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DLKANT240501 Omni-directionele antenne met hoge sterkte van 5 dBi. -NS
DLKANT240501C Antenna/5dBi omni directional -IN
DLKANT241800 High Gain 18 dBi Directional Panel Antenna -IN
DLKANT24CB03N 3 meter HDF-400 extension cable. N-male to N-female -NS
DLKANT24CB06N 6 meter HDF-400 extension cable. N-male to N-female -NS
DLKANT24CB09N 9 meter HDF-400 extension cable. N-male to N-female -NS
DLKANT502000N Outdoor 20dBI Directional Panel 11n Anten -
 DLKBDWL6600AP01 4 x DWL-6600 + 1 x DWC-1000 for FREE -
 DLKCOVR2200E AC2200 Tri Band Mesh Wi-Fi System (1-Pack) -
DLKCOVR2202 AC2200 Tri-Band Home Mesh Wi-Fi 2-Pack -
DLKCOVRC1202E COVR Whole Home AC1200 Wi-Fi Kit 2er-Se -
DLKCOVRC1203E COVR Whole Home AC1200 Wi-Fi Kit 3er-Se -
DLKCOVRP2502E Covr Whole Home Powerline Wi-Fi System-Smart and simple setup-
 kits are pre-paired so just plug and play- One Wi-Fi name 
 across your home 
DLKDAP1320E Wireless Range Extender N300 -
DLKDAP1330E N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender -
DLKDAP1365E Wireless Range Extender N300 -
DLKDAP1365FR N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender with Power Pas -
DLKDAP1520E Wireless AC750 Dual Band Range Extender -
DLKDAP1610 DAP-1610 -
DLKDAP1635E Wireless AC1200 Dual Band Range Extender with GE port- Compact-
 Wall Plug design- External antenna design- 2x2 11ac Technology 
 Up to 1200 Mbps data rate 
DLKDAP2230 Wireless N PoE Access Point -
 DLKDAP2230KIT K/W-less N PoE AP 802.11n 2.4GHz 10/100 -
DLKDAP2310 Wireless N Access Point -
 DLKDAP2310KIT K/Access Point/1xFENet Wles 802.11b/g/n -
 DLKDAP2360KIT K/Wireless N 300 Single Access Point -
 DLKDAP2360KIT01 Wireless N 300 Single Access Point 2-pack -
 DLKDAP2360KIT02 Wireless N 300 Single Access Point 4-pack -
 DLKDAP2360KIT03 Wireless N 300 Single Access Point 6-pack -
DLKDAP2553 Wireless N Dual Band Gigabit AP PoE -IN
DLKDAP2590E Wireless N Bual band Acc Point 11n -
DLKDAP2620 Wireless AC1200 Wave 2 In-Wall PoE AP -
DLKDAP2660 Wless AC1200 S-Dual-Band PoE Access Pnt -
 DLKDAP2660KIT K/Wless AC1200 S-Dual-Band PoEAccess Pnt -
 DLKDAP2660KIT01 K/BUY 2 X DAP-2660 get a 10 % discount -
 DLKDAP2660KIT02 K/BUY 4 X DAP-2660 get a 20 % discount -
DLKDAP2660KIT03 K/BUY 6 X DAP-2660 get a 30 % discount -
DLKDAP2690 Indoor AirPremier N Quadband 2.4GHz and5GHz Gigabit PoE Managed-IN
 Access Point w/ Plenum Chassis 
DLKDAP2690KIT01 K/BUY 2 X DAP-2690 get a 10 % discount -
DLKDAP2690KIT02 K/BUY 4 X DAP-2690 get a 10 % discount -
DLKDAP2690KIT03 K/BUY 6 X DAP-2690 get a 10 % discount -
DLKDAP2695 Wireless AC1750 Simultaneous Dual-Band PoE Access Point -
DLKDAP2695KIT K/Access Point Wireless AC1750 -
DLKDAP2695KIT01 K/BUY 2 X DAP-2695 get a 10 % discount -
DLKDAP2695KIT02 K/BUY 4 X DAP-2695 get a 20 % discount -
DLKDAP2695KIT03 K/BUY 6 X DAP-2695 get a 30 % discount -
DLKDAP3310 Wireless N PoE Outdoor Access Point with PoE Pass-Through -
DLKDAP3320 Wireless N PoE Outdoor Access Point -
DLKDAP3320KIT K/Wireless N PoE Outdoor Access Point -
DLKDAP3410 Wireless N 5GHz PoE Outdoor Access Point with PoE Pa ss- Through-
DLKDAP3662 Wirelss AC1200 Simult D-Band PoE Outd AP -
DLKDAP3662KIT K/Wirelss AC1200 Simult D-Band PoE Outd -
DLKDAP3690 Access Point/11n WrlsN DualBand Outdoor -
DLKDASA1Y247 1 Year 7x24x4 Swap Service -NS
DLKDASA1YNBD 1 Year Next Business Day Swap Service -NS
DLKDASA1YSBD 1 Year Same Business Day ( 9 x 5x 4) Swap -NS
DLKDASA3Y247 3 Year 7x24x4 Swap Service -NS
DLKDASA3YNBD 3 Year Next Business Day Swap Service -NS
DLKDASA3YSBD 3 Year Same Business Day ( 9 x 5x 4) Swap -NS
