim -
COOMCBB520KANNS00 MasterBox MB520 Red trim -
COOMCBB520KANNS02 MasterBox MB520 White trim -
 COOMCBB520KANNS04 MasterBox MB520 Blue trim -
COOMCBB600LKANNS00 MB600L without. ODD Red trim -
COOMCBB600LKANNS02 MB600L without ODD Gunmetal trim -
COOMCBD500DKANNS00 MasterBox TD500 with RGB LED fan -
COOMCBD500DKANNS01 MasterBox TD500 Acrylic ARGB -
COOMCBD500LKANNS00 MasterBox TD500L -
COOMCBE300LKN5NB00 MasterBox E300L Blue -
COOMCBE300LKN5NB01 MasterBox E300L Red -
COOMCBE300LKN5NB02 MasterBox E300L Silver -
COOMCBE500LKA5NS00 MasterBox E500L Blue w/ full window side panel -
COOMCBE500LKA5NS01 MasterBox E500L Red w/ full window sidepanel -
COOMCBE500LKA5NS02 MasterBox E500L Silver w/ full window side panel -
COOMCBE500LKN5NS00 MasterBox E500L Blue w/ Steel Side panel -
COOMCBE500LKN5NS01 MasterBox E500L Red w/ Steel Side panel -
COOMCBK500DKGNNS00 MasterBox K500 -
COOMCBK500DKGNNS02 MasterBox K500 ARGB -
COOMCBK500LKANNS00 MasterBox K500L -
COOMCCC700MMG5NS00 Cosmos C700M -
COOMCCC700PMG5NS00 Cosmos C700P Gun Metal Black ATX -
COOMCMH100KANNS00 Mastercase H100 -
COOMCMH100KANNS01 Mastercase H100 (ARGB Editie) -
COOMCMH500PMGNNS00 MasterCase H500P Gunmetal Black ATX -
COOMCMH500PWGNNS00 MasterCase H500P White -
COOMCMM500KG5NS00 MasterCase MC500 -
COOMCMM500MKG5NS00 MasterCase MC500M -
COOMCMM500PKG5NS00 MasterCase MC500P -
COOMCMM500TRH5NS00 MasterCase MC500MT -
COOMCWL3B2KN5N MasterBox Lite 3 B2B non coated inside micro ATX Chassis 1x USB-
 3.0/1x USB 2.0 
COOMCWL3B3KANN01 MasterBox Lite 3.1 -
COOMCWL3S2KN5N MasterBox Lite 3 USB 3 *2 -
COOMCWL3S2KW5N MasterBox Lite 3 Black with window micro ATX Chassis 2x USB 3.0 -
COOMCWL3S3KGNN00 MasterBox Lite 3.1 TG -
COOMCWL5S3KANN01 MasterBox Lite 5 -
COOMCWL5S3KGNN02 MasterBox Lite 5 RGB -
COOMCWL5S3KGNN03 MasterBox Lite 5 RGB (with controller) -
COOMCX0005KKN00 CASE MasterCase 5 FreeForm Modular System -
COOMCX0005KWN00 MasterCase Pro 5 -
COOMCXB5S1KWNN11 MasterBox 5 Black with Mesh Flow Front Panel -
COOMCXB5S2WWNN01 MasterBox 5 White with Dark Mirror Front Panel -
COOMCXB5S3TRWNN MasterBox 5t Mid-Tower Case with 2x USB3.0 and fan controller -
COOMCY005PKWN00 MasterCase Pro 5 ATX FullTower -
COOMCY005PKWN00NV MasterCase Pro 5 NVIDIA Edition Mid-Tower Case with FreeForm-
 Modular System Window Side Panel Top Mesh Cover and 
 Watercooling Bracket 
COOMCYB5P2KWGN02 MasterBox 5 Pro RGB with RGB Controller -
COOMCYC3P1KWNN MasterCase Pro 3 m-ATX Case with FreeForm Modular System with-
 Dual Handle Design 
COOMCYC6P2KW5N MasterCase Pro 6 Blue LEDMid-Tower Case with FreeForm Modular-
