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Artikel nummerCOOMPE4501ACABWEU
Producent Cooler Master
Part nummer MPE-4501-ACABW-EU
Omschrijving MWE White 450W V2
Gewicht 1,33 (kg)
Prijs excl BTW44,04 EUR
Prijs incl BTW53,29 EUR
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Product specificaties ***
Omschrijving MWE 450 White 230V - V2, ATX 12V V2.52, 200-240V AC, 4 A, 50/60 Hz, Active PFC, 80 PLUS Standard 230V EU, Black
MWE 450 WHITE 230V - V2 80 PLUS STANDARD 230V EU CERTIFIED POWER SUPPLY POWER UP The MWE White offers a simple, reliable way to power your system safely and efficiently at a low cost. The 80 PLUS White efficiency rating, DC-to-DC + LLC circuit design, single +12V rail, active PFC, and temperature sensitive HDB fan offer a power supply unit that stays true to its original purpose. This PSU will handle all your core computing needs with none of the hassles or challenges of additional specialty features, software synchronization, or other bells and whistles. Just plug it into your system and get to work. For a great core computing experience, you can’t go wrong with the MWE White. 80 PLUS STANDARD 230V EU CERTIFIED It’s important to understand what efficiency is and what the ratings actually mean. The efficiency rating indicates how much power is retained and/or lost when transferring it from the wall to your components. It does not indicate the overall quality of the PSU. A PSU doesn’t need an 80 PLUS Gold rating to be safe and reliable. And a PSU with an 80 PLUS Gold rating isn’t necessarily either of those things. The MWE White guarantees a typical efficiency of 85% while being both safe and reliable. 120MM HDB FAN The constant struggle between cooling and noise is as old as the consumer PC industry itself. Keeping your components cool without having to hear about it while you work is still one of the greatest challenges for all fan based cooling technologies. The MWE White’s solution to this problem is a thermally sensitive 120mm HDB fan. It spins based on the system’s temperature, constantly adjusting to keep your PSU running smoothly and safely with the minimum amount of noise required. SINGLE +12V RAIL Getting power from the wall to the PSU and then to your components is a tricky situation. The power comes in one voltage level, but your components need a different one. That power has to first be transferred to/through a converter in order to make it safe for your parts to use without overloading. The lines/rails used to initially move power from the wall to the converter need to be reliable and consistent to ensure your system’s overall performance. That’s why the MWE White only uses one +12V rail for this process. This way all the components in your system are constantly fed the same power from the same source in order to guarantee consistency between all connections. DC-TO-DC CIRCUIT DESIGN Power comes in multiple voltage levels. The wall delivers power in one voltage level but your components each need a specific voltage to operate properly. The process of converting raw power from the wall to the multiple voltage levels your components need requires special components to complete this process quickly, efficiently, and safely. The MWE White’s DC-to-DC + LLC technology was painstakingly crafted to accomplish this goal. The Dual Forward circuit layout has been designed to convert 12V power to 3V and 5V levels with minimal ripple noise, 80 PLUS efficiency, and reduced risk to your connected components. SILENT MODE The MWE White platform has a built in silent mode for low wattage operation. While your system is in standby mode or running at lower loads, the fan will not spin. This ensures complete silence during casual operation. Once your system passes the load threshold, the 120mm HDB fan will activate automatically and cool the unit appropriately based on system use and needs. FLAT BLACK CABLES For many PC Builders with aesthetics in mind, cabling can be on of the most troublesome parts of assembling a PC. Cables can be confusing, too short or too long, and they almost never look good. The MWE White uses flat and flexible black cables to help deal with these problems. These cables are more discrete and flexible, making them easier to implement into your system while taking up less space. This is especially useful for smaller cases and preserving airflow.
Warranty 3 years
Energie Stroomspanning bescherming Over power,Over voltage,Overheating,Short circuit,Under voltage
Houd-tijd 14 ms
Efficientie 85 procent
Vertragingsbereik Power Good-signaal 100 - 500 ms
Max huidige output (+5Vsb) 3 A
Max huidige output (-12V) 0.3 A
Max huidige output (+5V) 15 A
Max huidige output(+12V) 37 A
Max huidige output (+3.3V) 15 A
Gecombineerd vermogen(+5Vsb) 15 W
Gecombineerd vermogen (-12V) 3.6 W
Gecombineerd vermogen (+5V) 100 W
Gecombineerd vermogen (+12V) 444 W
Gecombineerd vermogen (+3.3V) 100 W
Power Factor Correctie (PFC) type Active
Stroom 4 A
AC invoer frequentie 50/60 Hz
AC invoer voltage 200 - 240 V
Totaal vermogen 450 W
Poorten & interfaces CPU power connector (4+4 pin) Y
PCI Express power connectors (6+2 pin) 2
Peripheral (Molex) power connectors (4-pin) 3
Aantal SATA power connectors 6
Motherboard power connector 24-pin ATX
Prestatie Certificering CCC, CE, TUV-RH, EAC, RCM, cTUVus, FCC, BSMI, KC, CB
Mean time between failures (MTBF) 100000 uur
Bearing technologie HDB
ATX version 2.52
Supported motherboard form factors ATX
80 PLUS certificatie 80 PLUS
Vormfactor van de voeding (PSU) ATX
Bedoeld voor PC
Design Ventilator snelheid 0 - 1500 RPM
Aantal ventilatoren 1 ventilator(en)
Ventilator diameter 120 mm
Type koeling Active
Kleur van het product Black
Eisen aan de omgeving Temperatuur, in bedrijf 0 - 40 °C
Gewicht en omvang Gewicht 1337 g
Hoogte 86 mm
Diepte 140 mm
Breedte 150 mm
Verpakking Type verpakking Box
Gewicht verpakking 1375 g
Hoogte verpakking 110 mm
Diepte verpakking 245 mm
Breedte verpakking 190 mm
Logistieke gegevens Hoeveelheid per omdoos 5 stuk(s)
Hoogte van de omdoos 215 mm
Lengte omdoos 570 mm
Breedte van de omdoos 260 mm
Aantal per pallet 32 stuk(s)
Overige specificaties Geluidsniveau (volle belastingmode, 100%) 29.5 dB
Geluidsniveau (stille modus, 50%) 17.1 dB
Geluidsniveau (stille modus, <30%) 11.18 dB
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