 DLKDASA3YWTYTC 3 Year Warranty Extension With Next Bus -
DLKDASA6Y247 Assist A 6 Year 7x24x4 Swap Service -NS
DLKDASB1Y247 1 Year 7x24x4 Swap Service -NS
DLKDASB1YNBD 1 Year Next Business Day Swap Service -NS
DLKDASB1YSBD 1 Year Same Business Day ( 9 x 5x 4) Swap -NS
DLKDASB3Y247 3 Year 7x24x4 Swap Service -NS
DLKDASB3YNBD 3 Year Next Business Day Swap Service -NS
DLKDASB3YSBD 3 Year Same Business Day ( 9 x 5x 4) Swap -NS
DLKDASB6Y247 Assist B 6 Year 7x24x4 Swap Service -NS
DLKDASC1Y247 1 Year 7x24x4 Swap Service -NS
DLKDASC1YNBD 1 Year Next Business Day Swap Service -NS
DLKDASC1YSBD 1 Year Same Business Day ( 9 x 5x 4) Swap -NS
DLKDASC3Y247 3 Year 7x24x4 Swap Service -NS
DLKDASC3YNBD 3 Year Next Business Day Swap Service -NS
DLKDASC3YSBD 3 Year Same Business Day ( 9 x 5x 4) Swap -NS
DLKDASC6Y247 Assist C 6 Year 7x24x4 Swap Service -NS
DLKDCH100KTE mydlink Home Smart Home Starterkit -
DLKDCH107KT mydlink Home Security Starter Kit -
DLKDCHG020 mydlink Connected Home Hub -
DLKDCHM225E Home Music Everywhere Wi-Fi Audio Ext -
DLKDCHS150E mydlink Home Wi-Fi Motion Sensor -
DLKDCHS160 mydlink Home Water Sensor -
DLKDCHS160E mydlink Home Water Sensor -
DLKDCHS220 mydlink Home Siren -
DLKDCHS220E mydlink Home Siren -
DLKDCHZ110 mydlink Home Door/Window Sensor -
DLKDCHZ120 mydlink Home Battery Motion Sensor -
DLKDCHZ310 mydlink Home Smoke Detector -
DLKDCHZ510 mydlink Home Siren with battery back-up -
DLKDCS935LH mydlink Home Monitor HD -
DLKDCS2132LE HD Day Night Indoor Cloud Camera -
DLKDCS2136LE Wless AC Day/Night Camera -
DLKDCS2210E Securicam Full HD 2 Megapixel Cube Network Camera PoE H.264-
DLKDCS2210L DCS-2210L/Full HD Cloud PoE Camera -
DLKDCS2230E Securicam Full HD IR cut filter Ethernet and 802.11n wireless-
 ePTZ micro SD card slot N cube Network Camera 
DLKDCS2230L DCS-2230L/Full HD Cloud Wireless Camera -
DLKDCS2310LE Securicam HD outdoor IP-CAM -
DLKDCS2330LE DCS-2330L/IP Camera Outdoor Wlss mydlink -
DLKDCS2332L HD Wireless Outdoor Cloud Camera 1/4 Inch 1 megapixel CMOS-
 sensor HD resolution H.264 MPEG-4 & Motion JPEG compression 
DLKDCS2332LE HD Wireless Outdoor Cloud Camera -
DLKDCS250COU001LIC D-ViewCam Plus IVS Count License(1 chan) -
DLKDCS250PRE001LIC D-ViewCam Plus IVS Presence/Tripwire Lic -
DLKDCS250VMS032LIC D-ViewCam Plus 32ch VMS License -
DLKDCS2530L Full HD 180 Panoramic Camera -
DLKDCS2670L DCS-2670L -
DLKDCS2800LHEU mydlink Pro Wire-Free Camera -
DLKDCS3010E IP Camera Wired -
DLKDCS3112E Securicam 1.3 Megapixel CMOS HD Day & Night Network Camera -
DLKDCS322 Support f Camera DCS-6815 -IN
DLKDCS343 Bent Mount for DCS-6511 -IN
DLKDCS344 Flush Mount for DCS-6511 & DCS-6513 -
DLKDCS371 Fixed Dome Wall Mount Bracket -
DLKDCS372 Fixed Dome Junction Box -
DLKDCS373 Ceiling Mount Bracket for Dome Cameras -
DLKDCS3710E Securicam Megapixel Day & Night WDR Netw -IN
DLKDCS3716E Securicam Full HD 3-Megapixel Day & Night WDR Network Camera.-
 H.264. MPEG-4. MJPEG 
DLKDCS4201 Vigilance HD Wireless Camera -
DLKDCS4602EV Vigil F HD Outd Vandal-Proof PoE DomeCam -
DLKDCS4603 Vigilance Full HD PoE Dome Indoor Camera -
DLKDCS4605EV Vigilance 5MP V/P O/D Dome Camera -
DLKDCS4622 Vigilance Full HD Panoramic PoE Camera-3 Megapixel CMOS sensor--
 180 panoramic view 360 surround view- H.264/MJPEG Compression- 
 Max. resolution 1920x1536 at 25f 
DLKDCS4625 Vigilance 5-Megapixel Panoramic FisheyeCamera -
DLKDCS4633EV Vigil F HD Outd Vandal-Proof PoE DomeCam -
DLKDCS4701E Vigilance HD Outdoor PoE Mini Bullet Cam -
DLKDCS4703E Vigilance 3-Megapixel Outdoor PoE Mini Bullet Camera- 3-
 Megapixel CMOS sensor- H.264/MJPEG Compression- Max. 