 System Window Side Panel and Watercooling Bracket 
COOMCYC6P2KW5N01 MasterCase Pro 6 Red LED Mid-Tower Case with FreeForm Modular-
 System Window Side Panel and Watercooling Bracket 
COOMCZ005MKWN00 MasterCase Maker 5 -
COOMCZC5M2TRW5N MasterCase Maker 5t Mid-Tower Case with FreeForm Modular System-
 2x Tempered glass Window Side Panel Top Mesh Cover and 
 Watercooling Bracket 
COOMFXB2D218NPAR1 MasterFan SF240R ARGB (square frame) -
COOMFXB2D318NPAR1 MasterFan SF360R ARGB (square frame) -
COOMFXB2DN20NPAR1 MasterFan SF120R ARGB (square frame) -
COOMFXB2DN20NPCR1 SF120R RGB LED Fan (square frame) -
COOMFXB2NN20NPKR1 MasterFan SF120R (square frame) -
COOMFYB2DC133PCR1 MasterFan Pro 120 AB RGB Pack -
COOMFYB2DN13NPCR1 MasterFan Pro 120 AB RGB PWM 120mm RGB LED fan Balance between-
 airflow and static pressure 650 ~ 1300 RPM POM Bearing 
COOMFYB2NN13NMKR1 FAN MasterFan Pro 120 AB -
COOMFYF2DC113PCR1 MasterFan Pro 120 AF RGB Pack -
COOMFYF2DN11NPCR1 MasterFan Pro 120 AF RGB -
COOMFYF2NN11NMKR1 FAN MasterFan Pro 120 AF -
COOMFYF4DC083PCR1 MasterFan Pro 140 AF RGB Pack -
COOMFYF4DN08NPCR1 MasterFan Pro 140 AF RGB -
COOMFYF4NN08NMKR1 FAN MasterFan Pro 140 AF -
COOMFYP2DC153PCR1 MasterFan Pro 120 AP RGB Pack -
COOMFYP2DN15NPCR1 MasterFan Pro 120 AP RGB -
COOMFYP2NN15NMKR1 FAN MasterFan Pro 120 AP -
COOMFYP4DC153PCR1 MasterFan Pro 140 AP RGB Pack -
COOMFYP4DN15NPCR1 MasterFan Pro 140 AP RGB -
COOMFYP4NN15NMKR1 FAN MasterFan Pro 140 AP -
COOMFZB2NN20NPKR1 MasterFan SF120M -
COOMGYOSSGN15MR1 MasterGel Pro -
COOMGZNDSGN15MR1 MasterGel Maker -
COOMH320 MasterPulse MH320 -
COOMH530 MasterPulse MH530 -
COOMH750 MasterPulse MH750 -
COOMH751 Gaming Headset MH-751 -
COOMH752 Gaming Headset MH-752 -
COOMK120KKMF1US MasterKeys MK120 -
COOMK730GKCL1US MK730 (blue switch) -
COOMK730GKCM1US MK730 (brown switch) -
COOMK750GKCL2US MasterKeys MK750 Left -
COOMK750GKCM2US MasterKeys MK750 -
COOMK750GKCR2US MasterKeys MK750 Right -
COOMK850GKCR1US MK850 (red switch) -
COOMLXD12MA20PWR1 MasterLiquid 120 120 x 38mm Radiator 2x120mm Fan 650- 2000 RPM-
 Full Socket Support 
COOMLXD24MA20PCR1 ML240R RGB (addressable) -
COOMLXD24MA20PWR1 MasterLiquid 240 240 x 27mm Radiator 2x120mm Fan 650 - 2000 RPM-
 Full Socket Support 
COOMLXD36MA20PCR1 MasterLiquid ML360R RGB -
COOMLXD36MA20PCT1 MasterLiquid ML360 RGB TR4 Edition -
COOMLYD12XA20MBR1 COOLER CPU MasterLiquid Pro 120 -
COOMLYD14MA22MBR1 MasterLiquid Pro 140 140 x 38mm Radiator 2x 140mm Fan 650 --
 2200 RPM Full Socket Support 
COOMLYD24MA20MBR1 COOLER CPU MasterLiquid Pro 240 -
