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Artikel nummerCRU3136232090000
Producent CRU Wiebetech
Part nummer 31362-3209-0000
Omschrijving Forensic ComboDock v5 -- write-blocked or read/write access to
bare SATA or IDE/PATA drives; USB3/FW800/eSATA; RoHS; Euro plug
  Forensic ComboDock v5

Digital and forensics investigators, technicians, and lawyers whowant to view, evaluate, or image a drive safely rely upon the CRUWiebeTech Forensic ComboDock v5. Its an easy-to-use,professional-grade, dual dock that provides a plethora of host anddrive connections.

To use, connect a suspect hard drive to the Forensic ComboDock v5,plug in power, and attach to a host computer. The drive connectorenables automatic alignment and easy insertion. An includedmounting plate can be screwed onto the bottom of the drive toprotect the drive circuitry.

When turned on, the Forensic ComboDock v5 asks you to choose eitherwrite blocking or read/write mode. If you need to modify contentsof a suspect drive, switch the Forensic ComboDock into temporaryread/write mode.

Even though switching from write blocker mode to read/write mode iseasy, the Forensic ComboDock v5 makes it impossible tounintentionally turn off write blocking. This prevents problemsthat can occur if you forget to change the mode back to writeblocking.

The Forensic ComboDock LED indicator and easy screen menu alsoclearly identify the operating mode. You can even detect, remove,create, or modify Host Protected Areas (HPAs) and DeviceConfiguration Overlays (DCOs) that may be hiding additional data onthe suspect drive.

The Forensic ComboDock v5 puts drive information at yourfingertips. Quickly access selected important SMART data such ashours used, number of power cycles, and disk health. It can alsodisplay the model and serial number reported by the drivefirmware. Free downloadable software can also allow you to viewthis information on your computer and save it to a file for easyinclusion in a case report.

The Forensic ComboDock v5 has USB 3.0/2.0, eSATA, FireWire 400, andFireWire 800 connections, and works natively with the most commontypes of hard drives such as IDE/PATA and SATA. But if you need towork with a non-standard drive there are a variety of adaptersavailable for additional flexibility.

Additional features:

  • Multiple computer and drive connection types, including USB3.0
  • Compatibility with forensic acquisition and analysissoftware
  • Rugged aluminum construction
  • 3-year warranty
  • Free US-based customer support

    Whether youre a forensic investigator, technician, or cybersecurity analyst, the ForensicComboDock v5 is a necessary part ofyour toolkit.
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