 resolution1920x1080 at 30fps- Wide Dynamic Range 
DLKDCS4705E Vigilance 5MP V/P O/D Bullet Camera -
DLKDCS4802E Vigilance Full HD Outd PoE Mini Dome Cam -
DLKDCS5000LE IP Camera mydlink -
DLKDCS5009LE Wi-Fi Day/Night Pan/Tilt Camera -
DLKDCS5010LE mydlink Home Monitor 360 -
DLKDCS5020LE IP Camera Wireless mydlink HD -
DLKDCS5030L mydlink Home HD Monitor 360 -
DLKDCS5222LE Securicam Wireless N HD Day & Night PTZCamera. H.264. MJPEG. IR-
 LED.ICR. MicroSD Card w/mydlink 
DLKDCS5615 Full HD Mini P/T Dome Network Camera -
DLKDCS6004L HD PoE Dome Cloud Camera -
DLKDCS6010L 2 Megapixel Panoramic Cloud IP Camera -
DLKDCS6010LE Camera/Wireless N 360 Fisheye Cloud -
DLKDCS6045LKTE PowerLine HD Day/Night Cloud Camera -
DLKDCS6111E Securicam Day & Night Fixed Dome Network -IN
DLKDCS6113E Securicam Full HD PoE Day & Night FixedDome Network Camera. IR.-
 H.264. MPEG-4.MJPEG 
DLKDCS6210 Full HD Mini Fixed Dome Network Camera -
DLKDCS6210E IP Camera Wired -
DLKDCS6210BS IP Security Camera Outdoor FHD -
DLKDCS6314 Full HD Outdoor Fixed Dome Network Cam -
DLKDCS6314BS IP Camera ext full HD -
DLKDCS6315 HD Outdoor FD Camera Color Night Vision -
DLKDCS6511E Securicam Day & Night Megapixel WDR Fixed Dome Network Camera. PoE-IN
DLKDCS6513E Full HD WDR D & N Outdoor Dome Network -
DLKDCS6517 5megapixel Day & Night Dome Netw Camera -
DLKDCS6616 IP Security Camera 12xSpeed Dome MPEG4 -
DLKDCS6616E Securicam 12x Speed Dome H.264 Network Camera. MPEG4. MJPEG. IR-
 Cut Filter. 3GP 
DLKDCS6815 Securicam DCS-6815 -
DLKDCS6815E Securicam 18X High Speed Do Network Cam -IN
DLKDCS6915 IPCam IP66 20x HD d&n H-Speed Dom -
DLKDCS6915E Full HD High Speed 24x Dome Network Cam -
DLKDCS6915BS DCS-6915BS/IP Camera Wired -
DLKDCS7000L Wls AC D/Nt HD Mini Bullet Cloud Camera -
DLKDCS7010L HD Outdoor Day/Night Cloud IP Camera -
DLKDCS7010LE Camera/PoE Tag&Nacht HD Outdoor Mini Bul -
DLKDCS7110E Securicam Day & Night HD Megapixel Outdoor Network Camera. PoE.-IN
 H.264. 3GP. IR LED. IR Cut 
DLKDCS7413 Full HD Day & Night Outdoor Box NetworkCamera -
DLKDCS7413E Securicam DCS-7413 -
DLKDCS7513E Full HD WDR Day&Night Outdoor Box Network Camera -
DLKDCS7517 Professional Outdoor 5 Mpx Camera -
DLKDCS806 Power Supply for Camera DCS-6815 -IN
DLKDCS8000LHE Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera- HD Resolution 1280x720- H.264 Video-
 Compression- One way audio(built in Mic)- Built in ICR for day 
 and night application 
DLKDCS800L EyeOn Baby Monitor Junior -
DLKDCS800LP EyeOn Pet Monitor -
DLKDCS8100LH HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera- HD Resolution 1280x720- H.264 Video-
 Compression- Two way audio(built in mic and speaker)- Built in 
 ICR for day and night application 
DLKDCS8200LH mydlink Home Panorama HD Cloud Camera -
DLKDCS820L DCS-820L/Eye on Camera -
DLKDCS825L Eyon Baby Camera DCS-825L -
DLKDCS825LE CAM EyeOn Baby Camera -
DLKDCS8300LH mydlink Full HD Wi-Fi Camera -
DLKDCS8525LH mydlink Full HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera -
DLKDCS855LP Eyeon Pet Monitor 360 -
DLKDCS930LE Securicam Wireless N Home IP Network Camera. WPS w/ myDlink -IN
DLKDCS932LTWINE Wi-Fi Day/Night Camera Twin Pack -
DLKDCS932LE Securicam Wireless N Home IP Network Camera. WPS. IR w/ myDlink -IN
DLKDCS933LE IP Camera Wireless mydlink -
DLKDCS935L mydlink Home Monitor HD -
DLKDCS936L HD Wi-Fi Day/Night Camera -
DLKDCS942LE Securicam Wireless N H.264 Day & Night network camera WPS IR-
