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HUW02130879 500W AC Power Module -
HUW02310JFA 150W AC Power Module -
 HUW02311CDB eSight Server(2 E5-2630 V2 4 8GB 3 300GB SAS 2.5 4 GE LOM 1 4-
 GE NIC SR320BC+BBU 2 460W PS) 
 HUW02311HBU 5288 V3(36HDD & single RAID Card Chassis)H52M-03 For-
 oversea(except Japan) 
HUW02315204 Optical Transceiver eSFP GE Multi-mode Module(850nm 0.5km LC) -
 HUW02350BVB 5300 V3(2U Dual Ctrl AC 32GB 8*GE 25*2.5i SPE33C0225) -
 HUW02350BVC 5300 V3(2U/Dual Ctrl/DC/32GB/8*GE/25*2.5i/SPE33C0225) -
 HUW02350BVD 5300 V3(2U Dual Ctrl AC 32GB 8 GE 12 3.5i SPE33C0212) -
 HUW02350BVE 5300 V3(2U/Dual Ctrl/DC/32GB/8*GE/12*3.5i/SPE33C0212) -
 HUW02350DHW 5300 V3(2U/Dual Ctrl/AC/64GB/8*GE/25*2.5i/SPE33C0225) -
 HUW02350DHX 5300 V3(2U/Dual Ctrl/DC/64GB/8*GE/25*2.5i/PE33C0225) -
 HUW02350DHY 5300 V3(2U/Dual Ctrl/AC/64GB/8*GE/12*3.5i/SPE33C0212) -
 HUW02350DJA 5300 V3(2U/Dual Ctrl/DC/64GB/8*GE/12*3.5i/SPE33C0212) -
HUW02350DLN S5720S-28P-SI-AC(24 Ethernet 10/100/1000 ports 4 Gig SFP AC 110/220V)-
HUW02350DLP S5720S-28X-SI-AC(24 Ethernet 10/100/1000 ports 4 10 Gig SFP+ AC 110/220V)-
 HUW02350DLQ S5720S-28X-SI-AC(24 Ethernet 10/100/1000 ports 4 10 Gig SFP+ AC 110/220V)-
HUW02350DLR S5720S-52X-SI-AC(48 Ethernet 10/100/1000 ports 4 10 Gig SFP+ AC 110/220V)-
 HUW02350DLW S5720-28X-PWR-SI Bundle(24 Ethernet 10/100/1000 PoE+ ports 4 of-
 which are dual-purpose 10/100/1000 or SFP 4 10 Gig SFP+with 
 500W AC power) 
 HUW02350DLX S5720-52X-PWR-SI Bundle (48 Ethernet 10/100/1000 PoE+ ports 4-
 10 Gig SFP+ with 500W AC power) 
 HUW02350EWD CE6810-32T16S4Q-LI Switch(32-Port 10G RJ45 16-Port 10G SFP+-
 4-Port 40G QSFP+ 2*AC Power Module 2*FAN Box Port-side Exhaust) 
 HUW02350KGF AD9430DN-24 Mainframe(4 GE Combo Port 24 GE Port) -
 HUW02350MTQ S5720-56C-PWR-HI Bundle(48 Ethernet 10/100/1000 POE+ ports 4 10-
 Gig SFP+ with 2interface slots with 580W AC power supply) 
 HUW02350PKF AP7050DN-E Mainframe(11ac Wave2 Enhanced AP Indoor 4x4 Double-
 Frequency USB Port Support Poe out Built-in Antenna) 
HUW02352336 S2700-26TP-PWR-EI Mainframe(24 10/100 BASE-T ports and 2 Combo-
 GE(10/100/1000 BASE-T+100/1000 Base-X) ports PoE Chassis Dual 
 Slots of power Without Power) 
HUW02353173 S5700-28P-LI-AC Mainframe (24 10/100/1000BASE-T. 4 1000BASE-X).-
 AC 110/220V) 
HUW02353174 S5700-52P-LI-AC Mainframe (48 10/100/1000BASE-T. 4 1000BASE-X).-
 AC 110/220V) 
HUW02353175 S5700-28P-PWR-LI-AC Mainframe (24 10/100/1000BASE-T. 4-
 1000BASE-X. PoE. AC 110/220V) 
HUW02353176 S5700-52P-PWR-LI-AC Mainframe (48 10/100/1000BASE-T. 4-
 1000BASE-X. PoE. AC 110/220V) 
HUW02354036 S5700-10P-LI-AC Mainframe(8 GE RJ45.2 GE SFP.AC 110/220V) -
HUW02354037 S5700-10P-PWR-LI-AC Mainframe(8 GE RJ45.2 GE SFP.PoE.AC 110/220V)-
HUW02354135 S5700-52C-PWR-SI Mainframe(48 GERJ45.PoE.Dual Slots of-
 Power.Single Slot of Flexible Card.Including Single 500WAC 
HUW02354215 S5700-28X-LI-AC Mainframe(24 GE RJ45.4 10GE SFP+.AC 110/220V) -
HUW02354216 S5700-52X-LI-AC Mainframe(48 GE RJ45.4 10GE SFP+.AC 110/220V) -
HUW02354217 S5700-28X-PWR-LI-AC Mainframe(24 GE RJ45.4 10GE SFP+ +PoE AC 110/220V)-
HUW02354218 S5700-52X-PWR-LI-AC Mainframe(48 GE RJ45.4 10GE SFP+.PoE.AC 110/220V)-
HUW02355271 S5700-28X-LI-24S-AC(24 Gig SFP.4 of which are dual-purpose-
 10/100/1000 or SFP.410 Gig SFP+.AC 110/220V) 
HUW02355547 AP5010DN-AGN Mainframe(11n.General AP Indoor.2x2 Double-
 Frequency.Built-in Antenna.No AC/DC adapter) 
 HUW02356813 AC6005-8-PWR-8AP Bundle(Including AC6005-8-PWR Resource License-
 8AP AC 110/220V) 
HUW02356816 AC6005-8-8AP Bundle 8APAC -
 HUW02357916 AC6605-26-PWR-16AP Bundle(Including AC6605-26-PWR.Resource-
 License 16AP) 
 HUW02358108 AP5030DN Mainframe(11ac General AP Indoor 3x3 Double Frequency-
 Built-in AntennaUp to 1.75Gbps data rate No AC/DC adapter) 
 HUW02358598 S5720-56C-HI Bundle(48 Ethernet 10/100/1000 ports 4 10 Gig SFP+-
 with 2 interface slots with 600W AC power supply) 
 HUW02358599 S5720-56C-PWR-HI Bundle(48 Ethernet 10/100/1000 POE+ ports 4 10-
 Gig SFP+ with 2interface slots with 1150W AC power supply) 
 HUW02358600 S5720-32C-HI-24S Bundle(24 Gig SFP 8 ofwhich are dual-purpose-
 10/100/1000 or SFP 4 10 Gig SFP+ with 2 interface slots with 
 600W AC power supply) 
 HUW02359259 S2200T Controller Enclosure(2U 2.5i Dual Ctrl AC 8GB Cache 8*8G-
 FC 4*24G SAS Back-End Port HW Storage System Software 
 HUW02359408 S2200T Controller Enclosure(2U/2.5i/24 Slots/Dual Ctrl/AC/4GB-
 Cache/2*4*8G FC/2*2*4*6G SAS Back-End 
HUW02359504 S5720-56C-EI Bundle(48 Ethernet 10/100/1000 ports 4 10 Gig SFP+-
 with 1 interface slot with 150W AC power supply) 
HUW02359562 S5720-36C-EI Bundle(28 Ethernet 10/100/1000 ports 4 of which-
