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Artikel nummerHPAJ802A
Producent Hewlett Packard
Part nummer AJ802A
Omschrijving MSA2324I DC MSA
  MSA2324i DC Modular Smart Array
Taal SG
Gewicht 30,00 (kg)
Prijs Artikel niet meer beschikbaar
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HP HP StorageWorks Modular Smart Array 2000

Product specificaties ***
Omschrijving HP StorageWorks 2324i Dual Controller Modular Smart Array
The HP StorageWorks 2000i G2 Modular Smart Array selection of SAN devices features the very latest in efficient consolidation, functionality and technology at very affordable prices. The ideal customers needing to consolidate their storage include smaller companies with tight budgets and limited IT expertise, or larger companies that have perhaps hundreds of smaller departments and remote locations.

The MSA2000i G2 features a 1 Gb Ethernet (1 GbE) iSCSI connected array. It allows customers to grow their storage as demands increase up to 36 TB SAS or 120 TB SAS MDL or SATA MDL, supporting up to 32 hosts for iSCSI attach. All models support the optional HP StorageWorks 2000 Modular Smart Array Snapshot Software which offers controller-based snapshot and cloning functionality. Planning for future growth is easy by starting with the basic modular pieces and adding capacity as needs arise.

Easily managed highly affordable storage consolidation

• The HP StorageWorks 2000i G2 Modular Smart Array delivers low cost, consolidated storage array technology to meet departmental and small to medium businesses requirements with solutions matched with the latest SAS, SAS MDL and SATA MDL drives.

Start small and grow in number of supported servers and total capacity

• The MSA2000i G2 with 512 LUNs has more than sufficient LUNs for storage configuration flexibility.