 ICR PIR sensor Micro SD slot w/mydlink 16GB MicroSD 
DLKDCS9500T Thermographic Camera -
DLKDCS9500T1 Ceiling Mount Bracket for DCS-9500T -
DLKDCS960L Wless AC HD 180 Day and Night Camera -
DLKDCSP6000LHE IPCamera HD Wifi IR mydlink -
DLKDEM421XT 1-port 10GE XFP Fiber Transceiver. Multi-mode.Distance up to-IN
 300m. Pls. Note: Requires DEM-420X 10G Ethernet XFP Module to 
DLKDEM432XTDD 10GBase-LR SFP+ Transceiver DDM 10km-With DDM -
DLKDEM433XT 10GBase-ER SFP+ Transceiver (w/o DDM) 40km -
DLKDEMCB100QXS 40G QSFP+to QSFP+1 m Direct Attach -
DLKDEMCB100QXS4XS 40G QSFP+zu 4x 10G SFP+Passives Direct -
DLKDEMCB300 3m stacking cable for DGS-3120 series. DGS-3300 series.-
 DXS-3300 series 
DLKDEMCB300QXS 3M 40G Direct Attach Stacking Cable -
DLKDEMCB50ICX 50cm Switch Stacking Cable for DGS-3120Series -
DLKDES1008F 7-port TP 10/100Mbps + 1-port 100BaseFX Fiber, Desktop Switch --ML
 External PSU 
DLKDES1008PAE 8-port 10/100 Desktop Switch with 4 PoEPorts -
DLKDES1018MP 16-Ports (8 Ports PoE) Fast Ethernet Unmanaged Switch 2-
 1000Base-T/SFP Combo Ports 
DLKDES1018P SwitchPoE/16xF+Enet 1000B-T/SFP Combo P -
DLKDES110016 16-port 10/100 EasySmart Switch -IN
DLKDES110024 24-port 10/100 EasySmart Switch -IN
DLKDES121008P Switch/8p 10/100 Smart PoE -IN
DLKDES121028 24-port 10/100 Smart Switch -IN
DLKDES121052 48-port 10/100 Smart Switch -IN
DLKDES3052 WORKGROUP Switch 48X10/100MBIT 2X10/100/1000MBIT -IN
DLKDES3052P Switch/48xF+ENet RJ45 2p GENet RJ45/SFP -IN
DLKDES320010 xStack 8-port Switch -
DLKDES320018 xStack 16-port 10/100 Layer 2 Managed Switch + 2-port Combo-
DLKDES320028 24-port 10/100 Layer 2 Managed Switch2 x 100/1000 SFP 2 x Combo-
 10/100/1000Base-T/100/1000 SFP 
DLKDES320028P 24-port 10/100 PoE Layer 2 Managed Switch 2 x 100/1000 SFP 2 x-
 Combo 10/100/1000Base-T/100/1000 SFP 
DLKDES320052 48-port 10/100 Layer 2 Managed Switch2 x 100/1000 SFP 2 x Combo-
 10/100/1000Base-T/100/1000 SFP 
DLKDES320052P 48-port 10/100 PoE Layer 2 Managed Switch 2 x 100/1000 SFP 2 x-
 Combo 10/100/1000Base-T/100/1000 SFP 
DLKDES3528 Switch/24xF+ENet RJ45+ 2xGENet -
DLKDES3552 Switch/48xF+ENet+ 2 Ports 1000Base T -IN
DLKDFL210IPS12 Up Li/Firewall DFL-210/12Mnth -IN
DLKDFL800IPS12 DFL800 12 months IPS update (Intrusion Protection Service) -NS
DLKDGS110005E 5 Port Gigabit Smart Switch -
 DLKDGS1008PEKIT K/DGS1008P+DCS7010L&2210L&6004L+DNR322L -
DLKDGS110005PD 5-Port Gigabit Smart Switch PoE -
DLKDGS110008 Switch/8p 10/100/1000 EasySmart -
DLKDGS110008E Switch/8p 10/100/1000 EasySmart -
DLKDGS110008P PoE Switch/DGS-1100-08P EasySmart -
DLKDGS110010MP 10-Port Gigabit EasySmart Switch -
DLKDGS110010MPP 10-Port GB EasySmart Switch 242W PoE -
DLKDGS110016 Switch/16p 10/100/1000 EasySmart -IN
DLKDGS110018 DGS-1100-18/18-Port Gigabit Smart Switch -
DLKDGS110024 Switch/24p 10/100/1000 EasySmart -IN
DLKDGS110024P 24-Port PoE Gigabit Smart Switch -
DLKDGS110026 26-Port Gigabit Smart Switch -
DLKDGS110026MP 26-Port Gigabit EasySmart Switch -
DLKDGS121010ME 10-Port Gigabit Smart Switch with 2 SFPports- 8 x-
 10/100/1000Mbps Auto-Negotiating Ports plus 2 x SFP ports- RJ 
 45 Console Port- Smart Console Utility 
DLKDGS121020ME Switch/20-port switch compo sfp metro -
DLKDGS121028ME 28-Port Gigabit Smart Switch -
DLKDGS121028MPME Switch 24xPoE 1000Mbps+4SFP -
DLKDGS121052P 52-Port PoE Gigabit Smart Switch -
DLKDGS150020 16-port 10/100/1000 + 4-port SFP Gigabit SmartPro Switch -
DLKDGS151028 Gigabit 28-Port 10/100/1000Mbps -
