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 NEC100000522 Calibrator f SpectraView -NS
NEC100000724 Soundbar 90 Black -IN
 NEC100000811CS CS/DVI-D cable 2m black -
 NEC100000863 Protection glass LCD 3210 installation kit -
NEC100000906 Speaker option f M40 -
NEC100000908 Speakers Multeos 46i -
 NEC100003246 GT70ZL 7:1 Tele lens -
 NEC100008456 Hardcase for NP1000/2000/1150/2150/3150/3151W -
NEC100012031 Flightcase f Multeos 40 inch -
 NEC100012035 Line Splitter Short 8 Ports for external use -
 NEC100012038 Broadcaster 8 Ports transmitter for external use -
 NEC100012053 HD-SDI Board for option slot intern -
 NEC100012054 HD-SDI Board extern -
NEC100012077 Flightcase f LCD 4020 -
 NEC100012136 CAT 5 Receiver Video 100m - extern -
 NEC100012137 CAT 5 Receiver Video 300m - extern -
 NEC100012139 Broadcaster16 Port Transmitter extern 16 port for up to 16 receivers-
 NEC100012153 CAT 5 Receiver Dual Cascade long 300m -
NEC100012203 ST-4020/table support f LCD 4020 -
NEC100012205 Tablestand f LCD4620 -
NEC100012250 Stand LCD 5710 -
NEC100012261 Media Player Ext x Public Display -
 NEC100012302 Wallmount 32i 65i Portrait -
NEC100012304 Speakers LCD 6520 Black standard -
NEC100012311 Integrated DVI Daisy Chain Board -
NEC100012312 Deskstand for LCD3215 -
NEC100012313 Speakers f LCD3215 -
 NEC100012319 CAT-5 Int Receiver short xx20/Multeos -
 NEC100012320 CAT 5 Receiver Video 300m - intern -
NEC100012422 Flightcase for LCD 3215 -
NEC100012432 Univ Ceiling Mount NP01UCM 250mm/7kg max -
NEC100012433 Univ Ceiling Mount NP02UCM 500mm/7kg max -
NEC100012434 Univ Ceiling Mount NP03UCM 750mm/7kg max -
NEC100012435 Univ Ceiling Mount NP04UCM 300/500mm -
NEC100012436 Univ Ceiling Mount NP05UCM 500/750mm -
NEC100012437 NP30UCM Universal Ceiling Mount. 280 - 380mm. up to 30kg -
NEC100012442 Speakers f LCD4615 -
NEC100012463 Wallmount 82i LCD -
NEC100012476 Wallmount Chief -
NEC100012478 Over frame KIT -
NEC100012479 KT-46UN-RC/Remote control KIT -
NEC100012480 KT-46UN-CC/kit of calibration f NEC X461 -
NEC100012481 Entry flat videowall mount for MultiSync X464UN-2 & X464UNV-2 portrait-
NEC100012498 Media Player Int P401/461 X461UN Hb -
NEC100012502 P221W Calibration Kit -
NEC100012555 Wallmount 32i 70i Portrait and Landscape -
NEC100012571 Tablestand f M401/M461 -
 NEC100012575 Display Port Cable -
 NEC100012593 Univ Ceiling Mount NP01GP -
NEC100012624 Tuner Slot-in with DVB-T. analogue and IPTV module -
NEC100012625 NP01HM height adjustable mobile mount for interactive boards -
NEC100012626 NP01HW height adjustable wall mount forinteractive boards -
 NEC100012648 Univ Ceiling Mount NP06UCM f short Lengt -
NEC100012666 WS32i-52iL/Wallmount Landscape 32i-52i -
NEC100012670 IP 55 cabinet for P461 only. portrait orientation only. white -
NEC100012671 IP 55 cabinet for P461 only. landscape orientation only. white -
NEC100012681 NP01HMWP adapter for Promethean Board -
NEC100012688 NP01SK3D 3D Projection Starter Kit for NEC NP115, NP210, NP216 -
NEC100012689 NP01GL DLP-Link 3D Glasses -
NEC100012728 Speakers V Series. SP-RM2. back installation -
NEC100012730 WM-CHIEF Front Serviceable -
NEC100012760 MP01HWM manual height adjustable wall mount for interactive boards-
 NEC100012775 Single Board Computer Core2Duo 1.86 with windows 7 -
NEC100012781 NP02HM motorized height adjustable mobile mount for interactive boards-
NEC100012782 NP02HW motorized height adjustable wallmount for interactive boards-
NEC100012784 Entry flat videowall mount for 55i XUN/S/V-Series landscape -
NEC100012810 NP02WK Wall mount for M260XS/M260WS/M300XS/M300WS/M350XS -
NEC100012829 WM46S-L/Wallmount Slim f X461s/X551s -
NEC100012831 Speaker for V422/V462/P402/P462 (1 Pair) SP40/46PV. Sep 2011 -
 NEC100012840 Single Board Computer i5 2.5Ghz (Stv1) -
 NEC100012854 Single Board Computer Atom 1.6 (Stv1) -
 NEC100012857 STv1 Service Adapter -
NEC100012859 Single Board Computer. 1.86 GHz Celeron with operation system (Stv2)-
NEC100012860 Single Board Computer. i5 2.4 GHz with operation system (Stv2) -
NEC100012868 Adapter to insert a STv2 Slot-in Product into an NEC Public-
 Display with Dual Slot 
NEC100012871 Office Cool Photo Frame Stand - ST-EX2023-BK -
NEC100012872 Office Cool Carrying Bag - SC-EX20-BK -
NEC100012874 Office Cool Photo Frame Stand - ST-EX2023 Black -
NEC100012915 Universal videowall mount with manual front service for 46i &-
 55i XUN/S/V- and P-Series portrait. Recommended for videowall 
 setups up to 2x2 max. 3x3. 
NEC100012916 easyFrame X55UN Quad Magnet -
NEC100012917 easyFrame X55UN Dual Magnet -
NEC100012918 easyFrame X55UN Anchor Plate Set -
NEC100012919 easyFrame X55UN Mounting Screw Set -
NEC100012920 easyFrame X55UN Spacer -
NEC100012921 easyFrame X55UN Half-Spacer-Stacker forMultiSync X551UN & X554UN-
NEC100012922 easyFrame X55UN Half-Spacer for MultiSync X551UN & X554UN -
NEC100012924 easyFrame X55UN -
NEC100012925 easyFrame X55UN Stacker-Frame -
NEC100012926 easyFrame X55UN Basic Mounting Set -
NEC100012927 easyFrame X55UN Base -
NEC100012929 easyFrame X55UN Spacer-Stacker for MultiSync X551UN & X554UN -
NEC100012939 Spectrasensor Pro for Spectraveview -
NEC100012952 Spectraview Profiler 5 Software -
NEC100012993 Black Bezel Over Frame KIT for any kindof wall configuration-
 with X463UN for improved looks of the side view. 
