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Artikel nummerHPF2B56AA
Producent Hewlett Packard
Part nummer F2B56AA
Omschrijving USB External DVDRW Drive
Garantie 12 (mnd)
Gewicht 0,36 (kg)
Prijs excl BTW42,28 EUR
Prijs incl BTW51,16 EUR
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HP CD/DVD Drives

Product specificaties ***
Omschrijving HP External USB DVDRW Drive
With the HP External USB Optical Drive, any available USB port on your notebook or Ultrabook™ becomes a ticket to optical storage.1 Simply connect the drive with the included USB cable, and get immediate read/write access to your optical media.2

• Back up your data, move files, enjoy your multimedia, and read and write CDs and DVDs1 to your heart’s content with a compact external ODD that’s so thin and light you can carry it with your PC.

• Keep the sleek design of your ultra-mobile PC platform and add an ODD only when you need it. Connect the USB-powered drive to any USB 2.0 or 3.0 port on your PC,1 and you’re ready to go. No additional AC adapter is required.

• Enjoy the reassurance of a one-year parts replacement limited warranty. Additional support is available (North America only) seven days a week, 24 hours a day by phone as well as through online support forums.

1 Compatible with Windows-based PCs only. See product QuickSpecs for complete system requirements.

2 Don’t copy copyright-protected materials. Double Layer is a new technology. Double Layer media compatibility will widely vary with some home DVD players and DVD-ROM drives. Note that DVD-RAM cannot read or write to 2.6GB Single Sided/5.2 Double Sided-Version 1.0 Media.

Warranty e: Each HP Storage Solution carries a one-year limitedAdditional support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone as well as online support forums.
Design Kleur van het product Black
Intern N
Prestatie Interface USB 2.0
Soort optische drive DVD-RW
Bedoeld voor Notebook
Minimale systeemeisen Ondersteunt Windows Y
Ondersteunt Mac-besturingssysteem Y
Gewicht en omvang Hoogte 14 mm
Diepte 137.5 mm
Breedte 144 mm
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