DLKDGS151052 Gigabit 2-Port 10/100/1000Mbps -
DLKDGS300010TC 8-port 10/100 Layer 2 Managed Switch + 2-port Combo-
DLKDGS300028LP 24-Port4 PoE SFP Managed Gigabit Switch -
DLKDGS300028X 24-Port4 10G SFP+Managed Gigabit Switch -
DLKDGS300028XMP 24-Port 10G SFP+Managed Gigabit Switch -
DLKDGS300052X 48-Port 10G SFP+Managed Gigabit Switch -
DLKDGS312024PCSI 24-port 10/100/1000 Layer 2 Stackable Managed PoE Gigabit-IN
 Switch including 4-port Combo 1000BaseT/SFP 
DLKDGS312024SCSI 24-port SFP Layer 2 Stackable Managed Gigabit Switch including-IN
 8-port Combo 1000BaseT/SFP 
DLKDGS312048PCSI 48-port 10/100/1000 Layer 2 Stackable Managed PoE Gigabit-IN
 Switch including 4-port Combo 1000BaseT/SFP 
DLKDGS312048TCSI 48-port 10/100/1000 Layer 2 Stackable Managed Gigabit Switch-IN
 including 4-port Combo 1000BaseT/SFP 
DLKDGS342028PC 24-Ports 10/100/1000Mbps Layer 2 -
DLKDGS342028SC 24-Ports SFP Layer 2+Gigabit Switch -
DLKDGS342028TC 24-Ports 10/100/1000Mbps Layer 2 -
DLKDGS342052P 48-Port POE 10/100/1000Mbps L2 -
DLKDGS3426P 26PT Gigabit POE STACK Switch L2 24X 10/100/1000MBIT/S TP -IN
DLKDGS362028PCSI DGS-3620/20SFP 4Combo 4x10GeSFP POE -
DLKDGS362028SCSI Switch/DGS-3620/20SFP 4Combo 4x10GeSFP -
DLKDGS362028TCSI Switch/DGS-3620/20Ge 4Combo 4x10GeSFP L3 -
DLKDGS362052PSI xStack 48-port 1000 Layer 3 PoE Switch -
DLKDGS362052TSI Switch/DGS-3620/48Ge 4x10GeSFP L3 -
DLKDGS660016XSD SFP/Module f DGS-6600 16port 10GE -
DLKDGS660048P 48 ports 10/100/1000Base-T PoE Module DGS-6600 -
DLKDGS660048S 48 ports SFP Module for DGS-6600 -
DLKDGS660048SC 48 ports SFP Module for DGS-6604 and DGS-6608 -
DLKDGS660048T 48 ports 10/100/1000Base-T Module for DGS-6600 -
DLKDGS660048TS 24 ports 10/100/1000Base-T and 24 portsSFP Module for DGS-6600 -
DLKDGS66008XG 8 ports 10G XFP Module DGS-6600 -
DLKDGS6600CM CPU module for DGS-6600 chassis. 480G Switching capacity -
DLKDGS6600CMII CPU module for DGS-6604/8 chassis -
DLKDGS6600FAN Replaceable fan tray for DGS-6600 -
DLKDGS6600PWR 850W Redundant AC power supply for DGS-6600 -
DLKDGS6604SK 4-slot managed chassis layer 2/3+ switch starter kit -
DLKDGS6608SK 8slot managed chassis -
DLKDHP308AVE PowerLine AV 500 Mini Adapter -
DLKDHP309AVE PowerLine AV 500 Mini AdapterStarter kit -
DLKDHP311AVE Module/Mini-Powerline 200M ENet Kit -
DLKDHP328AVE PowerLine AV 500 2-Port Mini Adapter -
DLKDHP329AVE PowerLine AV 500 2-Port Mini Adapter Starter Kit -
DLKDHP509AVE POW PowerLine AV 500 HD Starter Kit Bundle -
DLKDHP701AVE PowerLine AV2 2000 HD Gb Strter Kit -
DLKDHPP309AVE Powerline Mini SchuKo AV 500 Kit -
DLKDHPP509AVE PwLine AV 500 HD Passthrough Start Kit -
 DLKDHPP509AVFR PowerLine AV 500 HD Passthrough Starter Kit -
DLKDHPW310AVE PowerLine AV 500 Wireless N Mini Extender -
DLKDHPW311AVE PowerLine AV 500 Wireless N Mini Extender Kit -
DLKDHPW611AVE PowerLine AV1000 Wi-Fi AC Starter Kit -
DLKDIR1960 Router/AC1900 EXO Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Route -
DLKDIR2660 Router/AC2600 EXO Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Route -
DLKDIR3060 EXO AC3000SmartMesh Wi-FiRouter -
DLKDIR505E Mobile Router Cloud Companion - Range Extender -
DLKDIR510L Wi-Fi AC750 Portable Router and Charger -
DLKDIR518L Router 11ac / Mobile Cloud Companion -
DLKDIR600E Wireless 150 Router with 4 Port 10/100 S -
DLKDIR605LE Wireless N 300 Cloud Router -
DLKDIR615E Wireless N HOME ROUTER IEEEE 802.11B/802.11G/802.11N -IN