COOMLYD24MA20PAR1 MasterLiquid ML240P Mirage -
COOMLYD28MA22MBR1 MasterLiquid Pro 280 280 x 27mm Radiator 2x 140mm Fan 650 --
 2200 RPM Full Socket Support 
COOMLYD36MA18PAR1 MasterLiquid ML360P Silver Edition -
COOMLZH92MA26PKR1 MasterLiquid Maker 92 27mm Radiator 2x 92mm Fan 650 - 2000 RPM Intel only-
COOMM110GKOM1 MasterMouse MM110 -
COOMM830GKOF1 MasterMouse MM830 -
COOMNXSMTS20FNR1 MasterNotepal -
COOMNYSMTS20FYR1 MasterNotepal Pro -
COOMNZSMTE20FYR1 MasterNotepal Maker -
COOMPAGS75000C1 Headsetstand GS750 -
COOMPAMP510L MP510 Large -
COOMPAMP510M MP510 Medium -
COOMPAMP510S MP510 Small -
COOMPAMP510XL MP510 Extra Large -
COOMPAMP720 RGB Hard Gaming Mousepad -
COOMPAMP750L Gaming Mousepad MP750-L -
COOMPAMP750M Gaming Mousepad MP750-M -
COOMPAMP750XL Gaming Mousepad MP750-XL -
COOMPAMP860OSAN1 Gaming Mousepad MP860 -
COOMPE4501ACAABEU MWE Bronze 450W V2 -
COOMPE5501ACAABEU MWE Bronze 550W V2 -
COOMPE6001ACAABNL MWE Bronze 600W V2 Bulk w/EU cord -
COOMPE6501ACAABEU MWE Bronze 650W V2 -
COOMPE7501ACAABEU MWE Bronze 750W V2 -
COOMPE7501ACABWBEU PSU MWE 750 Bronze-v2 - 230V -
COOMPX0651M19YBEU NA 65W Normal Type Notebook Universal Adapter EU Cable -
COOMPX0901M19YBEU NA 90W Normal Type Notebook Universal Adapter EU Cable -
COOMPX4001ACABWEU MasterWatt Lite 400W 230V 80Plus 120mm fan Active PFC EU Cable -
COOMPX4501ACAABEU MWE Bronze 450 -
COOMPX4501AMAABEF MasterWatt 450 TUF edition(EU) -
COOMPX4501AMAABEU MasterWatt 450 -
COOMPX5001ACABWEU MasterWatt Lite 500W 230V 80Plus 120mm fan Active PFC EU Cable -
COOMPX5001AFABWEU WL 500 (Full Modular) -
COOMPX5501ACAABEU MWE Bronze 550 -
COOMPX5501AMAABEF MasterWatt 550 TUF edition(EU) -
COOMPX5501AMAABEU MasterWatt 550 -
COOMPX6001ACABWEU MasterWatt Lite 600W 230V 80Plus 120mm fan Active PFC EU Cable -
COOMPX6501ACAABEU MWE Bronze 650 -
COOMPX6501AMAABEF MasterWatt 650 TUF edition(EU) -
COOMPX6501AMAABEU MasterWatt 650 -
COOMPX7001ACABWEU MasterWatt Lite 700W 230V 80Plus 120mm fan Active PFC EU Cable -
COOMPX7501AMAABEF MasterWatt 750 TUF edition(EU) -
COOMPX7501AMAABEU MasterWatt 750 -
COOMPY7501AFAAGEU MWE Gold 750 Modular -
COOMPY5501AFAAGEU MWE Gold 550 Full Modular -
COOMPY6501AFAAGEU MWE Gold 650 Full Modular -
COOMPZ8501AFBAPVEU V850 Platinum -
COOMPZA001AFBAPVEU V1000 Platinum -
COOMPZC002AFBATEU MasterWatt Maker 1200 MIJ -
COOMPZD001AFBAPVEU V1300 Platinum -
COOMPZF001AFBATEU MasterWatt Maker 1500 -
COOMS121KKMF1US MasterSet MS121 -
 COONSE200KKA400N1 N200 black M-ATX case + B2 400W 80+ EU 230V -
COONSE200KKN1 N200 black M-ATX case. USB 3.0 x 1 and USB 2.0 x 2 -