 are dual-purpose 10/100/1000 or SFP 4 10 Gig SFP+ 1 interface 
 slot with 150W AC) 
HUW02359573 S5720-36C-PWR-EI-AC 28GE PoE o/w 4GE/SFP. 4 10G SFP. 500W PS -
HUW02359578 S5720-56C-PWR-EI Bundle(48 Ethernet 10/100/1000 PoE+ ports 4 10-
 Gig SFP+ with 1interface slot with 1150W AC power supply) 
 HUW02359662 SM&SC All in One Device (English Edition including PC Server OS-
 DB SM&SC Software) 
 HUW0235G73U S2200T Controller(2U 3.5i 12 SL. 2* CTRL AC 4GB Cache 2*6*GE-
 iSCSI Front Port 2*24G SAS Back Prt +UPS Mod ISM UltraPathHW 
 Stor.Array Cntrl Sys.Sofw SPE32C0212) 
 HUW0235G7CH DAE12435U4 Disk Enclosure(4U 3.5i 24 Slots AC SAS Expansion-
 Module without DiskUnit with HW SAS in Band Management 
 HUW0235G7R9 STO: S2200T Controller Enclosure -
 HUW02411337 IPC6324-MIR 2MP Network IR Mini Dome-
 HUW02451377 Audio Speaker Bluetooth White -
HUW02452242 MateDock 2 -
HUW02452320 Sport Bluetooth Headphones _AM60 -
 HUW02452412 Bluetooth Mouse -
HUW02452544 Bluetooth Speaker White AM08 -
 HUW04071583 USB 3.0 A/M TO RJ45 Adapter -
HUW04071769 NM Card Reader -
HUW06010396 NM Card 128GB -
 HUW06410145 Monitor 19-Inch TFT LCD Max. Pels 1280 1024/75Hz 100 240VAC-
 Power No Doc. Black 
 HUW06410202 Other Server Accessories USB KB&Mouse No Doc. Black -
HUW22040180 Engine Earphone AM12_Plus_Grey -
 HUW22040201 Earphones AM116_Metal -
HUW22040218 Engine Earphone AM12_Plus_Gold -
HUW22040280 Earphones AM115 White -
HUW22040281 Earphone Jack3.5mm Mic Meta White -
HUW2354496 3.5mm Stereo Headset -
 HUW2359586 S5720-32X-EI-AC(24 Ethernet 10/100/1000ports 4 Gig SFP 4 10 Gig-
 SFP+ AC 110/220V front access) 
 HUW2411331 IPC6224-IR 2MP Network IR Bullet Camera(f=6mm/FE/DC/POE/IP66) -
HUW2450889 Car Charger 1A -
HUW2450958 AC Charger 1A -
 HUW2451780 Bluetooth Speaker AM08 White -
 HUW2451800 Bluetooth Speaker AM08 Green -
 HUW2451801 Bluetooth Speaker AM08 Gold -
HUW2451802 Bluetooth Speaker AM08 Pink -
HUW2451968 Charger 9V2A_Cable -
HUW2452156 9V2A Quick Charger-Type C -
HUW2452310 Super Charger 4.5V5A w Type C -
HUW2452312 CarCharger_AP38_w Type C cable -
HUW2452315 Car Charger 9V2A W Type C Cable -
HUW2452458 Magnetic smartphone support -
 HUW2452542 Body Fat Scale White -
HUW4071259 Adapter 5V2A Type C plus -
HUW4071263 5V2A_Data Cable_type C_1m -
HUW4071417 Cable Type-C+micro USB -
 HUW41020567 Intel Xeon E5-2680 v4 processor -
 HUW50010157 AR169F.VDSL over POTS with bonding WAN.1GE COMB WAN.4GE LAN.1 USB-
HUW50081736 eSpace7910.2.83 inch LCD Screen.POE.2*GE.Wired Handset.Simple-
 HUW50081912 Broadband Network Terminal/eSpace7910/2.83 inch LCD-
 Screen/POE/2*GE/Wired Handset/100-240V/50/60Hz/Simple 
HUW50082641 Broadband Network Terminal AP4030DN 11ac 2 2 Double Frequency -
HUW50082660 Broadband Network Terminal AP5030DN 11ac Double Frequency-
 Built-in Antenna 
 HUW50082735 R240D Mainframe(11ac 2x2 Double Frequency Built-in Antenna) -
 HUW50082748 R230D Mainframe(11ac 2x2 Double Frequency Built-in Antenna) -
HUW50082932 AP7050DE Mainframe(11ac wave2 Indoor 4X4 Dual Band smart-
 Antenna Bluetooth USB) 
HUW50082935 AP6050DN Mainframe(11ac wave2 indoor 4x4 Dual Band Built-in-
 Antenna USB) 
HUW50082938 AP6150DN Mainframe(11ac wave2 Dual Band External Antenna USB) -
HUW50082944 AP4050DN-E Mainframe(11ac wave2 Dual Band Built-in Antenna BT-
 USB PSE IoT Slot) 
 HUW50082947 AP4050DN-HD Mainframe(11ac wave2 Dual Band Built-in HD Antenna PSE)-
HUW51050FRN Ascend Y540 DS Black -
HUW51050FRP Ascend Y540 DS White -
HUW51050GSL Y625 Dual SIM Black -
HUW51050GSM Y625 Dual SIM White -
HUW51050GYS Y360 Dual SIM Black -
HUW51050GYSBDL Bdl/Lebara Huawei Y360 DS Black -
 HUW51050GYSBDL1 Bdl/Lebara Huawei Y360 DS Black TDM -
 HUW51050GYSBDL2 Bdl/Lebara Huawei Y360 Black TDM Online -
HUW51050GYT Y360 Dual SIM White -
 HUW51050GYTBDL2 Bdl/Lebara Huawei Y360 White TDM Online -
HUW51050HLQ G play mini White -
HUW51050HLR G play mini Black -
HUW51050LER New Y3 Y360 Black -
HUW51050LES New Y3 Y360 White -
HUW51057836 Ascend Y530 Black -
HUW51057838 Ascend Y530 White -
HUW51058265 Ascend G610 White -
HUW51058266 Ascend G610 Black -
HUW51058676 Ascend G6 Black -
HUW51058678 Ascend G6 White -
HUW51058685 Ascend G6LTE Black -
HUW51058686 Ascend G6LTE White -
HUW51059052 Ascend Y330 Black -
HUW51059053 Ascend Y330 White -
HUW51060AAM B525s-23a White -
HUW51060AFX B315s-22 White -
HUW51060DRJ B535-232 -
 HUW51060ELY B818-263 4G Router 1.6Gbps White -
HUW51071AWS Stick USB 51071AWS MODEM 4G -
 HUW51071MJA E5577Cs-321 -
HUW51071MTC E5785Lh-22c White -
HUW51071MTF E5573Cs-322 White -
HUW51071MTK E3531i-2 White -
HUW51071NHG Stick USB E3372h-153 MODEM 4G -
HUW51071NVQ E5885 -
 HUW51071PWT Dongle E8372h-153 White -
HUW51071RYN E5576-320 Router 2.4 GHz 4G White -
HUW51071SAP E5785-92c -
HUW51071SMK E3372h-320 -
