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   HP StorageWorks SAN infrastructuur componenten Paginanr: 67657000
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    HP StorageWorks Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters (FC HBA)
CPQ451871B21 QLogic QMH2562 8Gb Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter 779,00IN
CPQ651281B21 Fibre Channel 8GB QMH2572 ADPTR 421,00
CPQ659818B21 Fibre Channel 8Gb LPe1205A-HP Adptr 537,00
CPQ718203B21 LPe1605 16Gb FC HBA 715,00
HPA8002B FC2142SR 4GB PCI-E HBA 934,00
HPA8003B FC2242SR PCI-E DC HBA 1.496,00
HPAD569B EML e2400-FC 4Gb Controller 5.165,00
HPAD577A MSL E1200-160 MSL FC CD GRAPHITE 4.314,00NS
HPAE311A StorageWorks FC1142SR 4 GB PCI-E FC HBA QLOGIC 934,00NS
HPAJ762B 81E 8GB SP PCI-E FC HBA 329,00
HPAJ764A 82Q 8GB Dual port PCI-E FC HBA 465,00
HPAK344A StorageWorks 81Q PCI-E FC HBA 333,00IN
HPAP767B 41B PCIE 4GB FC Single port HBA 852,00
HPAP768B 42B PCIE 4GB FC Dual port HBA 1.496,00
HPAP769B 81B PCIE 8GB FC Single port HBA 1.126,00
HPAP770B 82B PCIE 8GB FC Dual port HBA 1.576,00
HPC8R38A SN1100E 16GB 1P FC HBA 552,00
HPC8R39A SN1100E 16Gb 2P FC HBA 1.527,00
 HPE7Y63A HPE StoreFabric 84E 4-port 8Gb FC HBA 1.976,00
 HPQW971A SN1000Q 16Gb 1P FC HBA 607,00
HPQW972A SN1000Q 16Gb 2P FC HBA 788,00
    HP StorageWorks SAN Switches
 CPQ313452B21 ISL Trunking f SAN Switch 2/32 5.133,00NS
CPQ313454B21 Fabric Watch f SAN Switch 2/32 5.113,00NS
CPQ313458B21 Extended Fabric f SAN Switch 2/32 4.218,00NS
CPQ324504B21 Fabric Watch f SAN Switch 2/8, 2/16 2.017,00NS
CPQ324505B21 Extended Fabric f SAN Switch 2/8,2/16 3.141,00NS
CPQ324506B21 ISL Trunking f SAN Switch 2/8, 2/16 3.272,00NS
CPQ459005B21 CISCO 10G BASE-CX4 X2 Module 582,00IN
CPQ459006B21 CISCO 10G BASE-SR X2 Module 2.191,00IN
CPQ459007B21 CISCO 10G BASE-LRM X2 Module 1.436,00IN
CPQ657787B21 BLC CISCO B22HP Fabric EXT W/16 FET 14.336,00
 HPA7468B MDS 9500 Sup Compact Flash Disk 512MB 2.243,00
HPA7515A MDS 9100 Enterprise PackAGE LICENTIE f 1 Switch 5.814,00IN
 HPAE380B MDS9000 4Gb FC SFP Long Wave XCVR 1.332,00
 HPAG646B MDS9124 8-ports Active Fabric Switch 3.177,00
 HPAG647B MDS9124 16-ports Active Fabric Switch 5.044,00
 HPAG649B MDS9124 2nd Spare Power Supply 490,00
HPAJ820B B-SERIES 8/12C BladeSystem SAN Switch 6.508,00
HPAJ821B B-SERIES 8/24C BladeSystem SAN Switch 10.075,00
HPAJ822B 8/24C BladeSystem PWR PK+ SAN Switch 14.996,00
 HPAJ906B MDS 9000 8Gb FC SFP+ Short Range Transceiver 411,00
 HPAK241B StorageWorks 8Gb Simple SAN Connection Kit 6.948,00
HPAK242B StorageWorks 8/20q Fibre Channel Switch 4.533,00
HPAM866B 8/8 BASE (0) E-PORT SAN Switch 2.497,00