DLKDIR655E DRAFT-N Wireless B/BAND Router 4PT 10/100/1000 Switch UK -UK
DLKDIR810LE Wireless AC750 Dual-band Cloud Router -
 DLKDIR810LEKIT1 K/Wireless AC750 DB Cloud Router+DWA171 -
DLKDIR816L Wireless AC750 Dual Band Cloud Router -
DLKDIR816LE Wireless AC750 Dual Band Cloud Router -
DLKDIR818LWE Wireles AC750 Dual Band Gig Cloud Router -
DLKDIR826LE Router 11n 300/300 w/mydlink cloud service -
DLKDIR842 Wireless AC1200 Dual Band Gigabit Router -
 DLKDIR842V2 AC1200 Wi-Fi Gigabit Router -
DLKDIR845LE Amplifi N600 Smart Beam Cloud Router -
DLKDIR850LE Wless AC1200 Dual-band Gb Cloud Router -
 DLKDIR850LEKIT1 K/Wless AC1200 DB Gb Cloud Router+DWA171 -
DLKDIR859 AC1750 High Power Wi-Fi Gigabit Router -
DLKDIR859E AC1750 Dualband Gigabit Router -
DLKDIR860LE Wless AC1200 Dual-band Gb Cloud Router -
DLKDIR865LE amplifi Cloud Gigabit Router AC1750 -
DLKDIR868LE Wless AC1750 Dual-band Gb Cloud Router -
DLKDIR869 Wless AC1750/Dual-Band WiFi GB Router -
DLKDIR878 AC1900 WiFi Gigabit Router--Built-in gigabit switch that-
 support 10/100/1000Mbps.-IEEE 802.11ac standard certified and 
 compatible to legacy IEEE802.11b/g/n 
DLKDIR879 Wless AC1900/Dual-Band WiFi GB Router -
DLKDIR880L Wless AC1900 Dual-band Gb Cloud Router -
DLKDIR880LE Wless AC1900 Dual-band Gb Cloud Router -
DLKDIR882 AC2600 MU-MIMO WiFI Gigabit Router- 802.11ac 5GHz specification-
 allows wirelessup at 1300Mbps.- Compatible with IEEE 
 802.11b/802.11a/802.11g and 802.11n at 600 
DLKDIR885L Wireless AC3150 ULTRA Wi-Fi Router -
DLKDIR890L Wireless AC3200 ULTRA Wi-Fi Router -
DLKDIR890LE ROU Wless AC1750 DualB Gb Cloud Router -
DLKDIR895L Wireless AC5300 ULTRA Wi-Fi Router - 4x4(2.4GHz)+4x4(5GHz)x2-
 reach 5300Mbps connection capability.- Tri-Band SmartConnect 
 integrate all radio into one Wi-Fi net 
DLKDIRX1860 AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 Router -
DLKDKVM222 USB KVM Switch 2p with Audio -
DLKDKVM2K Pro Connect 2-port KVM Switch with built-in cables -UK
DLKDKVM2KU KVM-Switch kit met USB-poort voor aansluiting van twee computers-UK
DLKDKVM402 Cable Kit/1.8m USB+PS2+VGA f DKVM-4x0 -
DLKDKVM4K Pro Connect 4-Port KVM Switch. Bus-Powered, no external Power-IN
 Adapter required. 
DLKDKVMCB Cable Kit - PS/2 Keyboard, PS/2 Mouse & Monitor Cable -IN
DLKDMC530SC Media Converter 100Mbps TP-to-100Mbps Fiber, single-mode (SC), 30 km max.-IN
DLKDMC805X 10Gbps CX4 to 10Gbps SFP+ media converter -
DLKDMC805XE 10Gbps CX4 to 10Gbps SFP+media converter -
 DLKDNH200 Nuclias Connect Hub Plus -
DLKDNR202004P JustConnect 16-Channel Multifunctional N -
DLKDNR206008P 6-Bay Network Video Recorder -
DLKDNR312L mydlink Network Video Recorder HDM -
 DLKDNR322LKIT K/DNR322L+DCS-2330L+DCS-2132L+DCS-5020L -
DLKDNR326 2-Bay Professional Network Video Recorder 9 channel live-
 view/recording 4 Ch playback 
DLKDNR326KIT K/1xDNR-326+1xDCS-7110+2xDCS6113 -
DLKDNR1648022 DNR-2020-04P x 1 and DCS-4802E x 2 bundle kit -
DLKDNS155004 ShareCenter Pro 1550 4-Bay 1U RackmountNAS Server. NAS/iSCSI. 2-
 x GbE. 5 x USB2.0 
DLKDNS156004 ShareCenter Pro 1560 4-Bay 1U RackmountNAS Server NAS/iSCSI 2 x GbE-
DLKDNS320 Sharecenter Pulse 2Bay Storageencl SATA -IN
DLKDNS3202TB Sharecenter pulse 2Bay Storage SATA2TB -IN
DLKDNS320L ShareCenter 2-Bay Cloud Network StorageEnclosure SATA II -
DLKDNS320L2TB ShareCenter 2-Bay Cloud Network StorageEnclosure SATA II with-
 2Terabyte HD 1x2TB 
DLKDNS320LW ShareCenter 2-Bay Cloud Network StorageEnclosure White -
DLKDNS327L ShareCenter - 2 Bay SATA I/II USB 3.0 -