NEC100013002 SpectraView Monitor Hood 23' -
NEC100013018 STv2 Celeron 1.4 2/40/WS7E -
NEC100013039 NP03LM - WLAN Module for L51W LED -
NEC100013071 Slot-in PC STv2 Atom 2x 1.6 2GB RAM 32GB SSD WS7E 2USB 2.0 SD-
 Card Slot Ethernet WLAN optional 
 NEC100013074 Slot-in PC STv2 Core i5 2x 2.7 3rd generation ivy-bridge 4 GB-
 RAM 40GB SSD WS7Epreloaded 2xUSB 3.0 SD Card Slot Ethernet 
NEC100013116 easyFrame02 X46UN Stacker-frame for MultiSync X463UN & X464UN/V -
NEC100013119 easyFrame02 X46UN Dual Magnet for MultiSync X463UN & X464UN/V -
NEC100013120 easyFrame02 X46UN Quad Magnet for MultiSync X463UN & X464UN/V -
NEC100013121 easyFrame02 X46UN Anchor Plates Set forMultiSync X463UN & X464UN/V-
NEC100013122 easyFrame02 X46UN Spacer-Stacker for MultiSync X463UN & X464UN/V-
NEC100013123 easyFrame02 X46UN Spacer for MultiSync X463UN & X464UN/V -
NEC100013124 easyFrame02 X46UN Base for MultiSync X463UN & X464UN/V -
NEC100013125 easyFrame02 X46UN Half-Spacer for MultiSync X463UN & X464UN/V -
NEC100013126 easyFrame02 X46UN Half-Spacer-Stacker for MultiSync X463UN & X464UN/V-
NEC100013127 easyFrame02 X46UN Mounting Screws Set for MultiSync X463UN & X464UN/V-
NEC100013130 ieasyFrame02 X46UN for MultiSync X463UN& X464UN/V i -
NEC100013142 Wall-mount Kit for UM Series -
NEC100013178 STv2 Celeron 2x1.6 2/32/WS7E -
 NEC100013232 Slot-in PC STv2 Atom 32GB SSD 2x USB 2.0 WLAN. -
NEC100013246 SBC/STv2 Core i3 ivy 2x2.4 2/32/WS7E -
 NEC100013247 Slot-in PC STv2 Core i3 2x 2.4 (3rd gen) 2 GB RA M 32 GB SSD-
 WS7E preloadedInterfaces: 2x USB 3.0 SD Card Slot Ethernet Mini 
 DisplayPort out WLAN optioneel 
NEC100013248 STv2 Celeron ivy, 2x2.2 2/32/WS7E -
 NEC100013249 SBC/STv2 Core i7 ivy 4x2.1 4/64/WS7P -
NEC100013250 STv2 Core i7 ivy 4x2.1 4/64/WS7E -
 NEC100013348 STv2 Celeron 1.4 2/64 WS7E WLAN -
 NEC100013353 OPS Wireless Display Media Player -
NEC100013377 PDWHM-L/height-adjustable wall mount -
NEC100013378 PDWHM-M/height-adjustable wall mount -
NEC100013452 Flightcase for MultiSync E705 and P703 -
 NEC100013458 STv2 Celeron ivy 2x2.2 4/32/WS7P -
 NEC100013528 STv2 Core i5 ivy 2x2.7 4/64/WES8 -
NEC100013535 PD Flightcase V652-TM -
NEC100013536 PD Flightcase V463-TM -
NEC100013537 PD Flightcase V423-TM -
 NEC100013561 NP-9LS13ZM1 Digital Cinema and LV -
NEC100013594 OPS Core i5 4400E 2x2.7 4/64/WS7E -
NEC100013595 OPS Core i7 4700EQ 4x2.4 4/64/WS7E -
NEC100013600 OPS Core i7 4700EQ 4x2.4 4/64/WS7P -
 NEC100013635 32' IP65 Cabinet -30C to/34C -
NEC100013701 OPS Core i5 4400E 2x2.7 4/128/WS7P/WLAN -
NEC100013739 PD02W T L P -
 NEC100013740 PD02W T M P -
NEC100013751 OPS Slot-in PC/Intel Celeron/2x 2.2 GHz/2 GB RAM/32 GB-
 SSD/WS7E/2x USB 3.0/SD Card slot/Ethernet/MiniDisplayPort out 
 and Audio 
NEC100013752 OPS Celeron N2807 2x1.58 2/32/WS7E -
NEC100013780 easyFrame02 X554UN Rental Handles -
NEC100013781 easyFrame02 X46UN Rental Handles for MultiSync(R) X464UN/V -
 NEC100013798CS CS/VGA cable 2m black -
NEC100013802 OPS Celeron 2000E 2x2.2 2/32/no OS -
NEC100013808 OPS Slot-in PC/Intel Core i3/2x 2.4 GHz/4GB RAM/32GB SSD and-
 WS7E/2x USB 3.0/SDCard slot/Ethernet/MiniDisplayPort out and 
NEC100013832 OPS Core i5 4400E 2x2.7 8/128/no OS -
NEC100013835 Video wall mount for 46' XUN/S/V-Series -
 NEC100013861 OPS Core i7 4700EQ 4x2.4 8/256/Win7Pro -
 NEC100013871 NP9LS08ZM1 Lens -
 NEC100013894 OPS Core i3 4100E 4-32-WS7E i3001A -
NEC100013895 OPS Core i5 4400E 4-32-WS7E i5001A -
NEC100013910 Stand ST-58E -
NEC100013912 OPS Celeron N2807 2x1.58 4/64/WS7E -
NEC100013928 OPS Core i7 4700EQ 4x2.4 8/64/WS7P -
 NEC100013961 OPS Core i5 4400E 2x2.7 8/64/WS7E -
NEC100013964 OPS Celeron 2000E 2x2.2 4/64/WS7P -
 NEC100013965 OPS Core i7 4700EQ 4x2.4 8/64/WS7P/WLAN -
NEC100013968 OPS Celeron N2807 2x1.58 2/32/WS7P -
 NEC100013980 OPS Celeron 2000E 2x2.2 4/64/WS7E -
NEC100013981 OPS Core i5 4400E 2x2.7 8/64/WES8/WLAN -
 NEC100013984 OPS Core i7 4700EQ 4x2.4 4/32/WS7E/WLAN -
 NEC100013995 OPS Core i7 4700EQ 4x2.4 8/64/no OS -
 NEC100014031 OPS Slot-in PC with Intel Core i3 2x 2.4 GHz 4100E/4GB RAM/32GB-
 SSD/WS7P/WLAN/Interfaces: 2x USB 3.0/SD Card 
 slot/Ethernet/MiniDisplayPort out/Audio/WLAN 
NEC100014120 OPS Celeron N2807 2x1.58 4/128/no OS -
 NEC100014142 PS Digital Signage Player Basic -
 NEC100014171 OPS Core I7 4700EQ 4X2.4 Slot-in pc -
NEC100014183 100i DUO Whiteboard for NEC interactiveprojectors using-
 multi-touch module NP01TM 16:9 
NEC100014184 87i DUO Whiteboard for NEC interactive projectors using-
 multi-touch module NP01TM 16:10 
 NEC100014248 OPS-Has-i5v-s8/256/NoOS/W B -
NEC100014259 Format: OPS Slot-in PC Processor: IntelSkylake 6th gen. Core i5-
 6440EQ 6M Cache 4x 2.7 Ghz intel HD Graphics 530 4GB dual 
 channel RAM 64GB SSD OS: W7e 
NEC100014260 Format: OPS Slot-in PC Processor: IntelSkylake 6th gen. Core i7-
 6820EQ 8M Cache 4x 2.8 Ghz intel HD Graphics 530 4GB dual 
 channel RAM 64GB SSD OS: W7e 
NEC100014287 XXL universal wall mount for LFDs from 80i to 98i with tilt-
 function/landscape and portrait/up to 158 kg 
 NEC100014297 Full Quality Assurance kit IBA LXcan Measuring kit for-
 luminance measurements at image display devices (black/white) 
NEC100014405 OPS-Sky-i3-d8/64/W7p B -
NEC100014442 OPS-Sky-i5v-s4/256/W7p/W B -
NEC100014474 NP42ZL Lens -
NEC100014575 78i DUO Whiteboard for NEC interactive projectors using-
 multi-touch module NP01TM 16:10 
NEC100014576 88i DUO Whiteboard for NEC interactive projectors using-
 multi-touch module NP01TM 16:9 
NEC100014621 OPS-Sky-i7v-d16/64/W7e/W B -
 NEC100014664 OPS-Sky-Cel-s4/64/no OS A -
 NEC10013541 NP28LP Lamp for M302WS / M322W -
 NEC200003761 Warranty Extension 4th year -
 NEC200003762 Warranty Extension 4th and 5th year -
NEC200003883 Warranty Ext/4+5th Year Enterprise Model -
NEC200004081 Warranty 24/7 USAGE - P232W (1ST-3RD YR) -
NEC200004135 Warranty Ext/24/7 USAGE - PA242W -
NEC200004162 WARR EXT SBC Core i3, i5, i7 (4+5TH YR) -
NEC200004168 24/7 USAGE (1ST-3RD YEAR). Model: PX750U. Please refer to the-
 terms and conditions on our website. 