HUW51090284 Ascend P7 Black -
HUW51090285 Ascend P7 White -
HUW51090BVA Mate 8 DS Black -
HUW51090EVV GR3 Gray -
HUW51090EVX GR3 Silver -
HUW51090FXH P9 Titanium Grey -
HUW51090FXK P9 Mystic Silver -
HUW51090JAH P9 Lite DS Black -
 HUW51090JAHKIT1 K/51090JAH+51991527 -
HUW51090JAJ P9 Lite DS Gold -
HUW51090JAJKIT1 K/51090JAJ+51991528 -
HUW51090JAK P9 Lite DS White -
HUW51090JAKKIT1 K/51090JAK+51991521 -
HUW51090LAN Y5 Pro Black -
 HUW51090LANBDL1 Bdl/Lebara Huawei Y5 II Black MM -
HUW51090LAP Y5 Pro Gold -
 HUW51090LAPBDL Bdl/Lebara Huawei Y5 II DS Gold MM -
HUW51090LAQ Y5 Pro White -
 HUW51090MME GR3 Gold -
HUW51090PAX Y6 II black dual sim -
HUW51090PAY Y6 II white dual sim -
HUW51090PBA Y6 II gold dual sim -
HUW51090PBX Y5 Pro Blue -
HUW51090PBY Y5 Pro Red -
HUW51090PVF Y6 II Compact DS Black -
HUW51090PVG Y6 II Compact DS White -
HUW51090PVH Y6 II Compact DS Gold -
HUW51090UAQ Demo Huawei Nova DS Black/Grey -
 HUW51090UAR Demo Huawei Nova DS White/Silver -
HUW51090UAU Nova DS White/Silver -
HUW51090UAW Nova DS Black/Grey -
HUW51090UPS Nova DS Black/Gold -
 HUW51090UQP Demo Huawei Nova DS Black/Gold -
HUW51090VQX Mate 9 DS Grey -
HUW51090VQY Mate 9 DS Silver -
HUW51090WLY Mate 9 Porsche Design -
HUW51090YNB P9 Lite DS Pink -
HUW51091476 Ascend Y550 Black -
HUW51091477 Ascend Y550 White -
HUW51091564 Ascend G7 Grey -
HUW51091565 Ascend G7 Silver -
HUW51091590 Ascend Mate 7 Silver -
HUW51091592 Ascend Mate7 Black -
HUW51091653 Ascend G620s Black -
HUW51091654 Ascend G620s White -
HUW51091CDM P8 Lite 2017 DS Black -
HUW51091CDN P8 Lite 2017 DS White -
HUW51091CDP P8 Lite 2017 DS Gold -
HUW51091CKK P10 Lite Midnight Black -
HUW51091CKM P10 Lite Pearl White -
HUW51091CKN P10 Lite Platinum Gold -
HUW51091CWN Mate 9 Black -
HUW51091FED P10 Plus Graphite Black -
HUW51091FEE P10 Plus Mystic Silver -
HUW51091FEF P10 Plus Dazzling Gold -
HUW51091FGB P10 Mystic Silver -
HUW51091FGC P10 Graphite Black -
HUW51091FGD P10 Prestige Gold -
HUW51091KPY P10 Plus Greenery -
HUW51091KQC P10 Plus Dazzling Blue -
HUW51091KQQ P10 Dazzling Blue -
HUW51091LVM P10 Lite blue -
HUW51091NUE Y6 2017 DS White -
 HUW51091NUEBDLN BDLN/Lebara Huawei Y6 2017 DS White -
HUW51091NUF Y6 2017 DS Gold -
HUW51091NUG Y6 2017 DS Grey -
 HUW51091NUGBDLN BDLN/Lebara Huawei Y6 2017 DS Grey -
HUW51091PLV Y6 2017 DS White/Blue -
 HUW51091PLVBDL Bdl/Lebara Huawei Y6 2017 DS White/Blue -
HUW51091PLW Y6 2017 DS White/Pink -
 HUW51091PLWBDL Bdl/Lebara Huawei Y6 2017 DS White/Pink -
HUW51091QKH P10 Greenery -
HUW51091RMB Y7 Grey -
 HUW51091RMBBDL Bdl/Lebara Huawei Y7 Grey -
HUW51091RMC Y7 Silver -
HUW51091RMD Y7 DS Gold -
HUW51091UMA Y6 Pro 2017 Gold -
HUW51091UMB Nova Lite 2017 Silver -
HUW51091UMC Y6 Pro 2017 Black -
HUW51091WQX Mate 10 Lite Graphite Black -
 HUW51091WQXBDL Bdl/Huawei Mate 10 Lite Black+Selfiest -
HUW51091WQY Mate 10 lite DS/64GB/Blue/5.9' -
HUW51091WRA Mate 10 Lite Prestige Gold -
 HUW51091WRABDL Bdl/Huawei Mate 10 Lite Gold+Selfiest -
 HUW51091WRT Mate 10 Pro DS/128GB/Blue/6' -
HUW51091WRU Mate 10 Pro Mocha Brown -
HUW51091WRV Mate 10 Pro Midnight Black -
HUW51092CTD Figo Dual Sim Blue -
HUW51092CTE Figo Dual Sim Gold -
HUW51092CTF Figo Dual Sim Black -
HUW51092FGL P20 Emily Ceramic Black -
HUW51092FGM P20 DS/128GB/Blue/5.8' -
HUW51092FGU P20+Charlotte Ceramic Black -
HUW51092FGV P20 Pro DS/128GB/Blue/6.1' -
HUW51092FTN P20 Lite Anne Midnight Black -
HUW51092FTP P20 Lite Anne Klein Blue -
HUW51092FTQ P20 Lite Anne Sakura Pink -
HUW51092GAV P20 Emily Twilight -
HUW51092GAX P20+Charlotte Twilight -
HUW51092HHL Y7 2018 Black -
HUW51092HHM Y7 2018 Blue -
HUW51092HJV Y6 2018 Black -
HUW51092HJW Y6 2018 Blue -
HUW51092HJX Y6 2018 Gold -
HUW51092KEK P20 Lite Gold -
HUW51092LUP Y5 2018 DS/16GB/Black/5.45' -
HUW51092LYK Y5 2018 DS/16GB/Blue/5.45' -
HUW51092QPA P20 DS/128GB/Twilight/5.8' -
HUW51092RAK Sydney Black -
HUW51092RAM Sydney Sapphire Blue -
HUW51092RAQ Sydney Platinum Gold -
HUW51092TFQ P Smart+DS Black -
HUW51092TFU P Smart+DS Iris Purple -
HUW51092WYC Mate 20 Midnight Blue -
HUW51092WYE Mate 20 Black -
HUW51092WYG Mate 20 Twilight -
HUW51092WYY Mate 20 Pro Midnight Blue -
HUW51092XAB Mate 20 Pro Black -
HUW51092XAD Mate 20 Pro Twilight -
HUW51093GNB P Smart 2019 DS Midnight Black -
HUW51093GND P Smart 2019 DS Aurora Blue -
HUW51093KRN Y7 2019 DS Black -
 HUW51093KRNBDLN BDLN/Lebara Huawei Y7 2019 DS Black -
HUW51093KRQ Y7 2019 DS Twilight -
 HUW51093KRQBDLN BDLN/Lebara Huawei Y7 2019 DS Twilight -
HUW51093MGE Y6 2019 DS Blue -
HUW51093MGG Y6 2019 DS Black -
HUW51093MGJ Y6 2019 DS Brown -
HUW51093NDV P30 Black -
HUW51093NDX P30 Aurora -
HUW51093NEA P30 Breathing Crystal -
HUW51093NNL P30 lite Midnight Black -
HUW51093NNN P30 lite Peacock Blue -