DLKDNS340L ShareCenter 4-Bay SATA II iSCSI -
DLKDNS345 Sharecenter Quattro Network Storage Enclosure 4-Bay SATA -
DLKDP301PE Pocket Print Server 10/100Mbps. 1 Parallel Port -
DLKDPR1020E Print Server/Wless F+ENet/1p USB 2.0 -IN
DLKDPR1061E Print Server 3poorts (1x parallel en 2x USB 2.0) -IN
DLKDPS200 60W Redundant Power Supply, for standalone operation or-NS
 installed in DPS-900 chassis 
DLKDPS200A 156W Modular Redundant Power Supply -
DLKDPS500 Redundant Power Supply 140W -NS
DLKDSHC310 Omna 180 CAM HD -
DLKDSL2745E Wireless N300 ADSL2+ Modem Router Wireless N Access Point and-
 4-Port Router in a single device 
DLKDSL2750BE Wireless N ADSL2/Router 4 Port 10/100 -
DLKDSL2750BEU Wireless N ADSL2+ Router 4 Port 10/100 Switch Annex A with-
 shareport USB 
DLKDSL2751E Wireless N ADSL2+ Router 4 Port 10/100 -
DLKDSL2770LE Wireless ADSL2+Gbit Cloud Router -
DLKDSL320BEU ADSL Router/10/100Mbps 100BaseTX Interf -IN
DLKDSL321BEU Router ADSL/10/100Mbps 100BaseTX Inter -IN
DLKDSL3580L MydlinkCloudAdslModemRouterWirelesAc1200 -
DLKDSL3580LEU AC1200 ADSL2+ Gigabit Cloud Router -
DLKDSL3590L Wireless AC1900 Dual-Band ADSL2+ Modem Router -
DLKDSL3682 Wless AC750 Dual-Band 4FE Port VDSL -
DLKDSL3682E Wireless AC750 Dual-Band 4FE Port VDSL/ADSL Modem Router--
 Wireless 11n 2x2 & 11ac 1x1 concurrent Dual-band- 1 x inner 
 pair Rj-11 VDSL/ADSL port 
DLKDSL3782E Wireles AC1200DualBand 4FEPort VDSL/ADSL -
DLKDSL3785E Wireless AC1200 Dual-Band Gigabit Port -
DLKDSN6020 2U/12 Bay Expansion enclosure: Dual I/Ocontrollers -
DLKDSN610 1GbE Controller ( 4 ports). with BBU. for DSN-6110/6120 -
DLKDSN6110 2U/12 Bay IP-SAN Storage Enclosure: Single controller (1GbE x 4)-
DLKDSN6120 2U/12 Bay IP-SAN Storage Enclosure: Dual controller (1GbE x 8) -
DLKDSN640 10GbE Controller ( 2 x SFP+ Ports). with BBU. for DSN-6410/6420 -
DLKDSN6410 2U/12 Bay IP-SAN Storage enclosure: Single controller. (10GbE x 2)-
DLKDSN6420 2U/12 Bay IP-SAN Storage enclosure: Dual controller. (10GbE x 4)-
DLKDSN654 SATA Bridge Board for DSN-6000 series -
DLKDSPW115E mydlink' Wi-Fi Smart Plug -
DLKDSPW115FR Wi-Fi Smart Plug French- Remote access -
DLKDSPW215E DSP-W215/E/mydlink Home SmartPlug -
DLKDSPW215FR DSP-W215/FR/mydlink Home SmartPlug -
 DLKDSPW215XE mydlink Home SmartPlug French- Supports -
DLKDSPW245E mydlink Home Smart Power Strip -
DLKDSR1000N Router SSL wifi IEEE 802.11n Rackable -IN
DLKDSR150N Wireless N Unified Service Router -
DLKDSR500N Wireless N Unified Service Router -IN
DLKDUBC5AB USB A to B Cable (5 Meters) -UK
DLKDUBH410 USB-C to 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub -
DLKDV600P SW D-View/SNMP6.0 Net Mngr prof -
DLKDVS3101 1-Channel H.264 PoE Video Encoder. MPEG-4/MJPEG -IN
 DLKDVS3101E 1-Chan H.264 PoE Video Encoder -
DLKDWA125 Wireless 150 USB Adapter -
DLKDWA127 Wireless N 150 High Gain USB Adapter -
DLKDWA140 RangeBooster draft N 650/Wless USB Adpt -IN
DLKDWA160 Adapter/Xtreme N Duo USB -IN
DLKDWA192 Wireless AC1900 Wifi USB Adapter -
DLKDWA525 Adapter/PCI 150Mbps Wless Card -
DLKDWA556 Wireless N PCIE Desktop Adapter IEEE 802.11B/802.11G/802.11N -IN
DLKDWA643 Wireless N EXPRESSCARD Notebook Adapter 802.11B/802.11G/802.11N -IN
DLKDWC1000KIT K/Wireless Controller DWL-6600AP -
DLKDWC1000KIT2 K/Wireless Controller DWL-8610AP -
DLKDWL2600AP Unified N Single-band PoE Access Point -
DLKDWL2600APE 802.11g Wless PoE Switch Access Point -
DLKDWL2600APKIT K/802.11g Wless PoE Switch Access Point -