NEC200004169 24/7 USAGE (1ST-3RD YEAR). Model: PX700W. Please refer to the-
 terms and conditions on our website. 
NEC200004170 24/7 USAGE (1ST-3RD YEAR). Model: PX800X. Please refer to the-
 terms and conditions on our website. 
NEC200004171 24/7 USAGE (1ST-3RD YEAR). Model: PH1000U PH1400U. Please refer-
 to the terms and conditions on our website. 
NEC200004338 WARR EXT MD242C2 5 YEARS/30000 HOURS -
 NEC200004369 WARR EXT LFD V-SERIES 32i (4+5TH YEAR) -
 NEC200004370 WARR EXT LFD V/P/XS 40-42i (4+5TH YEAR) -
 NEC200004371 WARR EXT LFD V/P/XS 46i (4+5TH YEAR) -
 NEC200004372 WARR EXT LFD V/P/X 46-55i (4+5TH YEAR) -
 NEC200004374 WARR EXT LFD V/P/XUN 55-70i (4+5TH YEAR) -
 NEC200004409 WARR EXT LFD V/P-SERIES 80i (4+5TH YEAR) -
 NEC200004482 Warr Ext MD302C4 (5 years/30000 hours -
NEC200004542 Warranty extension OPS DIGITAL SIGNAGE PLAYER (4+5TH YEAR).-
 Please refer to theterms and conditions on our website. 
NEC200004580 Warranty Ext/24/7 USAGE-PA323UHD 1ST-3yr -
 NEC200004582 WARR EXT PA322UHD (4+5TH YEAR) -
NEC200004583 WARR EXT LFD X-SERIES 84i (4+5TH YEAR) -
NEC200004622 WARR EXT LFD P403 SST (4+5TH YEAR) -
NEC200004624 WARR EXT LFD P463 SST (4+5TH YEAR) -
NEC200004627 WARR EXT LFD X-SERIES 98' (4+5TH YEAR) -
NEC200004628 WARR EXT LFD P703 SST (4+5TH YEAR) -
NEC200004629 WARR EXT LFD P801 SST (4+5TH YEAR) -
 Laser warranty up to10.000 hours or 5 years whatever comes 
NEC200004698 WARR EXT LFD X651UHD SST (4+5TH YEAR) -
NEC200004699 WARR EXT LFD X981UHD SST (4+5TH YEAR) -
NEC200004700 WARR EXT P502HL (20000 HOURS/5 YEARS) -
 Laser warranty up to 10.000 hours or 5 years whatever comes 
 first. Consumption parts are excluded. 
NEC200004753 WARRANTY EXTENSION (4TH+5TH YEAR). Model: E905 SST. -
NEC200004879 Hiperwall Fault Tolerance Upgrade for Control License. -
NEC200004880 Hiperwall Fault Tolerance Upgrade for Display License. -
NEC200004881 Hiperwall Fault Tolerance Upgrade for extra Stream License. -
NEC200004882 Hiperwall Fault Tolerance Upgrade for Secondary Control License.-
NEC200004883 Hiperwall Fault Tolerance Upgrade for extra Window Sender License.-
NEC200004884 Hiperwall Fault Tolerance Upgrade for Sender License. -
NEC200004885 Hiperwall Fault Tolerance Upgrade for Streamer License. -
NEC200004889 Hiperwall Fault Tolerance Upgrade for Control License-
NEC200004890 Hiperwall Fault Tolerance Upgrade for Display License-
NEC200004891 Hiperwall Fault Tolerance Upgrade for extra Stream License-
NEC200004892 Hiperwall Fault Tolerance Upgrade for Secondary Control License-
NEC200004893 Hiperwall Fault Tolerance Upgrade for Sender License-
NEC200004894 Hiperwall Fault Tolerance Upgrade for Sender extra Window-
 License Subscription. 
NEC200004895 Hiperwall Fault Tolerance Upgrade for Streamer License-
 NEC200004940 Projector Warranty - WARR EXT PA653UL (10000 HOURS/5 YEARS) -
NEC200004989 Projector Warranty - WARR EXT PA803UL (10000 HOURS/5 YEARS) -
 NEC40000253 Silver bezel kit LCD5710 L/P Kit with NEC Logo bundle -
 NEC40000261 Silver bezel kit LCD5220 L/P Kit NEC Logo bottom -
NEC40000342 NP02WM Wall mount. 145cm. for NP600S upto 84i diagonAL 4:3 -
NEC40000344 NP03WM Wall mount. 160cm. for NP500WS/NP600S up to 110i-
 diagonAL 16:10 
NEC40000347 Multisync X461UN 4 screen full package wall: 4x X461UN, 4x-
 wallmount 1x built in PC High,daisy chain board 2x overframe 1x 
 remote contr 
NEC40000348 Multisync X461UN 9 screens full package wall: 9 X461UN, 9x-
 wallmount 1x built in PC High,daisy chain board 3x overframe 1x 
 remote contr 
NEC40000350 Bundle includes: 4 x X461UNv & 4x Wallmount NEC L 4x Daisy-
 Chain Board 2X overframe Kit 1xRemote control 
NEC40000562 U310W Interactive whiteboard kit -
NEC40000576 U310W interactive whiteboard kit no sw -
NEC40000644 UM280Xi Interactive whiteboard kit -
NEC40000645 UM330Wi / 93' Whiteboard Kit -
NEC40000646 UM280Wi / 93' Whiteboard Kit -
 NEC40000646KIT K/UM280Wi / 93' Whiteboard + PROJECTOR -
NEC40000647 UM330Xi Projector interactive whiteboard -
NEC40000665 Single MD242C2 Solution 24 1' 2 3MP LED -
 NEC40000674 Indoor cabinet for 55i XS-Series/black/portrait -
 NEC40000678 Indoor totem for single installation of55i-
NEC40000695 X463UN Video Wall Starter Bundle / 4x46' -
NEC40000759 Single MD242C2-220 Solution -
NEC40000780 Single MD210C2 / 21.3i / 2MP/ LED high brightness color-
 diagnostic display / GammaCompMD QAclient software 
NEC40000788 MD302C4 30' 4MP LED color diagn disp -
 NEC40000844 UM330Wi/93' Whiteboard Kit -
NEC40000852 NP02Pi Stylus Pack (50 Pens) -
NEC40000863 MD462OR Solution -
NEC40000900 UM351Wi Multipen Whiteboard Kit -
 NEC40000900BUN Bundel: UM351Wi Multipen Whiteboard Kit+ Free NP33LP Lamp -
 NEC40000901BUN Bundel: UM301Wi Multipen Whiteboard Kit+ Free NP32LP Lamp -
NEC40001058 90i E-Series large format display/350cd/m2/Edge LED-
 backlight/12/7 proof + NP01SW1 HDBT Switcher + SB07BC HDBT 
NEC40001060 MultiSync E805 HDBT -
 NEC40001060KIT K/Conference solution 80' NEC - Logitech -
NEC40001061 MultiSync E705 HDBT -