COONSE300KKA400N1 N300 black ATX case + B2 400W 80+ EU 230V -
COONSE300KKN1 N300. Black bezel. Black interior coating. 1x USB 3.0(int). 2x-
 USB 2.0. 1x MIC.1x Audio. Fan: 1x front 120mm Sickleflow. 1x 
 rear 120mm Sickleflow fan 
COONSE400KKN1 CASE N400 Black noPSU -
COONSE500KKN2 N500. Black bezel. Black interior coating. 2x USB 3.0. 1x MIC.-
 1x Audio. Fan: 1x front 120mm Sickleflow fan. 1x rear 120mm 
 Sickleflow fan 
COONSE600KKN1 CASE N600 Black noPSU -
COOR4120R203CR1 MasterFan MF120R ARGB PACK -
COOR4120R20PCR1 MasterFan MF120R ARGB -
COOR4122R20PCR1 MasterFan MF122R RGB -
COOR4140R15PCR1 MasterFan MF140R ARGB -
COOR4200R08FCR1 MF200R RGB LED Fan -
COOR4BM8S30PKR0 CoolerMaster Casefan / Blade Master Series / 90x25mm / Sleeve /-
 800~3000rpm / Black / PWM 
COOR4BMBS20PKR0 CoolerMaster Casefan / Blade Master Series / 120x25mm / Sleeve-
 / 600~2000rpm / Black / PWM / Hyper 212 fan 
COOR4C1DS12FKR1 MF120L Non LED Fan -
COOR4JFDP20PBR1 Fan Case Jetflo 120mm Blue LED. 12025. 2000RPM. POM. PWM -
COOR4JFDP20PRR1 Fan Case Jetflo 120mm Red LED. 12025. 2000RPM. POM. PWM -
COOR4JFNP20PKR1 Fan Case Jetflo 120mm no LED. 12025. 2000RPM. POM. PWM -
COOR4L2R20ACGP CoolerMaster Casefan / Sickle Flow Series / 120mm / Rifle-
 bearing / Blue LED fan / 2000rpm / Hyper 212 fan 
COOR4L2R20AGR2 120mm Green LED Fan (Rifle Bearing). 2000rpm -
COOR4L2R20ARR1 120mm Red LED Fan (Rifle Bearing). 2000rpm -
COOR4LUS07ABGP CoolerMaster Casefan / Mega Flow Series/ 200x30mm / Sleeve /-
 Blue LED fan / 700rpm / Silent 
COOR4LUS07ARGP CoolerMaster Casefan / Mega Flow Series/ 200x30mm / Sleeve /-
 Blue Red fan / 700rpm / Silent 
COOR4S2S12AKGP Casefan 120x120x25mm sleeve bearing case fan / 1200 rpm -
COOR4SFNL12FKR1 Fan Case Silencio FP120 -
COOR4SFNL14PKR1 Fan Case Silencio FP120 PWM -
COOR9NBCA2HKGP chladici ALU podstavec A200 -
COOR9NBCNXLKGP Cooler NB 15.6-17i Notepal XL. 230 mm blue LED fan. 3 port USB-
 HUB. fan-speed control. two height settings 
COOR9TPSDUOSGP ACC DUO Stand :Aluminum docking stand with accessible charging-
 and audio ports 
COORC110KKN2 CASE Elite 110 ITX Black Mini iTX. Meshpanel. Black inner-
 chassis with mesh front panel. 2x USB 3.0. 1x Front 120mm fan 
COORC1200KKN1 COSMOS II Black/USB 3.0 x 2/USB2.0 x4/20cm fan x 1/12cm-
 fanx3/14cm fanx1 
COORC120AWWN1 Elite 120 ITX Mini White inner chassis / Aluminum front panel /-
 USB 3.0 x1 (Internal) /USB 2.0 x 2 /Mic x 1 /Audio x 1 /Front 
 120mm fan x 1 
COORC130KKN1 Case Elite 130 Mini iTX. Mesh panel . black inner chassis with-
 mesh front panel. USB 3.0 x2. USB 2.0 x 1. Mic x 1. Audio x 1. 