HUW51093NNQ P30 lite Pearl White -
HUW51093QDS P Smart+2019 Midnight Black -
HUW51093QFS P30 Pro/256GB/Black -
HUW51093QFU P30 Pro/256GB/Aurora -
HUW51093QFW P30 Pro/256GB/Breathing Crystal -
HUW51093RTS P30 Pro/128GB/Black -
HUW51093RUD P30 Pro/128GB/Aurora -
HUW51093RUF P30 Pro/128GB/Breathing Crystal -
HUW51093RVX P Smart+2019 Starlight Blue -
HUW51093SPN P30 Pro/128GB/Amber Sunrise -
HUW51093WCW Y7 2019 DS Black -
HUW51093WCY Y7 2019 DS Twilight -
HUW51093WDB Y7 2019 DS Red -
HUW51093WDL P smart Z Midnight Black -
HUW51093WDN P smart Z Sapphire Blue -
HUW51093WDQ P smart Z Emerald Green -
HUW51093XAT P Smart 2019 DS Aurora Blue -
HUW51093XAV P Smart 2019 DS Midnight Black -
HUW51093YMS Mate 20 lite DS Black -
HUW51093YMU Mate 20 lite DS Sapphire Blue -
HUW51093YMW Mate 20 lite DS Platinum Gold -
HUW51094011 Y635 Dual SIM White -
HUW51094012 Y635 Dual SIM Black -
HUW51094BQQ P30 Lite Breathing Crystal -
HUW51094PYY P30 lite 256Go Midnight Black -
HUW51094RAJ P30 Pro/128 GB/6.47'/Mystic Blue -
HUW51094RAL P30 Pro/128 GB/6.47'/Misty Lavend -
HUW51094RCA Nova 5T Black -
HUW51094RCE Nova 5T Crush Blue -
HUW51094WCD Y6s Orchid Blue -
HUW51094WCF Y6s Starry Black -
HUW51094WQB P30 lite 256Go Peacock Blue -
HUW51094WQD P30 lite 256Go Breathing Crystal -
HUW51095AKK P smart Pro Breathing Crystal -
HUW51095AKM P smart Pro Midnight Black -
HUW51095BYV P40 5G Gray -
HUW51095CAG P40 Pro 5G Gray -
HUW51095CKC P40 Lite Midnight Black -
HUW51095CKE P40 Lite Crush Green -
HUW51095DDQ P40 Lite E Midnight Black Non NFC -
HUW51095EDA P Smart 2020 Midnight Black -
HUW51095EDC P Smart 2020 Aurora Blue -
HUW51095EDE P Smart 2020 Emerald Green -
HUW51095EHN P40 5G Black -
HUW51095EYG P40 Pro 5G Black -
 HUW51095LDG P30 lite Midnight Black -
 HUW51095LDJ P30 lite Peacock Blue -
 HUW51095LDL P30 Lite DS Pearl White -
HUW51095QRB P30 Pro New Edition Silver Frost -
HUW51095RAY Y6 2019 DS Black -
HUW51095RBB Y6 2019 DS Blue -
 HUW51095RBF P Smart 2019 DS Midnight Black -
 HUW51095RBH P Smart 2019 DS Aurora Blue -
 HUW51095RBP P smart Z Midnight Black -
 HUW51095RBR P smart Z Sapphire Blue -
HUW51095REM P30 Pro New Edition Aurora -
HUW51095RJG P30 Pro/128GB/Black -
HUW51095RJJ P30 Pro/128GB/Aurora -
HUW51095RJL P30 Pro/128GB/Breathing Crystal -
HUW51095RWV P30 Pro New Edition Black -
HUW51095YEL Mate 40 Pro Black -
HUW51095YEN Mate 40 Pro Mystic Silver -
 HUW51096575 Honor 7 16GB 3GB Full-HD 5,2'' screen DUO-SIM silver -
HUW51096963 Y5 BEE Black 4.5'' -
 HUW51096963BDL Bdl/Lebara Huawei Ascend Y5 Black MM -
HUW51096ABV P Smart 2021 Midnight Black -
HUW51096ABX P Smart 2021 Crush Green -
HUW51097028 Y6 Black -
HUW51097029 Y6 White -
HUW51097038 Y6 Scale Black 5'' -
HUW51097039 Y6 Scale White 5'' -
HUW51097060 Mate S Titanium Grey -
HUW51097061 Carrera White -
HUW51097203 Y5 BEE White 4.5'' -
 HUW51097203BDL Bdl/Lebara Huawei Ascend Y5 White MM -
HUW51097272 Nexus 6P 32GB silver -
HUW51097274 Nexus 6P 32GB grey -
HUW51097804 P8 Lite Gold -
HUW51098078 P8 LiteBlack -
HUW51098080 P8 LiteWhite -
HUW51098311 P8 Grey -
HUW51098315 P8 Champagne -
HUW51098638 G8 Space Grey -
HUW51098640 G8 Champagne Silver -
HUW51098810 P8 Lite Gold -
 HUW51098855 Live Demo Huawei Mate S Titanium Grey -
 HUW51098866 Live Dummy Huawei G8 Space Grey -
 HUW51602454 Dummy Huawei Mate S Titanium Grey -
HUW51990374 P6 Flip Case Black -
HUW51990375 P6 Flip Case Brown -
HUW51990382 P6 TPU Case Jelly Green -
HUW51990383 P6 TPU Case Dark Purple -
HUW51990384 P6 TPU Case Tangerine -
HUW51990386 P6 TPU Case Turquoise -
HUW51990596 Cover G6 Black -
HUW51990597 Cover G6 White -
HUW51990599 G6 LTE TPU Case Black -
HUW51990600 G6 LTE TPU Case White -
HUW51990603 G6 LTE Flip Cover Black -
HUW51990604 G6 LTE Flip Cover White -
HUW51990609 P7 TPU Case Black -
HUW51990610 P7 TPU Case White -
HUW51990620 P7 View Cover Black -
HUW51990621 P7 View Cover White -
HUW51990624 P7 Flip Cover Black -
HUW51990625 P7 Flip Cover White -
HUW51990734 G7 View Cover Brown -
HUW51990737 G7 View Cover White -
HUW51990797 Mate7 View Cover Wht -
HUW51990798 Mate7 View Cover Gry -
HUW51990799 Mate7 View Cover Cha -
 HUW51990800 Mate7 Dock White -
HUW51990822 P8 TPU Case Light Gray -
HUW51990823 P8 TPU Case Grey -
HUW51990824 P8 TPU Case Khaki -
HUW51990825 P8 View Cover Black -
HUW51990826 P8 View Cover White -
HUW51990827 P8 View Cover Brown -
HUW51990828 P8 Flip Cover Black -
HUW51990829 P8 Flip Cover White -
HUW51990830 P8 Flip Cover Brown -
HUW51990831 P8 Flip Cover Blue -
HUW51990832 P8 Flip Cover Red -
 HUW51990844 Y625 PC Cover Grey -
HUW51990864 Y3 PC cover Black -
HUW51990914 P8 Lite TPU Case Light Gray -
HUW51990915 P8 Lite TPU Case Grey -
HUW51990916 P8 Lite TPU Case Khaki -