 NEC40001061KIT K/Conference solution 70' NEC - Logitech -
 NEC40001061KIT1 K/MultiSync E705 HDBT -
NEC40001154 PX803UL white Projector incl. NP18ZL -
NEC50015148 Lamp Mod f NEC mt600/800 Projs -
NEC50015942 Lamp Mod f NEC mt810/1000 Projs -
NEC50016683 Lamp Mod f NEC mt820/1020 Projs -
NEC50016684 Lamp Mod f NEC lt80 Proj -
NEC50017080 Lamp MT830 MT1030 -NS
NEC50017081 Lamp Mod f NEC mt835/1035/+ Projs -
NEC50017082 Lamp Mod f NEC lt81/100 Projs -
NEC50018690 Lamp LT84 140 -NS
NEC50018704 Lamp 0425 MT840 -NS
NEC50019497 Lamp (VT40LP) VT440 VT540 -NS
NEC50019498 Hard Carrying Case (VT40HC) VT440 VT540 -NS
NEC50020065 Lamp (LT50LP) LT150 -NS
NEC50020066 Lamp (MT50LP) MT850 MT1050 -NS
NEC50020067 Lamp Mod f NEC gt1150/2150 Projs -
NEC50020984 Lamp LT75/LT150ZLP -NS
NEC50020985 Lamp Mod f NEC gt950 Proj -
NEC50021122 Lamp Mod f NEC dt100 Proj -
NEC50021408 Lamp VT 650 -NS
NEC50021668 Lamp LT157-158 -NS
 NEC50021695 Replacement lamp XT51LH for XT5000/5100/SX6000 incl. housing -
NEC50022251 Lamp Mod f NEC dt20 Projs -
NEC50022277 Lamp mdl f NEC mt60LP/mt860/1060 Projs -
NEC50022279 Lamp mdl f NEC mt60LP/mt1060/1065 supereco -
NEC50023151 Lamp Mod f NEC gt5000/6000 Projs -
NEC50023172 Lamp Mod f NEC gt5000/6000 eco Projs -
 NEC50023177 GT10RL Wide angle rear projection lense 1:1 -
NEC50023919 Lamp (LT60LPK) LT260K/240K/WT600 -NS
NEC50024095 Lamp f NEC lt170 projectors -
NEC50024558 Lamp VT77LP f VT770 -NS
NEC50024712 LT10LP SPARE lamp F/ NEC projector LT10 -
NEC50025479 Lamp (VT70LP) VT47/570 -NS
NEC50025482 Lamp Mod f NEC mt1070/1075 Projs -
NEC50027115 Lamp Mod f NEC ht410/510 Projs -
NEC50028199 Lamp LH02LP f LT180 -NS
 NEC50028870 Wireless LAN-Interface TMW1008 for-
NEC50029555 Lamp LT30LP f LT25/LT30 -NS
NEC50029556 Lamp LT35LP f LT35 -NS
 NEC50029929 L2K-30ZM Lens -
NEC50030587 MOUSE RECEIVER F/ LT25/30/35 -
NEC50030710 Lamp LT20LP 2000H LAMPLIFE -NS
NEC50030879 NP01FL Fixed wide angle interchangeable lens -
NEC50030880 NP02ZL Short zoom angle interchangeable lens -
NEC50031907 NP02CM Ceiling Mount for NP40/41/50/52/60/61/62 -
NEC50032200 NP06FL optional Lense -
NEC50032201 NP07ZL optional Lense -
NEC50032213 NP09ZL optional lense -
NEC50032214 NP10ZL optional lense -
NEC50032467 NP06CM Ceiling Mount for NP4000/4001 -
NEC60001658 20i LCD monitor LCD2090UXI Silver/White -IN
NEC60001659 20i LCD monitor LCD2090UXI-BK -IN
NEC60001745 21i LCD monitor MultiSync LCD2190UXP 1600x1200 8ms -IN
NEC60001746 21i LCD monitor MultiSync LCD2190UXP 1600x1200 8ms Black -IN
NEC60001871 19i LCD monitor LCD1990SX-BK ANA/DIG 1500:1 250CD/QM 178 8MS TCO03-IN
NEC60002260 Touch DST M40/ including monitor/ BTO after integration repair-
 and return service 
NEC60002354 NP4100/DLP XGA 6200lm 16.5kg w/out Lens -
NEC60002408 NP09CM Ceiling Mount for NP100/200 -
NEC60002448 NP01BA Bluetooth USB-Adapter for NP52/62/64 -
NEC60002449 NP02RC Remote control with ID- and mouse-function f.-
NEC60002455 19i LCD monitor EA191M PVA DVI-D HDCP 20ms White -IN
NEC60002456 19i LCD monitor EA191M PVA DVI-D HDCP 20ms Black -IN
NEC60002508 22i LCD monitor P221W WIDE silv/wh VGA&DVI 16ms -
NEC60002509 22i LCD monitor P221W WIDE bk/bk VGA&DVI 16ms -
NEC60002564 25.5i SpectraView Reference 2690 1920x1200 5ms -
NEC60002612 82i LCD8205 LCD 1920x1080 Landscape -
NEC60002625 projector Installation DLP NP4100W -
NEC60002633 LCD X461HB black-black no stand -
NEC60002659 30i Spectraview 3090Ref 2560x1600 H-IPS Panel -
NEC60002662 22i E222W 1680x1050 Silver TN TFT 5ms -
NEC60002663 22i E222W 1680x1050 Black TN TFT 5ms -
NEC60002665 22i EA221WMe 1680x1050 DVI silver/white -
NEC60002666 22i EA221Wme 1680x1050 DVI Black -
NEC60002696 24.1i Multisync PA241W black bezel 1920x1200 360cd/m, 1000:1,-
 IPS,3 yr warranty, Black 
NEC60002697 24.1i Multisync PA241W silver bezel 1920x1200 360cd/m, 1000:1,-
 IPS, 3 yr warranty, Silver 
NEC60002699 32i V321 LCD 1366x768 HDMI DVI Black -
NEC60002702 40i MultySync P401 3000:1/ 16:9/ 700 cdm2/ 1920 x 1080/ without-
 stand/ silver 
NEC60002712 55i Multisync P551 1920x1080/8ms/contrast 3000:1/500 cd/m2/no-
 stand/3 yrs warranty/Black 
NEC60002732 NP 510 EDU3.000 AL 2.98 kg. XGA -
NEC60002733 NP510W/TRI-LCD WXGA 16/9 3000lm DVI-I -
NEC60002737 NP1250/TRI-LCD XGA Wifi 3700lm 600:1 -
NEC60002739 NP2250/Tri-LCD XGA Wifi 4200lm -
NEC60002741 NP3250/Tri-LCD XGA Wifi 5000lm -
NEC60002743 NP3250W/LCD WXGA 4000ALu Wifi Standard -
NEC60002745 LCD2490WUXi2 WIDE IPS 1920x1200 8ms VGA/DVI tilt swivel white -
NEC60002746 24i LCD2490WUXi2 WIDE black-black -
NEC60002761 NP 610 EDU3.500 AL 2.99 kg. XGA -
NEC60002762 NP 510WS 2.100 AL 3.3 kg. WXGA. ShortThrow -
NEC60002763 NP 510WS EDU 2.100 AL 3.3 kg. WXGA. ShortThrow -
NEC60002765 NP610S EDU2.600 AL 3.3 kg. XGA. ShortThrow -
NEC60002791 22i Accusync LCD 221WM Black, 1680x1050, 250cdm, Contrast-
 1000:1, 5 ms Gray to Gray,160 160, VGA, DVI, Audi 
NEC60002794 17i MultiSync LCD175M 1280x1024TCO03 White silver bezel 3 years-
 On-site Service 
NEC60002795 17i MultiSync LCD175M 1280x1024TCO03 3 years On-site Service -
NEC60002800 70i MultiSync P701 TFT PPD 1920x1080 -