 Front 120mm fan x 1 
COORC310SKN1GP CoolerMaster MidiTower Elite 310 Black/Silver No.PSU -
COORC335UKKN1 Elite 335(upgraded w/370 body) black (bottom mounted PSU) -
 COORC342KKA500U3 Elite 342 Micro ATX Chassis Black + B500 80+ EU 230V -
COORC342KKN1GP CoolerMaster MiniTower Elite 342 Black / 2x5.25 Exposed / 2x3.5-
 Exposed + 2x Hidden / noPSU 
COORC342KKN6U3 Elite 342 USB3.0 -
COORC343KKN1 Elite 343 Micro ATX Chassis -
COORC344SKN2 Elite 344 M-ATX/Silver/USB IO/USB 3.0 x1 (int.)/USB 2.0 x 2/Mic-
 x1/Audio x 1 (Supports AC97/HD audio)/front 120mm Black fan 
 *1/CM brown carton 
COORC361KKN1 Elite 361 Black/no PSU/IO: USB2.0 x2/Mic x1/Audio x1(AC97/HD-
 audio)/Top fan: 120mm black fan x1/w/brown carton 
COORC430KWN6 CASE Elite 430 Black. 1x USB 3.0. 1x Red LED Fan. w/side-
 window. w/o PSU 
COORC550KKN1 CASE MIDI Silecio 550 black noPSU -
COORC550LKKN1 Case Silencio 550 Silent Black Carbon Case with USB 3.0 x 1.-
 USB 2.0 x 1. SD card reader and X-Dock 
COORC550MKKN1 Case Silencio 550 Silent Case (Matte Front Panel) with USB 3.0-
 x 1. USB 2.0 x 1. SD card reader and X-Dock 
COORC593KWN2 CM 590 III Black with Window -
COORC902XBKKN2 CASE HAF XB EVO Mesh Top Cover. 2x USB 3.0 -
COORC912AKWN1 HAF 912 black interior window side panel USB 3.0 x 2 e-SATA x 1-
 USB 2.0 x 2 3 fans (1x 20cm red LED fan 1 x 20cm black fan 1x 
 12cm black fan ) color box 
COORCK280KKN1 K280 case/IO: USB3.0(int.)/1. USB2.0*1/MIC*1/Audio*1/Fan: front-
 120mm black fan*1/w/solid panel/CM brown carton 
COORCK380KWN1 K380 case/*IO: USB3.0(int.)*1. USB2.0*1. MIC*1. Audio*1 : Fan:-
 front 120mm Red LED fan *1 : w/Transparent Side Window. CM 
 color carton 
COORC120AKKN1 Mini iTX/black inner chassis/aluminum front panel/USB 3.0 x1-
 (Internal)/USB 2.0x 2/Mic x 1/Audio x 1/Front 120mm fan x1 
COOREC10LRGBR1 C10L wired RGB controller -
COORGICE2TA15R1 GC6/Gold/1.5ml -
COORGICV1TW20R1 CM termal past IC Value V1 -
COORHA3025FKR1 A30 Standard AMD Cooler -
COORHI3026FKR1 I30 Cooler Standaard Intel Cooler -
COORHI5020FKR1 I50 Cooler Standaard Intel Cooler -
COORLN12X24PKR1 Cooler Water Nepton 120XL -
COORLN14X20PKR1 Cooler Water Nepton 140XL. 140*38mm radiator. Jetflo 140STD*2 -
COORLN24M24PKR1 Cooler Water Nepton 240M -
COORLN28L20PKR1 Cooler Water Nepton 280L. 280*30mm radiator.Jetflo 140STD*2 -
COORLS12V24PKR2 Cooler Water Seidon 120V v2 -
COORP065S19AJ1EU CoolerMaster 65W Notebook Power Adapter -