HUW51990917 P8 Lite Flip Cover Black -
HUW51990918 P8 Lite Flip Cover White -
HUW51990919 P8 Lite FlipCover Brown -
HUW51990920 P8 Lite Flip Cover Blue -
HUW51990921 P8 Lite Flip Cover Red -
 HUW51990937 Y635 PC cover Gray -
HUW51990940 T1 10' Flip cover Black Black -
HUW51990975 T1 7' Flip cover Gray Gray -
HUW51991160 G8 TPU Case Transparent -
HUW51991197 G8 View Flip Cover Black -
 HUW51991198 G8 View Flip Cover White -
HUW51991199 G8 View Flip Cover Gold -
HUW51991217 Y6 PC Cover Black -
HUW51991313 Tablet M2 10 Leather cover White -
 HUW51991315 Tablet M2 10 Leather cover Brown -
 HUW51991340 Mate 8 TPU Cover Transparent -
 HUW51991375 GR3 Case Transparent -
HUW51991401 Mate 8 View Cover Deep Grey -
 HUW51991462 Y5 PC Cover Black -
HUW51991467 P9 PC Cover transparent -
HUW51991509 P9 Case Of View Cover Golden -
HUW51991510 P9 Case Of View Cover Dark -
HUW51991521 P9 Lite Transparent PC case -
HUW51991526 P9 Lite White flip cover -
HUW51991527 P9 Lite Grey flip cover -
HUW51991528 P9 Lite Gold flip cover -
HUW51991539 P9 Max PC Cover transparent -
HUW51991550 P9 Max Case Of View Cover Golden -
HUW51991554 P9 Max Case View Cover Dark Grey -
HUW51991565 P9 Cover Transparent -
HUW51991761 Nova PC+PU case Gray -
HUW51991764 Nova PC+PU case White -
HUW51991765 Nova Flipcover Gray -
HUW51991768 Nova Flipcover White -
HUW51991774 Nova PC case Transparent -
 HUW51991812 Mate 9 Leyca Leather Case Brown -
HUW51991828 Mate 9 Full View Cover Grey -
HUW51991852 P8 Lite 2017 PC case Transparent -
HUW51991857 P10 PC Cover Transparent -
HUW51991858 P10 Plus PC Cover Transparent -
HUW51991874 P10 Plus TPU Transparent Grey -
HUW51991875 P10 Plus View Cover Brown -
HUW51991876 P10 Plus View Cover Dark Grey -
HUW51991877 P10 Plus View Cover Light Grey -
HUW51991878 P10 Plus Car case Brown -
HUW51991879 P10 Plus Car case Dark Grey -
HUW51991880 P10 Plus Car case Light Grey -
HUW51991881 P10 Plus Mashup Case Brown -
HUW51991882 P10 Plus Mashup Case Dark Grey -
HUW51991883 P10 Plus Mashup Case Ligth Grey -
HUW51991885 P10 TPU Transparent Grey -
HUW51991886 P10 View Cover Brown -
HUW51991887 P10 View Cover Dark Grey -
HUW51991888 P10 View Cover Light Grey -
HUW51991889 P10 Car Case Brown -
HUW51991890 P10 Car Case Dark Grey -
HUW51991891 P10 Car Case Light Grey -
HUW51991892 P10 Mashup Case Brown -
HUW51991893 P10 Mashup Case Dark Grey -
HUW51991894 P10 Mashup Case Light Grey -
HUW51991900 P8 Lite 2017 Flip Cover Black -
HUW51991901 P8 Lite 2017 Flip Cover White -
HUW51991902 P8 Lite 2017 Flip Cover Blue -
HUW51991906 P10 Light PC Case Translucent WHT -
HUW51991907 P10 Light View Cover Light Grey -
HUW51991908 P10 Light View Cover Blue -
HUW51991909 P10 Light View Cover White -
HUW51991927 Y6 2017 PC case -
HUW51991935 M3 10' FlipCover Brown -
HUW51991940 Vicky PC Cover Transparent -
HUW51991941 Victoria PC Cover Transparent -
 HUW51991942 P10 Plus Leica Leather Case Brown -
 HUW51991943 P10 Leica Leather Case Brown -
HUW51991964 T3 10' ScreenProtector -
HUW51991965 T3 10' FlipCover Brown -
HUW51991966 T3 10' FlipCover Black -
HUW51991967 T3 7' ScreenProtector -
 HUW51991968 T3 7' FlipCover Black -
HUW51991969 T3 7' FlipCover Brown -
HUW51991982 T3 7' FlipCover KidsCover -
HUW51991994 P10 TPU Spot Pattern -
HUW51991995 P10 TPU Letter Pattern -
HUW51991996 P10 TPU Stripe Pattern -
HUW51991997 P10 TPU Diamond Pattern -
HUW51991998 P10 TPU Doodle Pattern -
HUW51991999 P10 TPU Arrowhead Pattern -
HUW51992003 Y7 PC Transparent Case -
HUW51992008 M3 10' FlipCover Blue -
 HUW51992042 PC Case Translucent P9 Lite Mini -
HUW51992084 MateBook Backpack -
 HUW51992091 PC C Translucent BLK P9 Lite Mini -
HUW51992135 PC Case Transparent Y6 Pro -
HUW51992176 Mate 10 Pro View Cover Dark Blue -
HUW51992177 Mate 10 Pro View Cover Brown -
HUW51992217 Mate 10 Lite PC Case Black -
HUW51992218 Mate 10 Lite PC Case Gold -
HUW51992219 Mate 10 Lite PC Case Blue -
HUW51992264 Mate 10 Pro View Cover Gray -
HUW51992274 P Smart Flip Cover Black -
HUW51992275 P Smart Flip Cover Gold -
HUW51992276 P Smart Flip Cover Blue -
HUW51992280 P Smart Transparent Case -
HUW51992313 P20 Lite Flip Cover Black -
HUW51992314 P20 Lite Flip Cover Blue -
HUW51992316 P20 Lite TPU Case Transparent -
HUW51992321 M5 10' PU Flip Cover Transparent -
HUW51992345 P20 Color Case Pink -
HUW51992347 P20 Color Case Deep Blue -
HUW51992349 P20 Color Case Black -
HUW51992357 P20 View Flip Cover Pink -
HUW51992359 P20 View Flip Cover Deep Blue -
HUW51992361 P20 Silicon Case Pink -
HUW51992363 P20 Silicon Case Deep Blue -
HUW51992365 P20 Silicon Case Black -
HUW51992366 P20 Pro View Flip Cover Pink -
HUW51992368 P20 Pro View Flip Cover DBlue -
HUW51992374 P20 Pro Color Case Deep Blue -
HUW51992376 P20 Pro Color Case Pink -