NEC60002811 NP2200/p-Si LCD XGA 4200Alu 600:1 -
NEC60002818 20i E201W LED 1000:1 5ms DVI Silv/White -
NEC60002820 20i E201W LED 1000:1 5ms DVI Black -
NEC60002821 24i LCD monitor LCD EA241WM VGA&DVI MM White/Silver 5ms USB -
NEC60002822 24i LCD monitor LCD EA241WM VGA&DVI MM Black 5ms USB -
NEC60002905 Softbag NC03SC f NP115/210/215/305/405 -
NEC60002914 V321/LCD 32i 1366x768 HDMI DVI Black -
NEC60002922 43i LCD X461BT LCD Black No Stand -
NEC60002925 Multisync PA271W 2560x1440 black -
NEC60002926 Multisync PA301WBlack -
NEC60002927 23i Multisync PA231W silver 1000:1 8ms 1980 x 1080/ Silver-
 Front Bezel/ Light Grey Back Cabinet/ 3 years warranty 
NEC60002928 23i Multisync PA231W black 1000:1 8ms 1980 x 1080/ Black Front-
 Bezel/ Black Back Cabinet/ 3 years warranty 
NEC60002929 30i Spectraview 301 -
NEC60002930 23i Spectraview 231/IPS TFT 1000:1 -
NEC60002931 23i AS231WM 1920x1080 DVI 5ms FULLHD BK -
NEC60002932 23i Multisync E231W black W-LED TN TFT 1000:1/ 1920 x 1080/-
 black bezel/ 3 years warranty 
NEC60002933 23i Multisync E231W silver W-LED TN TFT 1000:1/ 1920 x 1080/-
 silver bezel/ 3 years warranty 
NEC60002936 23i Multisync EX231W/TN Black DVI 1000:1 -
NEC60002937 23i Multisync EX231W/TN White DVI 1000:1 -
NEC60002958 M230X 2.300 AL. 2.9kg. XGA. 1.3-2.2 : 1 -
NEC60002962 M260X 2.600 AL. 2.9kg. XGA. 1.3-2.2 : 1 -
NEC60002963 M260W 2.600 AL. 2.9 kg. XGA. 1.3-2.2 : 1 -
NEC60002967 M300X3.000 AL. 2.9 kg. XGA. 1.3-2.2 : 1 -
NEC60002968 N3000W 3.000 AL 2.99 kg WXGA 1.7 zoom -
NEC60002972 M350X 3.500 AL. 2.9 kg. XGA. 1.3-2.2 : 1 -
NEC60002992 27i SpectraView Reference 271 -
NEC60002993 24i Spectraview Reference 241 -
NEC60003016 NP 64/LCD XGA 1024X768 3000 ANSI -
NEC60003017 32i V321 DST touch/LCD black -
NEC60003021 Main units X462UN -
NEC60003056 46i LCD X461S without stand -
NEC60003057 55i LCD X551S without stand -
NEC60003064 19i EA192M 4ms DVDI-D 1680x1050 Blk -
NEC60003065 19i EA192M 4ms DVDI-D 1680x1050 Slv -
NEC60003072 M260WS 1280x800 (WXGA) 2600 ANSI Lumens Short Throw -
NEC60003074 M260XS 1024x768 (XGA) 2600 ANSI Lumens Short Throw -
NEC60003075 M300WS 1280x800 (WXGA) 3000 ANSI Lumens Short Throw -
NEC60003076 M300XS 1024x768 (XGA) 3000 ANSI Lumens Short Throw -
NEC60003077 M350XS 1024x768 (XGA) 3500 ANSI Lumens Short Throw -
NEC60003081 P420X 1024x768 (XGA) 4200 ANSI Lumens -
NEC60003082 PA500U 5.000 AL. 7.5 kg. WUXGA. Lens Shift. LAN. Optiken -
NEC60003082KIT PA500U projector 1920x1200 5000 + NP013ZL -
NEC60003083 PA500X 5.000 AL 7.7 kg XGA Lens Shift LAN Lenses -
NEC60003084 PA600X 6.000 AL. 7.7 kg. XGA. Lens Shift. LAN. Optiken -
NEC60003084KIT PA600X 3LCD XGA 6000 Alum + NP013ZL -
NEC60003085 PA550W 5.500 AL. 7.7 kg. WXGA. Lens Shift. LAN. Optiken -
NEC60003085KIT PA550W 3LCD WXGA 5500 Alum + NP013ZL -
NEC60003086 Replacement lamp NP17LP for M350XS/M300WS -
NEC60003105 23i LCD EA 232WMi/14ms 1000:1 1920x1080 Wh -
NEC60003106 23i LCD EA 232WMi/14ms 1000:1 1920x1080 Blk -
NEC60003115 MultiSync X461UNV -
NEC60003128 NP01FT long life filter for U-series -
NEC60003131 M420X 1024x768 (XGA) 4200 ANSI Lumens -
NEC60003137 U310W 3.100 AL. 6.3 kg. WXGA. 0.3 : 1 -
NEC60003138 U300X 3.000 AL. 6.2 kg. XGA. 0.375 : 1 -
NEC60003139 U260W 2.600 AL. 6 kg. WXGA. 0.3 : 1 -
NEC60003140 U250X 2.500 AL. 6 kg. XGA. 0.375 : 1 -
NEC60003142 NP02LM2 W-LAN USB-Stick for M-Series -
NEC60003146 MultiSync X551UN -
NEC60003147 65i MultiSync LCD V651 without stand -
NEC60003148 NP01CV cabel cover for M- and P-series -
NEC60003149 23i Multisync EX231Wp 1920x1080 -
NEC60003150 23i Multisync EX231Wp 1920x1080 black -
NEC60003151 20i Multisync LCD EX201W 1600x900 -
NEC60003152 20i Multisync LCD EX201W 1600x900 black -
NEC60003153 27i Multisync EA273WM 1920x1080 silver bezel -
NEC60003154 27i Multisync EA273W 1920x1080 black bezel -
NEC60003157 24i Multisync EA243WM 1920x1200 silver bezel -
NEC60003158 24i Multisync EA243WM 1920x1200 black bezel -
NEC60003161 Spectraview 232/ 23'' 16:9 1920x1080 8ms -
NEC60003162 24i Multisync P241W 1920x1200 silver bezel -
NEC60003163 24i Multisync P241W 1920x1200 black bezel -
NEC60003168 42i V422 LCD S-IPS 1920x1080 1300:1 -
NEC60003169 46i MultiSync LCD V462 1920x1080 without stand -
NEC60003170 55i MultiSync LCD V551 1920x1080 without stand -
NEC60003171 40i MultiSync P402 1920x1080 without stand -
NEC60003172 46i MultiSync P462 1920x1080 without stand -
NEC60003173 MultiSync P552. without stand (Dual-Slot) -
NEC60003174 46i LCD X462HB 1920x1080 without stand (STv1-Slot) -
NEC60003176 V260 2.600 AL 2.5 kg SVGA HDMI 3D ready -
NEC60003177 V230X 2.200 AL. 2.5 kg. XGA. HDMI. 3D ready -
NEC60003178 V260X 2.600 AL. 2.5 kg. XGA. HDMI. LAN.3D ready -
NEC60003179 V300X 3.000 AL. 2.5 kg. XGA. HDMI. LAN.3D ready -
NEC60003180 V260W/DLP WXGA 2600 Alu 3D ready -
NEC60003181 V300W/DLP WXGA 3000 Alu 3D ready -
NEC60003182 PX750U 7.500 AL. 18.5 kg. WUXGA. DualLamp. LensShift -
NEC60003183 PX700W/WXGA/ 7000ALu -
NEC60003184 PX800X/XGA/ 8000ALu/2 LAMPS -
NEC60003191 L50W LED,500AL,1.2kg,WXGA -