COORP090S19AJ1EU NB Power Adapter 95W -
COORR212E16PKR1 Coolermaster CPU Cooler Hyper 212 Evo/Universal Tower cooler/4-
 heatpipes/120mm Fan 
COORR212S20PCR1 Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition -
COORR212S20PKR1 Hyper 212 Black Edition -
COORR212TK16PRR1 Hyper 212 LED Turbo Black Cover Tower 2x 120mm 600-1600RPM PWM-
 fan with Red LED4 x 6mm Direct Contact heatpipes Full Socket 
COORR212X17PKR1 Universal Tower cooler 4 CDC heatpipes 120mm 600-1600RPM PWM fan-
COORRH10322PBR1 Hyper 103 -
COORRH41120PWR1 Hyper H411R White LED -
COORRH41213FKR1 Universal high-end silent cooler/4 heatpipes/120mm/1300-900RPM-
 fan with fanspeed adapter 
COORRH6V213PKR1 Cooler CPU Hyper 612 v2 -
COORRI7020FKR1 I70 Cooler Standaard Intel Cooler -
COORRI70C20PKR1 I70 Cooler Blue Led Fan Std Intel Cooler -
COORRI71C20PCR1 Standard Intel I71C cooler (RGB fan) -
COORRT222FPR1 Cooler CPU Blizzard T2 -
COORRT418PKR1 Cooler CPU Hyper T4 -
COORRV8VC16PRR1 Cooler CPU Universal with 8 heatpipe and Vaper chamber. 2x 14cm-
 led PWM fan 
 COORS400ACABB1BU B400 Series ver. 2. Active PFC 230V w/120mm fan Dual 12V rail-
 with EU cable 
COORS400ACABB1EU B400 Series ver. 2. Active PFC 230V w/120mm fan Dual 12V rail-
 with EU cable 
COORS400PSAPI3EU Elite 400W PFC w/12cm Fan EU cable -
COORS450AMAAB1EU PSU GM 450W PSU 80Plus Bronze Modular w/EU/UK cable -
COORS450AMAAG1EU PSU 450W 80Plus Gold Standard PSU w/ EUCable -
COORS460PSAPI3EU Elite 460W PFC w/12cm Fan EU cable -
COORS500ACABB1BE B500 Series ver. 2. Active PFC 230V w/120mm fan Dual 12V rail-
 with EU cable Bulk packing 
COORS500ACABB1EU PSU B2 500W Series Active PFC 230V w/120mm fan. Dual 12V rail-
 with EU cable 
COORS550AFBAG1EU V550 A/EU Cable -
COORS550AMAAB1EU PSU GM 550W PSU 80Plus Bronze Modular w/EU/UK cable -
COORS550AMAAG1EU PSU 550W 80Plus Gold Standard PSU w/ EUCable -
COORS600ACABB1EU PSU B2 600 Series Active PFC 230V w/120mm fan. Dual 12V rail-
 with EU cable 
COORS600ACABD3E1 B600 Active PFC 230V only EU Cable Opvolger van de GX Lite 600W -
COORS650AFBAG1EU V Series 650W Compact Fuly Modular 80 PLUS Gold Power Supply-
 (6thGeneration i5/i7 Skylake Ready) (Pick up and Return service 
 2 years) 
COORS650AMAAB1EU PSU GM 650W PSU 80Plus Bronze Modular w/EU/UK cable -
COORS650AMAAG1EU PSU 650W 80Plus Gold Modular PSU w/ EU Cable -