HPAM867B 8/8 (8)-ports ENABLED SAN Switch 2.973,00
HPAM868B 8/24 BASE 16-ports ENABLED SAN Switch 4.940,00
 HPAM868C HPE 8/24 Base 16-port Enabled Switch 4.508,00
HPAM870B 8/40 Power Pack+ 24-ports SAN Switch 18.160,00
HPAM871B 8/80 Base 48-ports Enabled SAN Switch 35.309,00
HPAM872B 8/80 Power Pack+ 48-ports SAN Switch 49.526,00
HPAP862B 1606 EXTENSION SAN BASE Switch 11.011,00
HPAP863B SW 1606 Extension SAN Full Switch 38.486,00
HPAP864B 1606 Extension SAN Power Pack+ Switch 47.094,00
 HPAQ233B StorageWorks 8/20q Fibre Channel 8-ports Active Switch 3.305,00
HPAW564A MDS 8/24c BladeSystem Fabric Switch 11.860,00
 HPAW585B StorageWorks SN6000C 8Gb 16-port Fibre Channel Switch 6.055,00
HPBK780B StorageWorks SN6000 Stackable 12-port Single Power FC Switch 3.727,00
HPC8R07A StoreFabric 8/24 Bundled FC Switch 8.828,00
HPC8R07AABB StoreFabric 8/24 Bundled FC Switch 8.937,00
HPC8S45A Brocade 16Gb/16c Embedded SAN Switch 9.679,00
HPC8S46A Brocade 16Gb/28c Embedded SAN Switch 12.710,00
 HPC8S47A Brocade 16Gb/28c PP/Embedded SAN Swi 17.795,00
 HPC8S72A StoreFabric C-series 16 Gb Fibre Channel SW SFP+ Transceiver 199,00
HPE7Y06A StoreFabric CN1200E 10Gb CNA 1.211,00
 HPH0HP1A SN3000B 24/12 FC Swth Bndl/Tvlite Kit 8.149,00
HPQK724A B-series 16Gb SFP+SW XCVR 201,00
HPQK725A B-series 16Gb SFP+LW 10km XCVR 1.652,00
HPQK753B SN6000B 16GB 48/24 FC Switch 10.060,00
HPQK753B05Y SN6000B 16Gb 48/24 FC Switch 2,4m 10.085,00
HPQK753BABB Europe - English localization 10.085,00
HPQK754B SN6000B 16Gb 48/24 Pwr Pck+ FC Switch 14.010,00
HPQR480B SN6000B 16Gb 48/48 FC Switch 20.090,00
HPQR481B SN6000B 16Gb 48/48 Pwr Pck+ FC Switch 24.630,00
HPQW937A SN3000B 24/12 FC Switch 5.376,00
HPQW937AABB SN3000B 24/12 FC Switch 5.324,00
HPQW938A SN3000B 24/24 FC Switch 9.342,00
HPQW938AABB SN3000B 24/24 FC Switch EU-EN 9.457,00
HPQW939A SN3000B Optional Power Supply 2.489,00
HPQW939AABB SN3000B Optional Power Supply 2.520,00
HPT3677A StorageWorks SAN Switch 8Port UPG LIC 6.635,00NS
HPT4261A StorageWorks Full Fabric Upgrade Licentie f 4/8 SAN Switch 1.030,00NS
HPT5171A MDS9124 8-port Upgrade License 2.395,00IN
HPT5517A 8/12c BladeSystem 12-pt Upgrade LTU 4.020,00
HPT5518A 8/8 and 8/24 SAN Switch 8-PT UPGR LTU 3.280,00
HPT5518AAE 8/8 and 8/24 FC Switch 8-pt Upg E-LTU 2.319,00NS
HPT5519A 8/40 SAN Switch 8GB 8-PORT UPGR LTU 5.182,00
 HPT5519AAE 8/40 SAN Switch 8-port Upg E-LTU 3.784,00
HPT5520A 8/80 SAN Switch 8GB 16-PORT UPGR LTU 16.001,00
HPT5521A B-series 8-24 Port PWR PK+ UPGR LTU 7.179,00
HPT5521AAE B-ser Entry Switch Power Pack+E-LTU 5.487,00
HPT5522A B-series 24-40 PORT PWR PK+ UPGR LTU 13.546,00