NEC60003216 NP16FL -
NEC60003227 NP19ZL -
NEC60003228 NP20ZL -
NEC60003229 NP21ZL -
NEC60003253 40i P402 1920x1080 with integrated protection glass -
NEC60003255 46i P462 1920x1080 with integrated protection glass -
NEC60003257 40i MultiSync P402 silver bezel without stand integrated-
 Speakers (Dual-Slot) 
NEC60003258 46i MultiSync P462 no stand silver bezel -
NEC60003262 NP64 Mobile projector + Bluetth USB Connect -
 NEC60003270 NC-50LS12 Lens -
NEC60003284 NP28ZL Lens Option For PH Series -
NEC60003295 24i Accusync AS241WM FHD 5ms VGA+DVI Black -
NEC60003302 MultiSync X463UN -
NEC60003304 40i MultiSync P402 DST touch LCD Full HD -
NEC60003305 46i MultiSync P462 DST touch LCD Full HD -
NEC60003306 MultiSync LCD V322. w/o stand.STv2-Slot -
NEC60003314 Interactive White Board Kit without application software -
NEC60003315 Interactive White Board Kit including application software -
NEC60003323 P232W/23' 1920x1080 8ms DVI -
NEC60003324 P232W/23' 1920x1080 8ms DVI Black -
NEC60003326 P702/70' 1920x1080 8ms DVI Black -
NEC60003327 LCD X401S. w/o stand. integrated speaker. STv2-Slot -
NEC60003329 MultiSync X552S -
NEC60003330 24i Spectraview 241 16:9 1920x1080 8ms -
NEC60003377 L51W/LED WXGA 500Alu 4000:1 HDMI -
NEC60003378 P552 with integrated DST Touch. USB conn -
NEC60003382 UM280W PROJECTOR -
NEC60003383 UM280X PROJECTOR -
NEC60003384 UM330X PROJECTOR -
 NEC60003385 UM330W PROJECTOR -
NEC60003390 UM280W Ultra-Short Throw WXGA 2700AL -
NEC60003391 UM280X Ultra-Short Throw XGA 2800AL -
NEC60003392 UM330W Ultra-Short Throw WXGA 3100AL -
NEC60003393 UM330X Ultra-Short Throw XGA 3300AL -
NEC60003394 MultiSync LCD V463 -
 NEC60003394KIT K/V463/46'' MultiSync LED+OPS -
 NEC60003394KIT2 K/V463/46'' MultiSync LED+OPS -
 NEC60003395KIT K/V652/LED 65' 1920x1080 DP HDMI DVI Bl -
NEC60003396 MultiSync LCD V552 -
 NEC60003396KIT K/V552/LED 55' 1920x1080DP DVI Blck+OPS -
NEC60003397 MultiSync LCD V423 -
NEC60003399 X462S/46' LED / 1920 x 1080 / 3000:1 -
NEC60003400 V462-TM -
NEC60003401 V651-TM -
NEC60003403 SpectraView 552 w/o stand -
NEC60003404 M271X 2700 AL 2.9 kg XGA -
NEC60003405 M311X 3100 AL 2.99 kg XGA -
NEC60003406 M361X 3600 AL 2.99 kg XGA -
 NEC60003406KIT K/M361X Projector+Free Beamer C-80 -
NEC60003407 M311W 3100 AL 2.99 kg WXGA -
NEC60003408 M271W 2700 AL 2.9 kg WXGA -
NEC60003414 EA244WMi /24* / LCD TFT / black -
NEC60003415 EA294WMi white /29' LCD/HDMI/DVI -
NEC60003417 EA294WMi black /29' LCD/HDMI/DVI -
NEC60003420 Single MDview243 Solution medical -
NEC60003423 Spectraview 271/27'' 16:9 2560x1440 12ms -
NEC60003427 UM280WI/Ultra-Short Throw, WXGA , 2700AL -
NEC60003428 UM330Wi Ultra-Short Throw WXGA 3100A -
NEC60003429 UM330Xi Ultra-Short Throw XGA 3300AL -
NEC60003430 55i XS-Series public display with protective glass. STv2 option slot-
NEC60003432 X552S-PG/55'' LED/1920x1080/4000:1 -
NEC60003433 X462S-PG/46' LED Full HD 700cd/m2 -
NEC60003434 46i XS-Series public display with protective glass. STv2 option slot-
NEC60003437 40i XS-Series public display with protective glass. STv2 option slot-
NEC60003439 32i V-Series public display with protective glass. STv2 option slot-
NEC60003441 Standard Projector XGA 2800AL DLP Lamp based 3000:1 4000 hours-
 lamp life 3D ready 
NEC60003442 PH1400U/DLP WUXGA 13500AL 39kg -
NEC60003444 PA622U/WXGA,6200l,3LCD -
NEC60003445 PA672W/WUXGA 6700 L PROJ INSTAL -
NEC60003446 PA722X/XGA 7200 L -
NEC60003447 PE401H/FHD HDMI 3D 4000 AL -
NEC60003449 P451W/WXGA 4500 AL -
NEC60003450 P501X/XGA 5000 AL 4.1kg -
NEC60003452 L102W/LED WXGA 1000Alu 4000:1 HDMI -
NEC60003454 M322W PROJECTOR -
NEC60003455 M402W PROJECTOR -
NEC60003456 M322X/Projector DLP XGA 3200AL -
NEC60003457 M362X/Projector DLP XGA 3600AL -
NEC60003458 M402X PROJECTOR -
NEC60003461 M352WS/LCD WXGA 3500AL 10000:1 2xHDMI -
NEC60003477 MultiSync P403 w/o stand int speak STv2 -
NEC60003478 MultiSync P463 w/o stand integratedspeakers STv2 option slot -
 NEC60003478KIT K/P463/LED 46' S-PVA 1920x1080 DP black -
NEC60003479 MultiSync P553 w/o stand integratedspeaker STv2 option slot -
NEC60003480 P703/Edge LED 70' 1920x1080 DP black -
NEC60003483 E324/32'' LED VA 1366x768 HDMI black -
NEC60003484 E424/42'' LED VA 1920x1080 HDMI black -
NEC60003485 E464/46'' LED VA 1920x1080 HDMI black -
NEC60003486 E554/55'' LED VA 1920x1080 HDMI black -
NEC60003487 E654/65'' LED VA 1920x1080 HDMI black -
NEC60003490 PA242W/24' Wide LED Black -
NEC60003492 Multisync EA274WMi white -
NEC60003493 Multisync EA274WMi black -
NEC60003495 MultiSync EA304WMi white -
NEC60003496 Wide LED TN/21.5' Multimed VGA DVI -
NEC60003543 SpectraView 242/24' WID 1000:1 1920x1200 -
NEC60003544 Spectraview 242 black -
NEC60003545 Spectraview Reference 272 black -
NEC60003546 Spectraview 272 black -
NEC60003547 SpectraView REFERENCE 302/30' DVI DP -
NEC60003550 V423-TM/LCD 42' Multitouch protec glass -
NEC60003551 V463-TM/LCD 46' Multitouch protec.glass -
NEC60003553 V652-TM/65' Multitouch protec glass -
NEC60003571 UM280Xi 2800 AL LCD XGA + interactive kit NP02Wi -
