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 CRU3003000000031 Ditto Field Kit L0 (no contents), soft-side case with slots for56,27
 a Ditto, Media WriteBlocker, DVD reader, accessories 
 CRU3008001000000 USB Power Cable accessory for USB WriteBlocker -- allows14,59
 bus-powerable USB drives to be used with USBWB without AC 
 CRU3009000000001 Ditto PCIe adapter bundle; Adapters for accessing PCIe devices79,15
 with Ditto; Includes M.2 to PCIe adapter, PCIe x1 to x16 
 adapter, and mSATA to SATA adapter 
 CRU3009000000002 Ditto DX PCIe adapter bundle; For accessing a variety of SSDs79,15
 and PCIe devices. Incl adapter for M.2 (PCIe/NVMe or 
 SATA-based) SSDs, PCIe x4 to x16 adapter, mSATA to SATA adapter 
 CRU3010000000051 HotPlug Accessoire Kit #1 (basic) 216,00
 CRU3010000000052 HotPlug Accessory Kit #2 (comprehensive) for use with HotPlug 385,00
 CRU3020001000011 Mouse Jiggler 1, Slow movement MJ-1, Zwart 16,77
 CRU3020001000013 Mouse Jiggler, MJ3, RoHS 22,36
 CRU3020001000021 10 stuks Mouse Jiggler 1, Bulk verpakt, Slow movement MJ-1, Zwart133,00
 CRU3020001000023 10-pack of Mouse Jiggler MJ-3, automatic mouse/keyboard174,00
 activity emulation dongle, fits standard USB ports, 
 CRU3041011000002 RedPort SAS/SATA 6G, Write block, Forensic PCIe host bus adapter836,00
 CRU3100010010000 ADAv4 voor IDE Notebook HDD 33,30
 CRU3100010910000 PATA Adapter mPCIe (a.k.a. ADAv4-mPCIe) -- for mini PCIe flash76,37
 modules. Supports SATA, PATA, USB types of mini PCIe 
 CRU3100010970000 ADAv4 voor 1.8-inch Hitachi ZIF 65,30
 CRU3100010980000 ADAv4 voor 1.8-inch Toshiba ZIF 65,30
 CRU3100010990000 ADAv4 voor 1.8-inch Toshiba HDD 76,37
 CRU3101004300000 Encryptor; AES 256-bit encryption adapter accessory; works with119,00
 UltraDock v5 or Ditto to encrypt attached drives; w/keys 
 CRU3101004300001 Encryptor; AES 256-bit encryption adapter accessory; works with108,00
 UltraDock v5 or Ditto to encrypt attached drives; no keys 
 CRU3102004850000 SATA Adapter MBA2010, an adapter for SSDs found in MacBook Air76,37
 (2010) computers 
 CRU3102004880000 SATA Adapter for mSATA (mini-SATA) drives 54,24
 CRU3103015600000 Ditto Expansion Module 421,00
 CRU3103015820000 Ditto Expansion Module, FireWire 800+400, adds support for181,00
 FireWire (IEEE 1394) devices to Ditto Forensic FieldStation 
 CRU3103015890000 Ditto Expansion Module, USB 3.0, adds support for accessing USB121,00
 3.0 devices to Ditto Forensic FieldStation 
 CRU3110000000001 ADAv4 Kit #1 (met 5 adapters) 55,12
 CRU3110000000009 SATA PATA Adapter Kit #7, seven adapters compatible with v5328,00
 docks: 2.5in 1.8in IDE, ZIF, mini PCIe, mSATA, MBA2010 
 CRU3125212090000 USB DriveDock v5, accesses the 4 most common types of drive81,99
 through USB 3.0, RoHS, Euro type power plug 
 CRU3125231090000 UltraDock v5.5 -- easy access to bare SATA or IDE/PATA drives,235,00
 CRU3129001920000 USB DataDiode; connects to two computers with one read/write337,00
 connection and one read-only connection 
 CRU3130001830000 Media Write Blocker 208,00