HPT5527A B-series 8-24 PORT ISL TRUNKING LTU 2.575,00
HPT5528A B-series 24-40 PT INTEGR Routing LTU 16.140,00
HPT5529A B-series 48-80 PT INTEGR Routing LTU 23.441,00
HPTA747A 1606 Extension SAN Switch ADV LTU 8.716,00
HPTA748A 1606 Extension SAN Switch FICON CUP LTU 6.135,00
HPTA750A 1606 Extension SAN Switch INTG Routing LTU 11.252,00
HPTA821AAE SN6000 8GB 4-PT FC Switch UPGR E-LTU 1.874,00
HPTA822A StorageWorks SN6000 Stackable 20GB ISL Upgrade LTU 2.941,00
HPTA822AAE StorageWorks SN6000 Stackable 20GB ISL Upgrade E-LTU 2.941,00
HPTC321AAE StorageWorks SN6000 Enterprise Fabric Management SUITE E-LTU 5.002,00
HPTC353A SAN Network Advisor Pro Plus SW 17.498,00
HPTC356AAE SN6000B SAN Switch 12-port Upg E-LTU 8.250,00NS
 HPTC391A HPE SN3000B SAN Switch 12-port Upg LTU 6.960,00
 HPTC391AAE SN3000B SAN Switch 12-port Upg E-LTU 4.872,00NS
 HPTC440AAE SN6500B SAN Switch 24-port Upg E-LTU 25.177,00
    HP StorageWorks Multi-protocol Routers and Gateways
HPAG314A N1200-320 4GB Network Storage Router 8.400,00NS
 HPAP771B StorageWorks MPX200 1Gb Ethernet Base Multifunction Router 9.162,00
    HP StorageWorks Fibre Channel kabels
CPQ221691B21 2m Fibre Channel kabel, LC naar SC va 67,98 **
CPQ221691B23 15m Fibre Channel kabel, LC naar SC va 86,11 **
CPQ221691B26 30m Fibre Channel kabel, LC naar SC va 109,00 **
 CPQ221691B27 50m Fibre Channel kabel, LC naar SC va 141,00 **
CPQ221692B26 30m Fibre Channel kabel, LC naar LC va 127,00 **
CPQ221692B27 50m Fibre Channel kabel, LC naar LC va 177,00 **
CPQ234457B22 5m Fibre Channel kabel, SC naar SC va 88,83 **
CPQ234457B23 15m Fibre Channel kabel, SC naar SC va 136,00 **
CPQ234457B24 30m Fibre Channel kabel, SC naar SC va 268,00 **
CPQ234457B25 50m Fibre Channel kabel, SC naar SC va 304,00 **
CPQ444477B21 BLC .5M 10-GBE CX4 Cable OPT va 55,24 **
CPQ444477B22 BLC 1M 10-GBE CX4 Cable OPT va 59,84 **
CPQ444477B27 BLC 15M 10-GBE CX4 Cable OPT va 226,00 **
HPAJ833A 0.5M Multi-MODE OM3 LC/LC FC Cable va 31,39 **
HPAJ834A 1M Multi-MODE OM3 LC/LC FC Cable va 33,45 **
HPAJ835A 2M Multi-MODE OM3 LC/LC FC Cable va 36,02 **
HPAJ836A 5M Multi-MODE OM3 LC/LC FC Cable va 45,80 **
HPAJ837A 15M Multi-MODE OM3 LC/LC FC Cable va 64,85 **
HPAJ838A 30M Multi-MODE OM3 LC/LC FC Cable va 91,09 **
HPAJ839A 50M Multi-MODE OM3 LC/LC FC Cable va 111,00 **
HPAK345A Cable 2m Single-Mode LC/LC FC va 58,36 **
HPAK346A Cable 5m Single-Mode LC/LC FC va 63,83 **
HPBK838A 1m Premier Flex LC/LC Optical Cable va 63,45 **
HPBK839A 2m Premier Flex LC/LC Optical Cable va 67,98 **
HPBK841A 15m Premier Flex LC/LC 1 Pack Optical Cable va 113,00 **