NEC60003575 32i V-Series public display with DST single touch. Stv2 option slot-
NEC60003577 M362W PROJECTOR -
 NEC60003577KIT K/M362W Projector+Free Beamer C-80 -
NEC60003578 M302WS/LCD WXGA 3000Alu 10000:1 2xHDMI -
NEC60003580 M332XS/LCD XGA 3300Alu 10000:1 2xHDMI -
NEC60003594 X462UNV/46'' LED 3500:1 16:9 450cd/m2 -
NEC60003620 Standard Projector SVGA 2800 AL DLP Lamp based 3000:1 11-
 optical zoom 4000 hours lamp life 3D ready 
NEC60003630 V323/32' LED S-IPS 1920x1080 DP HDMI -
NEC60003631 Multisync X46UN 46 Inch 1920x1080 LED DVI-D/HDMI/Displayport 1.2/OPS-
NEC60003632 X554UN/55'' LED S-PVA 1920x1080 DP HDMI -
NEC60003635 V281W/DLP WXGA 2800Alu HDMI -
 NEC60003635KIT K/V281W+free Aroo Laser Presenter -
NEC60003636 V311W/DLP WXGA 3100Alu 3D ready HDMI -
 NEC60003636KIT K/V311W+Free Aroo Laser Presenter -
NEC60003637 V311X/DLP XGA 3D Ready 3100Alu HDMI -
 NEC60003637KIT K/V311X+Free Agroo Laser Presenter -
NEC60003640 PA522U/WUXGA 5200Alu w/o lens -
NEC60003641 PA572W/LCD WXGA 5700Alu w/o lens -
NEC60003650 U310W incl wall-mount & long life filter -
NEC60003660 PA671W/WXGA, 6700ANSI -
NEC60003661 PA621U/WUXGA 6200Alu w/o lens -
NEC60003671 X464UNV/46'' LED S-PVA 1920x1080 DP HDMI -
NEC60003673 X554UNS/55'' LED S-PVA 1920x1080 DP HDMI -
NEC60003675 84'' XUHD-Series LFD 500cd/m2 -
NEC60003676 X651UHD/65' XUHD-Series LFD 450cd/m2 -
NEC60003678 V552-TM 55'' touchpanel -
NEC60003683 MultiSync EA244UHD black -
NEC60003684 MultiSync EA244UHD white -
NEC60003685 MultiSync PA322UHD black -
NEC60003686 SpectraView Reference 322UHD -
NEC60003692 M402H DLP Full HD 4200AL 10.000:1 -
NEC60003693 P401W Installation LCD Projector -
NEC60003694 P502HL Projector -
 NEC60003694KIT K/P502HL/DLP 5000Alu Instal proj.+mount -
 NEC60003694KIT2 K/P502HL Projector+Laser Presenter -
 NEC60003695KIT K/PX602UL white Projector+Presenter -
 NEC60003696KIT K/PX602WL white Projector+Presenter -
NEC60003698 PH1201QL 12000AL -
NEC60003701 P403-PG/40' w protective glass -
NEC60003702 P463-PG/46' w protective glass -
NEC60003703 P553-PG/55' w protective glass -
NEC60003713 V323 PG/LCD 32' Multitouch protec glass -
NEC60003718 MultiSync V801 IRT -
NEC60003721 X981UHD/98' XUHD Series LFD 500cd/m2 -
NEC60003722 X464UNS/46'' LED S-PVA 1920x1080 DP -
NEC60003725 32i E-Series large format display 300cd/m2/Direct LED-
 backlight/12/7 proof 
NEC60003726 MultiSync E425/42''350 cd/m2 -
NEC60003727 E505/50' E-Series 300cd/m2 LED 12/7 HDMI -
NEC60003728 MultiSync E585 -
NEC60003744 P553 DST/LED 55' S-PVA 1920x1080 DP blk -
NEC60003748 P463 DST/LED 46' S-PVA 1920x1080 DP blk -
NEC60003749 P403 DST/LED 40' S-PVA 1920x1080 DP blk -
NEC60003767 MultiSync P403 SST -
NEC60003768 P463 SST/LED 46' Touch 1920x1080 DP blk -
NEC60003769 P553 SST/LED 55' Touch 1920x1080 DP blk -
NEC60003779 UM280Xi Interactive Multipen Projector -
NEC60003780 UM280Wi Interactive Multipen Projector -
NEC60003781 UM330Xi Interactive Multipen Projector -
NEC60003782 UM330Wi/Ultra-Short Throw WXGA 3300Alu -
NEC60003784 MultiSync V552 IRT Multitouch -
NEC60003789 X554UN-2/55'' LED VA 1920x1080 DP HDMI -
NEC60003791 X464UNV-2/46'' LED S-PVA 1920x1080 DP -
NEC60003795 PX602UL black Projector -
 NEC60003795KIT K/PX602UL black Project+Presenter -
NEC60003800 UM301W Ultra-short throw projector LCD WXGA 3000AL -
NEC60003801 UM351W Projector -
NEC60003804 19.5i LCD monitor with LED backlight IPS panel 1600x900 VGA-
 DVI-D DisplayPort 110mm height adjustable 
NEC60003805 19.5i LCD monitor with LED backlight IPS panel 1600x900 VGA-
 DVI-D DisplayPort 110mm height adjustable 
NEC60003806 23i LCD monitor with LED backlight TN panel 1920x1080 VGA DVI-D-
 DisplayPort 110mm height adjustable 
NEC60003807 23i LCD monitor with LED backlight TN panel 1920x1080 VGA DVI-D-
 DisplayPort 110mm height adjustable 
NEC60003811 EA245WMi/24'LED 1920x1200 DP HDMI Black -
NEC60003829 PX750UG2 Projector -
NEC60003830 PX800XG2 Projector -
NEC60003838 P232W/23'LED 1920x1080 8ms VGA DVI DP Bk -
 NEC60003840BUN Bundel: UM301W Projector incl. wall mount + Free NP32LP Lamp -
 NEC60003841BUN Bundel: UM301X Projector incl. wall mount + Free NP32LP Lamp -
 NEC60003842BUN Bundel: UM351W Projector incl. wall mount + Free NP33LP Lamp -
 NEC60003843BUN Bundel: UM361X + Free NP33LP Lamp -
NEC60003867 27i LCD monitor with LED backlight IPSpanel resolution-
 3840x2160 1xDVI-D 1xDisplayPort 1xHDMI speakers USB3.0 130 mm 
 height adjustable 
NEC60003881 X841UHD SS/84' XUHD-Series LFD 500cd/m2 -
NEC60003888 M322H/FULL HD 3200Alu 8000:1 -
NEC60003889 UM352Wi -
NEC60003901 Installation projector Full HD 5000AL DLP Laser light source -
 NEC60003901KIT K/P502H/DLP 5000Alu+MP10RX2 -
NEC60003908 UM301WI/Ultra-Short Throw WXGA 3000Alu -
 NEC60003908BUN Bundel: UM301Wi Interactive Multipen Projector + Free NP32LP Lamp-
NEC60003909 UM301Xi Interactive Multipen Projector -
 NEC60003909BUN Bundel: UM301Xi Interactive Multipen Projector + Free NP32LP Lamp-
NEC60003910 UM351WIi/Interactive Multipen LCD WXGA -
 NEC60003910BUN Bundel: UM351Wi Interactive Multipen Projector + Free NP33LP Lamp-