COORS700ACABB1EU PSUB2 700 Series Active PFC 230V w/120mm fan. Dual 12V rail-
 with EU cable 
COORS750AFBAG1EU V Series 750W Compact Fuly Modular 80 PLUS Gold Power Supply-
 (6thGeneration i5/i7 Skylake Ready) (Pick up and Return service 
 2 years) 
COORS750AMAAB1EU PSU GM 750W PSU 80Plus Bronze Modular w/EU/UK cable -
COORS750AMAAG1EU PSU 750W 80Plus Gold Modular PSU w/ EU Cable -
COORS850AFBAG1EU PSU Vanguard V 850W ATX 12V 2.3 A/EU Cable -
COORSA00AFBAG1EU PSU Vanguard V 1000W ATX 12V 2.3 A/EU Cable -
COORSC00AFBAG1EU PSU Vanguard 1200W 80Plus Platinum FullModular PSU w/ EU Cable -
COOSGA2000BKNX1 CM STORM Skorpion mouse bungee -
COOSGAKR01KLRG1 MasterAccessory - Wristrest L -
COOSGAKR01KSRG1 MasterAccessory - Wristrest S -
COOSGB3000KKMF1US Devastator 3 -
COOSGB3010KKMF1UI STORM Keyboard + Mouse Devastator US -
COOSGB3020KKMF1US STORM Keyboard + Mouse Octane US -
 COOSGB3030KKMF1UI CM Storm Gaming toetsenbord en Mouse kit US Layout -
COOSGB3030KKMF1US CM Storm Gaming toetsenbord en Mouse kit US Layout -
COOSGB3031KKMF1BE CM Gaming toetsenbord en Mouse kit US Layout -
COOSGB3040KKMF1BE MasterKeys Lite L Combo with RGB -
COOSGB3040KKMF1US MasterKeys Lite L Combo with RGB -
COOSGB3050KKMF1US MasterSet MS120 -
COOSGC1000KWN1 CASE MIDI STORM Enforcer w/window noPSU -
COOSGC2100KWN3 CASE STORM Scout 2 Black noPSU (w/ Window & Black interior-
 coating). Fan: 120mmred LED fan x 2. rear 120mm fan x 1. IO: 
 USB 3.0 x 2 (int.). USB 2.0 x 2. Mic x 
COOSGC5000KWN2 Trooper SE -
COOSGC5000WKWN1 Stryker with transparent window White and Black -
COOSGC5000WKWN2 Stryker SE -
COOSGH2000KWTA1 CM Gaming headset Ceres-300 -
COOSGH2060KKTI2 CM STORM in-Ears Pitch Pro gaming headset -
COOSGH2090KKTI1 Resonar In-Ear headset Bass FX -
COOSGH2091KKTI1 HEADSET MasterPulse in-ear with BFX -
COOSGH4330KATA1 STORM Headset Pulse-R Stereo headset -
COOSGH4600KWTA1 CM Gaming headser Ceres 500 for PC & Console -
COOSGH4650KC3D1 CM Gaming headset Sirus S2 2.2 PC & Console headset -
COOSGH4700KKTA1 HEADSET MasterPulse over-ear with Bass FX -
COOSGH4700KKTA2 MasterPulse -
COOSGH6000KK5R1 CM STORM Headset Sirus 5.1 true surround -
COOSGH8700KK7D1 MasterPulse Pro over ear headset with Bass FX / USB Version -
 COOSGH8700KK7D3 MasterPulse Pro -
COOSGK3040KKMF1US MasterKeys Lite L RGB Mem-chanical Switch -
 COOSGK4005KKCM1US MasterKeys S -
COOSGK4011GKCM1 STORM Keyboard QuickFire Ultimate: Mechanical Brown Switches US layout-