HUW51992378 P20 Pro Color Case Deep Black -
HUW51992380 P20 Pro Silicon Case Pink -
HUW51992382 P20 Pro Silicon Case Black -
HUW51992384 P20 Pro Silicon Case Deep Blue -
HUW51992397 P20 Car Case Black -
HUW51992399 P20 View Flip Cover Black -
HUW51992404 P20 Pro Car Case Black -
HUW51992407 P20 Pro View Flip Cover Black -
HUW51992432 Y7 2018 TPU Case Transparent -
HUW51992440 Y6 2018 DS PC Case Transparent -
HUW51992443 Y6 2018 SS PC Case Transparent -
HUW51992473 Y5 2018 PC Case Transparent -
 HUW51992509 Leather Case Color-blocking -
HUW51992567 Mate 20 Lite Wallet Cover Black -
HUW51992600 Case TPU Transparent Huawei Hima -
HUW51992605 Flip Cover Dark Blue Huawei Hima -
HUW51992615 Silicon Case Negra Huawei Hima -
HUW51992617 Silicom Case Dark Blue Huawei Hima -
HUW51992621 Flip Cover Black Huawei Hima -
HUW51992624 Flip Cover Dark Blue Huawei Laya -
HUW51992635 Flip Wallet Cover Dark Blue Huawei Laya -
HUW51992636 Flip Wallet Black Cover Huawei Laya -
HUW51992653 Mate 20 Lite FlipView Cover Black -
HUW51992662 T5 10inch Flip Cover Black -
 HUW51992663 T5 10inch Flip Cover Brown -
HUW51992668 Silicon Case Black Huawei Laya -
HUW51992670 Mate 20 Lite TPU Case Transparent -
HUW51992684 Silicon Case Dark Blue Huawei Laya -
HUW51992696 Flip Cover Black Huawei Laya -
 HUW51992698 Sidney I PU Case Black -
 HUW51992707 Sidney I Case TPU Transparent -
HUW51992764 Mate 20 Pro TPU Flex Clear Case -
HUW51992830 Flip Cover Potter Black -
HUW51992844 P30 Silicone Car Case Black -
HUW51992846 P30 Silicone Car Case Pink -
HUW51992848 P30 Silicone Car Case Red -
HUW51992850 P30 Silicone Car Case Blue -
HUW51992852 P30 Silicone Car Case Yellow -
HUW51992854 P30 Wallet Cover Black -
HUW51992856 P30 Wallet Cover Pink -
HUW51992858 P30 Wallet Cover Khaki -
HUW51992860 P30 Smart View Flip Black -
HUW51992862 P30 Smart View Flip Pink -
HUW51992864 P30 Smart View Flip Khaki -
HUW51992866 P30 Pro Wallet Cover Black -
HUW51992868 P30 Pro Wallet Cover Pink -
HUW51992870 P30 Pro Wallet Cover Khaki -
HUW51992872 P30 Pro Silicone Case Black -
HUW51992874 P30 Pro Silicone Case Pink -
HUW51992876 P30 Pro Silicone Case Red -
HUW51992878 P30 Pro Silicone Case Blue -
HUW51992880 P30 Pro Silicone Case Yellow -
HUW51992882 P30 Pro Smart View Flip Black -
HUW51992884 P30 Pro Smart View Flip Pink -
HUW51992886 P30 Pro Smart View Flip Khaki -
HUW51992894 PC Case Transparent Potter -
HUW51992895 Flip Cover Potter Blue -
HUW51992902 Dubai Flip Cover Black -
HUW51992903 Dubai Flip Cover Blue -
HUW51992909 Dubai TPU Case Transparent -
HUW51992912 Madrid TPU Case Transparent -
HUW51992945 Madrid Flip Cover Black -
HUW51992953 P30 Pro Silicone Case Lblue -
HUW51992958 P30 Silicone Car Case Lblue -
HUW51992977 P smart+2019 Wallet Cover Black -
HUW51992979 P30 Pro PU Case Black -
HUW51992981 P30 Pro PU Case Elegant Grey -
HUW51992992 P30 PU Case Black -
HUW51992994 P30 PU Case Elegant Grey -
HUW51993008 P30 Clear Case Transparent -
HUW51993011 P smart+2019 Wallet Cover Blue -
HUW51993024 P30 Pro Clear Case Transparent -
HUW51993051 Y5 2019 PC Case Blue -
HUW51993072 P30 Lite TPU Case Transparent -
HUW51993076 P30 Lite View Smart Cover Black -
HUW51993077 P30 Lite View Smart Cover Blue -
HUW51993079 P30 Lite Wallet Cover Black -
HUW51993080 P30 Lite Wallet Cover Blue -
HUW51993123 PC Case Huawei P Smart Z Black -
HUW51993124 PC Case Huawei P Smart Z Blue -
HUW51993127 Flip Cover Huawei P Smart Z Blue -
HUW51993128 Flip Cover Huawei P Smart Z Green -
HUW51993140 P20 Lite 2019 TPU Case -
HUW51993156 P20 Lite 2019 PC Case Black -
HUW51993159 P20 Lite 2019 3D PC Case Black -
HUW51993160 P20 Lite 2019 3D PC Case Blue -
HUW51993161 P20 Lite 2019 3D PC Case Red -
HUW51993174 P20 Lite 2019 Wallet Cover Blue -
HUW51993175 P20 Lite 2019 Wallet Cover Black -
HUW51993192 Y5 2019 TPU Case -
HUW51993703 P40 Smart View Flip Cover Black -
HUW51993731 P40 Clear CaseTransparent -
HUW51993761 Nova 5T PC Case Black -
HUW51993762 Nova 5T PC Case Blue -
HUW51993765 Y6S TPU Case Transparent -
HUW51993781 P40 Pro Smart Flip Cover Black -
HUW51993809 P40 Pro Clear Case Transparent -
HUW51993839 P Smart Pro PC case Blue -
HUW51993840 P Smart Pro PC case Black -
HUW51993929 PC Case Black Huawei P40 Lite -
HUW51993932 Mate Xs envelope leather cover -
HUW51993984 TPU Case Transparent Huawei P40 L -
 HUW51994024 Y6P TPU Case Transparent -
 HUW51994075 P Smart 2020 TPU Case Transparent -
HUW53010BDN MediaPad M5 Grey 32GB 4GB WiFi 8' -
HUW53010BDU Tablet M5 10' 32GB Wifi Grey -
HUW53010BDW MediaPad M5/32GB/Grey/10.8'/LTE -
HUW53010BDY Tablet M5 Pro 10' 64 GB LTE GREY -
HUW53010DHN T5 10' Wifi 2+16GB Black -
HUW53010DHX M5 Lite 10'Wifi 3+32GB Space Grey -
HUW53010DJB T5 10' LTE 3+32GB Black -