 CRU3130001920000 USB Write Blocker 156,00
 CRU3131000000000 Forensic Field Kit, type A0, tbv 1 DriveDock en 6 adapters 171,00
 CRU3131000000005 Forensic Field Kit, type B0, tbv 2 DriveDocks en 11 adapters 226,00
 CRU3131000000060 Ditto Field Kit D0, Ditto Carrying Case, empty, Pelican 1450226,00
 case w/custom foam for Ditto + expansion modules (not included) 
 CRU3131000000065 Ditto Field Kit K0, Quad Ditto Carrying Case, Pelican 1510317,00
 w/custom foam for up to 4 Dittos + expansion modules (not 
 CRU3131200000008 Forensic Field Kit, type B3 167,00
 CRU3131200000013 Field Kit A5; Pelican 1400 case custom foam; Includes FUDv5 5681,00
 adapters + accessories; EU plug 
 CRU3131200000014 Field Kit A-6, Pelican 1400 case custom foam, includes FUDv5,738,00
 USBWB, 5 adapters + accessories, EU plug 
 CRU3131200000018 Field Kit B5; Pelican 1450 case custom foam; FUDv5 adapters for795,00
 2.5in, 1.8in, ZIF, mini PCIe drives, accessories; EU 
 CRU3131200000070 Ditto Field Kit L; Soft-side carrying case; Kit L1: includes1.951,00
 Ditto, Media WriteBlocker, DVD reader, accessories; EU 
 CRU3131228090061 Ditto Field Kit D1, includes Ditto accessories in a water2.010,00
 resistant dust-proof Pelican 1450 carrying case w/custom foam, 
 CRU3134004090000 Forensic LabDock S5; bay-mountable write-blocker for SATA PATA340,00
 drives, SAS pass-through, SAS card not included 
 CRU3134004090001 Forensic LabDock S5 Bundle; includes 5.25in bay-mountable unit1.003,00
 plus RedPort SAS card cable 
 CRU3134022090000 Forensic LabDock U5; 5.25in bay form factor; write-blocks SATA,454,00
 PATA, and USB devices; SATA+USB host connections 
 CRU3135231090000 Forensic UltraDock, model FUDv5.5; Writeblocked access to SATA333,00
 IDE/PATA drives; LCD; USB3/FW800/eSATA; AC adapter cables; EU 
 CRU3135912790000 USB 3.0 WriteBlocker; Read-only access to 2 USB 3.0 storage351,00
 devices at the same time; bus-powerable; US, UK, EU, Aus plugs 
 CRU3135919760000 USB 3.1 WriteBlocker Read-only access to 3 USB 3.1/3.0/2.0413,00
 storage devices at the same time bus-powerable US, UK, EU, Aus 
 CRU3136231090000 Forensic ComboDock, model FCDv5.5 319,00
 CRU3155201090000 Drive eRazer Ultra 268,00
 CRU3170228090000 Ditto Forensic FieldStation 1.833,00
 CRU3171234090000 Ditto DX Forensic FieldStation - Image, clone or browse SATA,2.661,00
 IDE, USB3, ethernet devices; write to LAN, 2 SATA or USB3 
 CRU3171234090061 Ditto DX with Case; Ditto DX in a durable Pelican 1450 carrying2.838,00
 case with custom foam for the Ditto, accessories, and up to 4 
 expansion modules; Kit DX1: Ditto DX and accessories 
 CRU3544231300000 Forensic RTX410-3QJ SATA; USB3/eSATA/FW800; 4 TrayFree SATA1.115,00
 bays (2 write-blocked 2 read/write); EU plug 
 CRU7100300001 Encryptor Cable Kit, includes cables for using Encryptor with26,16
 various third-party products 
 CRU7100300002 Daisy-chain Power Kit; High-wattage AC adapter multi-head power87,43
 cable; powers up to 5 Drive eRazers or v5 docks; EU plug 

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