DLKDWL3600AP Indoor 802.11 b/g/n Single-band UnifiedAccess Point with PoE -
DLKDWL3600APKIT K/AirPremier indoor 802.11 Access Point -
DLKDWL3610AP Unified Wireless AC1200 Dual-band PoE AP -
DLKDWL6600AP Indoor 802.11a/b/g/n Concurrent Dual-band Unified Access Point with PoE-
DLKDWL6600APPC Unified Wireless N Simultaneous Dual-Band PoE Access Point -
 DLKDWL6600APPCKIT K/Unif Wless N Simultan Dual-Bnd PoE Acc -
DLKDWL6600APKIT K/AirPremier indoor 802.11Access Point -
DLKDWL6600APKIT01 K/BUY 4 X DWL-6600AP+1 X DWC-1000 FREE -
DLKDWL6610APKIT K/AirPremier Indoor AC1200 with PoE -
DLKDWL6700AP Unified Simultaneous Dual-Band PoE Outdoor 5GHz Bridging Access Point-
DLKDWL6700APKIT K/Access point PoE outdoor dualband 600N -
DLKDWL8600AP Indoor Unified Access Point PoE -IN
DLKDWL8600APKIT K/Indoor Unified Access Point PoE -
DLKDWL8610AP AP Wireless AC1750 Dual-Band PoE Indoor -
DLKDWL8610APKIT K/AP Wireless AC1750 DualBand PoE Indoor -
DLKDWL8610APKIT01 K/BUY 4 X DWL-8610+1 X DWC-1000 FREE -
DLKDWL8710AP AC1200 Wless Dual-Bnd Outd Unif Acc Pnt -
DLKDWL8710APKIT K/AC1200 Wless DualBnd Outd Unif Acc Pnt -
DLKDWLP200E Express EtherNetwork Power over Ethernet (PoE) Adapter Kit -IN
DLKDWLP50 Express EtherNetwork Power over Ethernet (PoE) Adapter -UK
DLKDWM157 Wireless AC DualBand USB Micro Adapter -
DLKDWM221 4G LTE USB Adapter -
DLKDWR116E Wireless N300 Multi-Wan Router -
DLKDWR118 Wireless AC750 Dual-Band Multi-WAN Router -
DLKDWR510E Router/Mini 3G USB Router -
DLKDWR512E Mobile Wi-Fi Router 21 Mbps -
DLKDWR720 Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot HSPA+3G 21Mbps -
DLKDWR730E Integrated HSPA 3G 21Mbps Broadband Modem and Wireless N150-
 Router with Battery 
DLKDWR830 Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot 42 Mbps -
DLKDWR920 Wireless N300 4G LTE Router -
DLKDWR953 Wireless AC750 4G LTE Multi-WAN Router -
DLKDWS316024PC 20P 10/100/1000 Base-T port Unified Switch with 4 Combo-
 1000Base-T PoE/SFP ports 
DLKDWS316024TC 20p 10/100/1000 Base-T port Unified Switch with 4 Combo-
 1000Base-T /SFP ports 
DLKDXE820T Dual Port 10GBASE-T RJ45 PCI Express Adapter Universal Bus-
 supporting 3.3 V operation Compliant with IEEE 802.3an 10 Gbps 
 Ethernet over UTP standards 
DLKDXS110010TS Switch 10Gbit 2xSFP -
DLKDXS360016SSI 8-port 10Gigabit SFP+ Ethernet Data Center Switch -
DLKDXS3600EM4QXS 4 x 40G QSFP+expansion module -
DLKDXS3600EM8T 8-Port 1000BASE-T Expansion Module -
DLKDXS3600FANFB Fan tray with front to back airflow -
DLKDXS3600PWRFB 300W AC power supply tray with front toback airflow -
DLKGODSLAC750 Wireless AC750 Dual Band ADSL2/Router -
DLKGOPLK200E Powerline AV Mini Easy Starter Kit -
DLKGOSW5E Mini switch 5 Ports 10/100Mbps -
DLKHDD1TBHIT 1TB Hitachi HDD for Non-IO intensive purposes. suitable for-
 integration into SAN and NAS Products 
DLKHDD2TBHIT 2TB Hitachi HDD for Non-IO intensive purposes. suitable for-
 integration into SAN and NAS Products 
DLKHDDE1TBHIT 1TB HDD for IO Intensive applications -
DLKHDDE2TBHIT 2TB HDD for IO Intensive applications -
DLKHDDE600GBHIT 600GB SAS HDD for IO intensive applications -
DLKPSES5VDC25AE External Adapter 5V / 2.5A -IN
DLKPSM5V55B 5V 3A PSU Accessory Black (Interchangeable Euro/ UK plug) -
DLKPSM5V55W 5V 3A PSU Accessory White (Interchangeable Euro/ UK plug) -
DLKPSM5VUSBW 5V 2A PSU Accessory White Micro USB (Interchangeable Euro/ UK plug)-

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