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Artikel nummerHPD9N45A
Producent Hewlett Packard
Part nummer D9N45A
Omschrijving 3.6kVA 200-240V 16out WW mPDU
  3.6kVA 200-240 Volt 16 Outlet WW Monitored Power Distribution Unit
Gewicht 3,52 (kg)
Prijs Artikel niet meer beschikbaar
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HP HP Power Distribution

Product specificaties ***
Omschrijving HP 3.6kVA 200-240 Volt Detachable C20 Input (16xC13) WW Monitored PDU
HP Remote Monitored Power Distribution Units (PDU) provide rack level power monitoring over the network. With billing grade accuracy these PDUs are an excellent choice for data centers wanting to make the most of circuit capacity or for co-location facilities needing to precisely track power usage for billing purposes.
The low profile single piece design on these PDU's provides multiple mounting options and ease of access to rear devices for maintenance. They are designed for HP racks but will also work in a large variety of third party racks as well. They can be installed on either side of the rack with outlets facing the back of the rack for easy access and improved clearance. Also for higher power density they can be installed side by side on both sides of the rack with the outlets facing in towards the center of the rack. HP Remote Monitored PDUs are available in 1U/0U and vertical form factors in single and 3-phase models and are back by HP's limited 3-year warranty.

Accurate, flexible, and easy to use and manage make this the right PDU for many environments.

• 99% billing grade accuracy including energy usage (kW/Hour) improves circuit utilization while providing all the information needed for billing.
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