HUW53010DJD T5 10' LTE 2+16GB Black -
HUW53010DJF T5 10' Wifi 3+32GB Black -
HUW53010DJH M5 Lite 10' LTE 3+32GB Space Grey -
 HUW53010GBF Matebook 13 I8/8/256 -
 HUW53010GBG Matebook 13 Space Grey Azerty -
 HUW53010GCM Matebook 13 I7/8/512 -
 HUW53010GWM Matebook D AMD Azerty -
 HUW53010JTM MediaPad T5 10' LTE 32GB Black -
 HUW53010JTQ MediaPad T5 10' Wifi 32GB Black -
HUW53010JUC MediaPad M5 lite 10'Wifi 32G Grey -
HUW53010JVA T3 10' LTE 2+16GB -
 HUW53010JVH MediaPad T3/16GB/Grey/9.6'/WiFi -
HUW53010JVL MediaPad T3 10' Wifi 2+32GB Grey -
 HUW53010JWB MediaPad T5 10' LTE 16GB Black -
HUW53010MWQ MediaPad M5 lite 10'Wifi 32G Grey -
HUW53010MXG MediaPad M5 lite 10' LTE 32G Grey -
HUW53010MYU MediaPad T5 10'' Wifi 4+64GB Black -
HUW53010NBK MediaPad M5 Lite 10 '' Wifi 4+64GB -
HUW53010NBP Mediapad T5 10 LTE 4+64G -
HUW53010PTE MediaPad M5 Lite 10 '' Wifi 4+64G -
HUW53010PTK MediaPad T5 10' Wifi 32GB Black -
HUW53010PTV MediaPad T5 10' Wifi 16GB Black -
HUW53010PTY MediaPad T5 10' LTE 32GB Blac -
HUW53010UEB MateBook D 15' R5/8/256G Grey -
HUW53010WVS MateBook D 14' R7/8/512G Grey -
HUW53010WVU MateBook D 15' R7/8/512G Grey -
HUW53011CSH MateBook 14'2020 i7/16/512G/MX350 -
 HUW53011CSY MateBook 14'2020 i5/8/512G/MX350 -
 HUW53011TTJ Matebook D15 i3/8GB/256GB Silver -
 HUW53011VXC Matestation S R5 4600G/8GB/256GB -
 HUW53012HDH Matebook X Pro i7/16GB/1TB Grey -
 HUW53012HWP Matebook D15 i5/8GB/512GB Silver -
 HUW53012RVR Matebook D15 R5-5500U/8GB/512GB -
 HUW53012TPN Matebook D14 i5/8GB/512GB Silver -
 HUW53012TPR Matebook D14 i3/8GB/256GB Silver -
 HUW53012TRA Matebook D15 i7/16GB/512GB Silver -
 HUW53012TRC Matebook D15 i5/8GB/256GB Silver -
 HUW53012TRE Matebook D15 i5/8GB/512GB Silver -
 HUW53012TRJ Matebook D15 i3/8GB/256GB Silver -
 HUW53012WFD Matebook 14 i5/8GB/512GB Grey -
HUW53014574 Tablet T1 10' 16 GB WIFI SILVER -
HUW53014753 Tablet T1 7' 8 GB 3G SILVER -
HUW53014756 Tablet T1 7' 8 GB WIFI SILVER -
HUW53015991 M2 Tablet WIFI,16GB, Silver -
HUW53015997 M2 Tablet 4G,16GB, Silver -
HUW53018816 Tablet M3 lite/32GB/grey/10'/Wifi -
HUW55020023 MOB/Huawei/TalkBand B1 Black -
HUW55020024 MOB/Huawei/TalkBand B1 Blue -
HUW55020158 Short-B1 Talkband Black -
 HUW55020279 W1 Live Demo Silver - Leather Band -
HUW55020301 Talkband B2 Black -
HUW55020302 Talkband B2 White -
HUW55020303 Talkband B2 Gold -
 HUW55020388 W1 Live Demo Black - Leather Band -
 HUW55020389 W1 Live Demo Gold - Leather Band -
 HUW55020524 W1 Live Demo Silver - Link Bracelet Band -
 HUW55020525 W1 Live Demo Black - Link Bracelet Band -
 HUW55020526 W1 Live Demo Gold - Link Bracelet Band -
 HUW55020530 W1 Live Demo Silver - Mesh Band -
HUW55020561 W1 Watch Class Bl leath band alm tip -
HUW55020562 W1 Watch Class Stainl steel mesh ba -
HUW55020563 W1 Watch Class Stainl steel link brac -
HUW55020565 Watch Act Bl stainl steel link brac -
HUW55020729 Band BlacK -
HUW55020746 Band White -
HUW55020748 Band Khaki -
HUW55020857 W1 Elite Gold - Gold Link -
HUW55020859 W1 Elite Gold - Brown Leather -
HUW55021526 Fit Moonlight Silver Small -
HUW55021527 Fit Titanium Grey Small -
HUW55021528 Fit Titanium Grey Large -
HUW55021665 W2 Dynamic O Sport 4G -
HUW55021666 W2 Carbon Black Sport 4G -
 HUW55021679 W2 Watch Sport Black BT -
HUW55021682 W2 Watch Sport Grey BT -
HUW55021787 W2 Watch Classic Black -
HUW55022179 Band 2 Pro Black -
HUW55023002 Band 3 Pro Obsidian Black -
HUW55023253 Watch GT Fashion Brown Strap -
HUW55023255 Watch GT Sport Black Sport Strap -
HUW55023801 Watch Gt Dark Green Strap -
HUW55023804 Watch Gt Orange Strap -
HUW55023875 Watch Gt Elegant Black Strap -
 HUW55023877 Watch Gt Elegant White Strap -
HUW55024313 Watch GT2 Elegant Titaniun Grey -
HUW55024316 Watch GT2 Sport Matte Black -
HUW55024317 Watch GT2 Classic Pebble Brown -
HUW55024321 Watch GT 2 Orange Strap 46mm -
 HUW55024401 Watch GT 2 Khaki Leath Strap 42mm -
HUW55024403 Watch GT 2 RGold Metal Strap 42mm -
 HUW55024404 Watch GT 2 Gray Strap 42mm -
HUW55024412 Watch GT 2 Black Strap 42mm -
HUW55024506 Watch GT2 Elegant Refine Gold -
HUW55024507 Watch GT2 Sport Lake Cyan -
HUW55024508 Watch GT2 Classic Gravel Beige -
HUW55024986 Band 4 Pro Cinnabar Red Sport Band -
HUW55024987 Band 4 Pro Graphite Black Sport -
HUW55024988 Band 4 Pro Pink Gold Sport Band -
HUW55025279 Watch GT2e Mint Green -
HUW55025280 Watch GT2e Lava Red -
HUW55025281 Watch GT2e Graphite Black -
HUW55025290 Watch GT2e Active Icy White -
HUW55025791 Watch GT2 Pro Sport Black -
HUW55025792 Watch GT2 Pro Classic Brown -
HUW55025875 Watch Fit Active Black -
HUW55025876 Watch Fit Active Pink -
HUW55025877 Watch Fit Active Green -
 HUW55026332 Watch Fit Elegant Midnight Black -
 HUW55026333 Watch Fit Elegant Frosty White -