NEC60003911 UM361Xi Interactive Multipen Projector -
 NEC60003911BUN Bundel: UM361Xi Interactive Multipen Projector + Free NP33LP Lamp-
NEC60003929 E805/80' LED VA 350cd/m2 HDMI black -
 NEC60003929KIT K/E805/80' LED HDMI+HD Base+Receiver -
NEC60003930 MultiSync E905 90i E-Series large format display 350cd/m2 Edge-
 LED backlight 12/7 proof 
NEC60003940 Ultra-short throw projector LCD WXGA 3000AL incl. Wall-mount +-
 Interactive Multipen Module NP03Wi + Multi-Touch Module NP01TM 
 NEC60003940BUN Bundel: UM301Wi. Multi-Touch Projector + Free NP32LP Lamp -
NEC60003941 Ultra-short throw projector LCD WXGA 3500AL incl. Wall-mount +-
 Interactive Multipen Module NP03Wi + Multi-Touch Module NP01TM 
 NEC60003941BUN Bundel: UM351Wi. Multi-Touch Projector + Free NP33LP Lamp -
NEC60003948 MultiSync PA242W-SV2 black -
NEC60003949 MultiSync PA272W-SV2 black -
NEC60003950 MultiSync PA302W-SV2 black -
NEC60003952 U321H Projector incl. wall mount -
NEC60003961 MDview232 P15/23' Colour E-IPS P15 panel -
NEC60003970 M303WS/DLP, WXGA, 3000AL, 10.000:1 -
NEC60003971 M323H/DLP, Full HD, 3200AL, 10.000:1 -
NEC60003972 M323W/DLP WXGA 3200Alu 10000:1 -
NEC60003973 M323X/DLP, XGA, 3200AL, 10.000:1 -
NEC60003976 M363W/DLP, WXGA, 3600AL, 10.000:1 -
NEC60003978 M403W/DLP HD720p 4000Alu 10.000:1 -
NEC60003979 M403X/DLP XGA 4000Alu 10.000:1 -
NEC60003980 M363X/DLP, XGA, 3600AL, 10.000:1 -
NEC60003981 MultiSync E905 SST -
NEC60003982 X981UHD SST/98' XUHD-Series LFD 500cd/m2 -
NEC60003983 MultiSync X981UHD PG -
 NEC60003985 MultiSync X841UHD PG -
NEC60003990 X651UHD SST/65' XUHD-Series LFD 450cd/m2 -
NEC60003992 MultiSync V423-DRD -
 NEC60003992KIT K/V423-DRD/42'LED OPS+Yr license -
NEC60003993 MultiSync V463-DRD -
 NEC60003993KIT K/V463-DRD/46'LED OPS 24/7 HDMI bl+stand -
 NEC60003993KIT2 K/V463-DRD/46'LED OPS+1Yr license -
NEC60003994 MultiSync V552-DRD -
 NEC60003994KIT K/V552-DRD/55'LED OPS+1Yr license -
NEC60004137 SpectraView 322UHD-2 - 31.5i LCD with 10-bit IPS IGZO LED panel-
 3840x2160 2xDVI 1xDP 4xHDMI OPS with 1xDP 1xHDMI2.0 PiP DUC 
 14-bit LUT +CCS Hood 
NEC60004138 MultiSync PA322UHD-2 SV2 black - 31.5i LCD with 10-bit IPS IGZO-
 LED panel 3840x2160 2xDVI 1xDP 4xHDMI OPS with 1xDP+1xHDMI2.0 
 PiP DUC 14-bit LUT +CCS 
 NEC60004159 MultiSync E705 HDBT -
 NEC60004160 MultiSync E805 HDBT -
NEC60004162 U321Hi Multipen HDBT Projector -
NEC60004195 46i V-Series large format display/480cd/m*2/Edge LED-
 backlight/16/7 proof/OPS slot/6 point infrared multi touch 
NEC60004198 42i V-Series large format display/430cd/m*2/Edge LED-
 backlight/16/7 proof/OPS slot/6 point infrared multi touch 
NEC60004251 UUM352Wi Multipen HDBT Projector -
 NEC60004366 MultiSync X462S PG blue bezel -
NEC60004368 P502HL Proj inc WLAN Opt -
 NECAIBPS20B013 Keyboard Belgium with Euro key AZERTY layout PowerMate Desktops -
 NECAME08300000 PowerMate VL260 Upgrade from 512MB to 1GB main memory DDR2 533 1 module-
 NECCBLPOWREU00 Express5800/GT110b, Netsnoer EU -
 NECK41025100 Express5800/GT110d, Internal SAS/Sata Cable -
 NECKBDUSBX2301 Express5800/GT110b, USB Mouse en Keyboard (US) -
NECN81001594F Express5800/GT110b Intel Xeon X3430, 1GB, DVD-Rom, base model -
 NECN81001738S3F Express5800-GT110d base unit without processor / 3 Inch 5 HDD-
 cage / 1 slim DVD 
NECN81001738S3FPLUS Express5800-GT110d, Xeon E3-1220, 4GB, 1TB, SlimDVD, Keyboard,-
 Mouse, 3 jaar Ultracare 
 NECN8101500F Express5800/GT110d Intel Xeon E3-1220 -
 NECN8102342O Express5800/GT110b, 1GB Memory Module -
 NECN8102343O Express5800/GT110b, 2GB Memory Module -
 NECN8102344O Express5800/GT110b, 4GB Memory Module -
NECN8102417F Express5800/GT110D, 4GB Memory Module -
 NECN8103116AO Express5800/GT110b, RAID controller, 8-port, RAID 0/1, 128MB-
 cache, PCIe x8 
 NECN8103117AO Express5800/GT110b/d, RAID controller, 8-port, RAID 0/1/5/6,-
 128MB cache, PCIe x8 
 NECN8103121 Express5800/GT110b, Battery Backup Module tbv RAID controller -
 NECN8103124O Express5800/GT110d, Battery Backup Module tbv RAID controller -
 NECN8103130O LSI MegaRAID 9264-8i, RAID0/1/5/6, 256MB, BBU less, Int. X8 -
 NECN8104121O Express5800/GT110b, Dual port 1GbE LAN (Intel PRO/1000 PT) PCIe-
 x4, incl. FH Dual bracket 
 NECN8150206AO Express5800/GT110b, 250GB SATA 7200rpm 3.5-inch HDD -
 NECN8150230O Express5800/GT110b, 500GB SATA 7200rpm 3.5-inch HDD -
NECN8150260O Express5800/GT110b, 1.0TB SATA 7200rpm 3.5-inch HDD -
 NECN8150284O Express5800/GT110b, 2.0TB SATA 7200rpm 3.5-inch HDD -
 NECN8150311O Express5800/GT110b, 146GB SAS 10.000rpm 2.5-inch HDD -
 NECN8150312O Express5800/GT110b, 300GB SAS 10.000rpm 2.5-inch HDD -
 NECN815423 Express5800/GT110b, 2.5 Inch HDD Cage -
 NECN815438 Express5800/GT110d, 2.5 Inch HDD Cage -
 NECNCL1900P0BW 19i LCD monitor LCD LW19m VGA Wide -
NECNP05LP Lamp Mod f NEC vt 700 Proj -
NECRT50LP Replacement lamp f RT50X -
 NECWARSTD01XX001 Express5800/GT110b Garantie Documentatie CAT1 GT110 (mandatory) -
NECXT51LH Lamp Mod f NEC xt5000 -

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