Comprehensive data protection in an easily administered SAN environment

• Reduced time to operation with easy and secure deployment. Reduced risk from operator errors, resulting in less downtime and data loss, while increasing customer satisfaction. Supports customer replaceable hot plug components such as drives, controllers, fans and power supplies.
Opslagmedia Maximum supported storage capacity 12 TB
Aantal opslagkaarten ondersteund 24
Technische details Insight manager ondersteuning Y
Opslagmirroring ondersteuning Y
SAN-backup ondersteuning Y
Type behuizing Rack (2U)
Andere features Supported drives 146 GB 3G 15K SFF DP SAS; 300 GB 3G 10K SFF DP SAS; 72 GB 6G 15K SFF DP SAS; 146 GB 6G 10K SFF DP SAS; 146 GB 6G 15K SFF DP SAS; 300 GB 6G 10K SFF DP SAS; 500 GB 6G 7.2K SFF DP MDL SAS; 250 GB 3G 5.4K SFF SATA; 120 GB 1.5G 5.4K SFF SATA
Afmetingen (BxDxH) 254 x 635 x 736 mm
Minimale systeemeisen Windows, Linux
Gewicht 21.727 kg
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9500 Software - Backup/restore, Archief
HPT5512A - EOL* MSA2000 Snapshot 64 SW LTU
HPT5512AAE - EOL* MSA2000 Snapshot 64 SW E-LTU
HPT5513A - EOL* MSA2000 Snapshot 8 SW LTU
HPT5513AAE - EOL* MSA2000 Snapshot 8 SW E-LTU
HPT5515A - EOL* MSA2000 Snapshot 8 TO 64 Upgrade Software LTU
HPT5515AAE - EOL* MSA2000 Snapshot 8-64 UPG SW E-LTU
HPT5539A - EOL* MSA2000 Snapshot 255 SW f MSA2324/MSA2312-G2 ONLY
HPT5539AAE - EOL* MSA2000 Snapshot 255 SW ELTU
HPT5540A - EOL* MSA2000 Snapshot 8-255 SW UPG f MSA2324/MSA2312-G2 ONLY
HPT5540AAE - EOL* MSA2000 Snapshot 8-255 UPG SW E-LTU
HPT5541A - EOL* MSA2000 Snapshot 64-255 SW UPG f MSA2324/MSA2312-G2 ONLY
HPT5541AAE - EOL* MSA2000 Snapshot 64-255 UPG SW E-LTU
HPAJ748A - EOL* StorageWorks 2000i Modular Smart Array Controller
HPAJ803A - EOL* StorageWorks MSA2300I CTRL.
2110 Netwerken - Adapters bedraad
CPQ394791B21 - EOL* NC373T PCI Express Multifunction Gigabit Server Adapter
CPQ394795B21 - EOL* NC380T PCI Express Dual port Multifunction
CPQ412648B21 - EOL* NC360T PCI Express Dual port Gigabit Server Adapter
CPQ434905B21 - EOL* NC110T PCIe Gigabit Server Adapter
CPQ435508B21 - EOL* NC364T PCIE 4PT Gigabit Server ADPTR
6735 Storage - Disk arrays
CPQ418800B21 - EOL* StorageWorks MSA70 Enclosure f 70 SATA drives
HPAJ749A - EOL* StorageWorks MSA2000 Single I/O 3.5 inch 12 Drive Enclosure
HPAJ750A - EOL* StorageWorks MSA2000 Dual I/O 3.5 inch 12 Drive Enclosure
HPAJ751A - EOL* StorageWorks MSA2000 Drive Enclosure I/O Module (optional to
HPAJ949A - EOL* MSA2024 2.5IN DRV BAY Chassis SFF
HPAJ950A - EOL* MSA2012 3.5IN DRV DC-PW Chassis LFF
HPAJ951A - EOL* MSA2024 2.5IN DRV DC-PW Chassis SFF
arde schijven
CPQ384842B21 - EOL* HDD 72GB SAS SFF 10k Dual-port Univ 2.5i
CPQ418369B21 - EOL* HDD 36GB SAS SFF 15k Dual-port Univ 2.5i
CPQ431935B21 - EOL* 72GB 3G SAS 15K SFF SP 2.5i HDD
CPQ431958B21 - EOL* 146GB 3G SAS 10K SFF SP 2.5i HDD
CPQ492620B21 - EOL* 300GB 3G SAS 10K SFF 2.5i DP HPL ENT HDD
CPQ504062B21 - EOL* 146GB 15K 2.5 SAS DP HDD
CPQ507125B21 - EOL* 146GB 6G SAS 10K 2.5 SAS DP HDD
CPQ507127B21 300GB 6G SAS 10K SFF 2.5i DP HPL ENT HDD
CPQ507610B21 - EOL* 500GB 6G SAS 7.2K 2.5IN 1Y WT MDL HDD
CPQ512545B21 - EOL* 72GB 15K 6G 2.5 SAS DP HDD
CPQ512547B21 - EOL* 146GB 15K 6G 2.5 SAS DP HDD
CPQ581286B21 600GB 6G SAS 10K SFF 2.5IN DP ENT HDD
CPQ619291B21 900GB 6G SAS 10K SFF 2.5IN DP ENT HDD
HPAJ736A - EOL* MSA2000 300GB 3G 15K rpm 3.5i Dual-port SAS HDD
HPAJ737A - EOL* MSA2 450GB 15K 3.5IN Dual-port SAS HDD
HPAJ738A - EOL* MSA2000 500GB 7.2K rpm 3.5i Dual-port SATA HDD
HPAJ740A - EOL* MSA2000 1TB 7.2K rpm 3.5i SATA HDD
HPAP858A - EOL* P2000 G3 300GB 15K 6G SAS LFF DP Enterprise HDD
HPAP859A - EOL* P2000 G3 450GB 15K 6G SAS LFF DP Enterprise HDD
HPAP860A - EOL* P2000 G3 600GB 15K 6G SAS LFF DP Enterprise HDD
HPAP861A - EOL* StorageWorks P2000 1TB 6G SAS 7.2K LFF (3.5-inch) Dual port MDL
HPAW555A - EOL* StorageWorks P2000 2TB 6G SAS 7.2K LFF (3.5-inch) Dual port MDL
2224 Communicatie - Switch
HPJ4812A - EOL* ProCurve Switch 2512, 12 RJ-45 10/100Base-TX Ports Managed
HPJ4813A - EOL* ProCurve Switch 2524, 24 RJ-45 10/100Base-TX Ports Managed
HPJ4902A - EOL* ProCurve Switch 6108
HPJ4903A - EOL* ProCurve Switch 2824
HPJ4904A - EOL* ProCurve Switch 2848
HPJ4905A - EOL* ProCurve Switch 3400cl-24G (20*10/100/1000-T 4 Dual ports)
HPJ4906A - EOL* ProCurve Switch 3400cl-48G (44*10/100/1000-T, 4*Gigabit UTP/GBI
HPU8132E eCarePack Basis installatie MSA30
en supportuitbreidingen
HPUA868E eCarePack installatie & Startup MSA1x00
HPUJ682E - EOL* eCarePack 4YR OS 4HRS 24x7 f DEDICATE MSA2000
HPUJ685E - EOL* eCarePack 5Y 4H 13x5 MSA2000 Dual CTRL HWSUPP
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