 HUW55026822 Demo Huawei Watch 3 Black Strap -
 HUW55026916 Demo Huawei Watch 3 Pro Titanium Strap -
 HUW55027339001 Watch Fit New Graphite Black -
 HUW55027340001 Watch Fit New Pomelo Red -
 HUW55027341001 Watch Fit New Distilled Blue -
 HUW55027342001 Watch Fit New Sakura Pink -
 HUW55027886 Watch GT 2 Black Strap 42mm -
 HUW55027950 Watch GT 2 Black Strap 46mm -
HUW55030005 Tripod Selfie Control BT Black -
HUW55030081 Mate 10 Pro CarKit Brown -
HUW55030086 Cable USB-C to 3.5 mm -
HUW55030088 Classic Earphones USB-C Edition -
 HUW55030095 Mate 10 Pro CarKit Deep Blue -
HUW55030127 Powerbank CP07 Black -
HUW55030128 Power Bank 7.000 mAh. 2A. Gold -
HUW55030166 CM51 Grey -
 HUW55030224 Wireless Quick Charger CP85 -
HUW55030236 FreeBuds Wireless Earphones White -
HUW55030237 CM-H1 FreeBuds Wireless Black -
 HUW55030254 5V/2A Network Charger. Micro USB cable -
 HUW55030275 USB-C Adapter 65 W EU -
 HUW55030284 Earbuds 2 Pro Wireless Black -
HUW55030285 Earbuds 2 Pro Wireless White -
 HUW55030285PROMO Promo/Huawei Earbud 2 Pro Wireless White -
HUW55030349 Car SuperCharger Max 40W -
HUW55030353 Wireless Super Charger+Adapter -
 HUW55030353PROMO Promo/Huawei Wireless Super Chargr+Adapt -
 HUW55030367 Super Charger Max 40W -
HUW55030369 HuaweiCharger SuperCharge Max 40W -
 HUW55030406 Band 3e Dogwood Pink -
HUW55030407 Band 3e Black -
HUW55030712 FreeBuds Lite Carbon Black Wireless -
HUW55030713 FreeBuds Lite White -
HUW55030943 FreeLace Black Bluetooth -
HUW55030944 Freelace Amber Sunrise -
HUW55030949 FreeLace Graphite Black -
HUW55030985 Bluetooth headset AM70 Green -
HUW55031154 Mini Speaker Graphite Black -
HUW55031156 Mini Speaker Emerald Green -
HUW55031183 SuperCharger Wireless Max27W -
HUW55031216 SuperCharge Wireless CarCharger -
 HUW55031292 Car SuperCharger Max 40W -
HUW55031610 Band 4e Sakura Coral -
HUW55031611 Band 4e Misty Grey -
HUW55031990 Freebuds 3 Ceramic White -
HUW55031991 Freebuds 3 Carbon Black -
 HUW55032318 Charger SuperCharge Max40W -
HUW55032451 Freebuds 3 Red Edition -
HUW55032825 FreeBuds 3i Ceramic White -
HUW55032984 FreeBuds 3i Carbon Black -
HUW55033030 FreeBuds 3i Ceramic White -
HUW55033465 FreeBuds Pro Carbon Black -
HUW55033575 X Gentle Monster Eyewear II Myma -
HUW55033577 X Gentle Monster Eyewear II Lang -
HUW55033594 FreeBuds Studio Black -
HUW55033595 FreeBuds Studio Gold -
 HUW88031FJP AC6605 Access Controller AP Resource License(128 AP) -
 HUW88032KFL SmartThin S2600T License -
 HUW88032KPT Access Control Function.with HW Campus Contr.Syst. Software -
 HUW88032KPU Visitor Management Function.with HW Campus Contr.Sys.Sofw -
 HUW88032KQB Terminals of Access Control Function Including 1000 Access-
 Terminals License 
 HUW88032KQJ Guest Management Function Including 1000 Guest Accounts-
 Management License 
 HUW88134UHK HiCare Application Software Upgrade Support Service -
HUW98010435 S1728GWR-4P Mainframe(24 10/100/1000Base-T and 4 1000 -
HUW98010458 S1700-28GFR-4P-AC Mainframe(24 10/100/1000 BASE-T and 4 GE SFP-
 ports (1000 BASE-X) and AC 110/220V) 
HUW98010459 S1700-52GFR-4P-AC Mainframe(48 10/100/1000 BASE-T and 4 1000-
 BASE-X SFP ports (1000 BASE-X) and AC 110/220V) 
HUW98010536 S5700-28TP-LI-AC(24 Ethernet 10/100/1000ports 2 Gig SFP and 2-
 dual-purpose 10/100/1000 or SFP AC 110/220V) 
HUW98010537 S5700-28TP-PWR-LI-AC(24 Ethernet 10/100/1000 PoE+ ports 2 Gig-
 SFP and 2 dual-purpose 10/100/1000 or SFP AC 110/220V) 
HUW98010754 S1720-10GW-PWR-2P Bundle(8 Ethernet 10/100/1000 PoE+ ports 2-
 Gig SFP with license 124W PoE AC 110/220V) 
HUWB315 LTE router Cat4 - VoIP supported -
HUWE5180 LTE router Cat4 - Mobile version -
HUWE5330 3G Mobile WiFi -
HUWE5372 4G Mobiele WiFi Hotspot -
 HUWE5573 4G Mobile WIFI no display -
 HUWE5770 4G Mobile WIFI + powerbank -
 HUWE5786 LTE Cat 6 Mobile Wifi White -
 HUWE8377 LTE CarFi -
 HUWEP1Z01ADEU eSpace 7900 Adapter(Europe) -
 HUWEP1Z01ETIM eSpace 7903X Expansion Module -
 HUWEP1Z01IPHO eSpace 7910 2_83 inch LCD Screen POE 2GE Wired Handset Network-
 Cable with UL 100-240V 50/60Hz Simple Chinese&English 
 HUWEP1Z02IPHO eSpace 7950 5 inch LCD Screen POE USB2 GE port Programmble-
 Wired Handset Network Cable with UL 100-240V 50/60Hz Simple 
 HUWKIT55020729 K/Huawei Band Zero Black Long Band -
 HUWPT500 500Mbps Powerline Adaptor -
 HUWPT530 500Mbps Powerline Access Point -
 HUWQC35 CS/Bose headset QC 35II -
 HUWRH1288V3BK RH1288v3 2x Xeon E5-2640v4 64GB RAM (4x16G 2400MHZ DDR4)-
 4w600GB 10K SAS + 2x 480GB SSD 2x460W 1x32GB SD 
HUWWS319 300Mbps Wireless Router -
HUWWS331C 300Mbps Wireless Range Extender -
 HUWWS550 450Mbps Wireless router -
 HUWWS880 802.11ac Dual Band Wireless Router -

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