COOSGK4020GKCR1US CM STORM keyboard QuickFire TK: Mechanical RED cherry switches -
COOSGK4030GKCL1UI CM Gaming toetsenbord Quick Fire XT w/obacklit /Blue Switch MIT -
COOSGK4035KKCM1US MasterKeys L -
COOSGK4040GKCM1US CM Gaming keyboad Quick Fire Rapid i Brown Switch -
COOSGK4060KKCM1US CM Storm Quick Fire XTi keyboard / DualColor Blue + Red LED /-
 Brown Switch 
COOSGK4070KKCM1US MasterKeys Pro L White LED -
COOSGK4070KKCR1US MasterKeys Pro L White LED -
COOSGK4070NVCR1US MasterKeys Pro L - NVIDIA Edition -
COOSGK4080KKCM1US MasterKeys Pro M White LED -
COOSGK4080KKCR1US MasterKeys Pro M White LED -
COOSGK4090KKCM1US MasterKeys Pro S White backlight Brown Switch -
COOSGK4090KKCR1US MasterKeys Pro S White backlight Red Switch -
COOSGK5000GKCT1US STORM Keyboard Novatouch TKL US -
COOSGK6010GKCM1US CM Gaming toetsenbord Trigger Z Brown Switch /White full backlit-
COOSGK6020KKCM1BE MasterKeys Pro L -
COOSGK6020KKCR1US MasterKeys Pro L RGB full size -
COOSGK6030KKCM1US MasterKeys Pro L RGB full size -
COOSGK6040KKCM1US MasterKeys Pro M RGB Cherry MX Brown Switch -
COOSGK6040KKCR1US MasterKeys Pro M RGB Cherry MX Red Switch -
COOSGM1006KSOA1 MasterMouse Lite S IR Optical Gaming Mouse Ambidextrous White LED-
COOSGM2002KLON1 CM STORM Gaming Mouse Xorent II -
COOSGM2005KLOW1 CM Gaming muis Alcor Optical Gaming Mouse -
COOSGM2006KSOA1 MasterMouse S IR Optical Gaming Mouse Ambidextrous RGB LED -
COOSGM2007KLON1 MasterMouse MM520 -
COOSGM4002KLLN1 STORM Gaming Mouse Havoc -
COOSGM4005KLLW1 CM Gaming muis Mizar Laser Gaming Mouse -
COOSGM4006KFOA1 MOUSE MasterMouse Pro L -
COOSGM4007KLLW1 MasterMouse MM530 -
COOSGM6002KLLW1 CM Gaming muis Reaper -
COOSGM6020KLOW1 Sentinel III Ergonomic Palm Grip Mouse Designed for FPS Gaming-
 with Weight Adjustment and 16.8 million RGB LED Illumination 
COOSGS1000GSNG1 Make It Yours. Mousepad -
COOSGS4110KSMM1 STORM Swift-RX Small -
COOSGS4120KMMM1 STORM Swift-RX Medium -
COOSGS4130KLMM1 STORM Swift-RX Large -
COOSGS4140KXXL1 Swift-RX Extra Large CM STORM mouse pad -
COOSIL352MKKN1 CASE Silencio 352 Mat Black noPSU -
COOSIL452KKN1 CASE Silencio 452 Black noPSU Soundproof 2x USB 3.0 1x USB 2.0-
 + SD Card Reader 
COOSIL652KKN2 CASE Silencio 652S Mat Black noPSU -
COOSK630GKLR1US SK630 (red switch) -
COOSK650GKLR1US SK650 (red switch) -

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