 HPE7Y30A Brocade 10G-SFPP-TWX-0108 8pk 1m Cable va 1.040,00 **
 HPE7Y31A Brocade 10G-SFPP-TWX-0308 8pk 3m Cable va 1.454,00 **
 HPE7Y32A Brocade 10G-SFPP-TWX-0508 8pk 5m Cable va 1.801,00 **
HPQK732A Premier Flex LC/LC OM4 2f 1m Cbl va 40,66 **
HPQK733A Premier Flex LC/LC OM4 2f 2m Cbl va 43,23 **
 HPQK734A Premier Flex LC/LC OM4 2f 5m Cbl va 55,06 **
HPQK735A Premier Flex LC/LC OM4 2f 15m Cbl va 77,72 **
HPQK736A Premier Flex LC/LC OM4 2f 30m Cbl va 184,00 **
HPQK737A Premier Flex LC/LC OM4 2f 50m Cbl va 227,00 **
    HP StorageWorks Fibre Channel optics (GBICs, SFPs)
CPQ300836B21 2Gb SFP-LW Transceiver (35km 1x) 1.192,00ML
CPQ378928B21 10/100/1000 T/TX/T RJ-45 SFP Module 357,00NS
CPQ378929B21 1000BASE SX Fibre SFP Module 497,00NS
CPQ487649B21 0.5m SFP+ 10GbE koperen kabel 113,00
CPQ487652B21 1m SFP+ 10GbE koperen kabel 82,23
CPQ487655B21 3m SFP+ 10GbE koperen kabel 120,00
HPA7488A 1Gb Ethernet & 1/2Gb FC LW SFP LC 1.509,00IN
HPAE493A 4Gb SFP Long Wave Optical Transceiver (10Km) 1.110,00IN
HPAJ715A 4Gb Short Wave B-series FC SFP 1 Pack 175,00IN
HPAJ717A 8GB LW B-series 10KM FC SFP+ 1 Pack 428,00IN
 HPAJ717B 8Gb LW B-series 10km FC 1 Pack SFP+ 1.296,00
HPAJ718A 8Gb Short Wave FC SFP+ 1 Pack 88,97
HPAK870A 4Gb LW B-series 10km FC SFP 1 Pack 1.110,00IN
HPAN211A 4GB LONG WAVE B-series FC SFP 1 Pack - 30KM 1.354,00
HPAW537A B-series 1GBE Copper SFP 1 Pack 277,00
HPAW538A B-series 8GB LW 25KM FC SFP 1 Pack 3.076,00
HPE7Y00A SN3000B/SN6000B Switch Accessory Kit 200,00
 HPE7Y10A HPE 16Gb SFP+SW 1-pack C Temp XCVR 354,00
 HPH6Z42A 16Gb FC/10GbE 100m SFP+ XCVR 777,00
HPQK701A 7m C-series Active Copper SFP+ Cable 846,00
    HP InfiniBand
CPQ583211B21 QLOGIC 4X QDR IB PCI-E G2 HCA 817,00
CPQ592520B21 InfiniBand 4X QDR CONNECTX-2 PCIE G2 Dual port HCA 132,00
CPQ644160B21 IB QDR/EN 10GB 2P 544M ADPTR 1.068,00
CPQ648311B21 BLC 4X FDR IB Managed Switch 13.512,00
CPQ648312B21 BLC 4X FDR IB Switch 11.773,00
CPQ702211B21 InfiniBand FDR 2-port 545QSFP Adapter 536,00
CPQ702213B21 InfiniBand FDR 2-port 545M Adapter 1.514,00
CPQ764282B21 IB QDR/EN 10Gb 2P 544+M Adptr 967,00
CPQ764283B21 IB FDR/EN 40Gb 2P 544+M Adptr 1.244,00
 CPQ764284B21 IB FDR/EN 40Gb 2P 544+QSFP Adapter 1.242,00
CPQ764285B21 IB FDR/EN 40Gb 2P 544+FLR-QSFP Adapter 1.151,00
    HP InfiniBand Cables
CPQ498385B21 1M 4X DDR/QDR QSFP IB CU Cable 94,75
CPQ498385B22 InfiniBand Copper Cable 2METER 4X DDR/QDR va 110,00 **
CPQ498385B23 3M 4X DDR/QDR QSFP IB CU Cable 123,00
CPQ498385B24 5M 4X DDR/QDR QSFP IB CU Cable 152,00
 CPQ808722B21 3 Meter InfiniBand FDR QSFP V-seriesOptical Cable 670,00

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