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Artikel nummerHPTA851AAE
Producent Hewlett Packard
Part nummer TA851AAE
Omschrijving ILO ADV Pack F/ Blade 1Y 24X7 SUPP + UPD WO/MEDIA
  ILO Adv BL E-LTU incl 1yr TS+U SW
Prijs Artikel niet meer beschikbaar
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HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO)

Product specificaties ***
Omschrijving ProLiant Essentials Integrated Lights-Out Advanced for BladeSystem Electronic License including 1 year of 24x7 Technical Support and Updates
HP ProLiant Onboard Administrator, powered by the iLO 2 management processor, combines the best in remote management with other core embedded management functions to simplify setup, health monitoring, power and thermal control, and remote administration of ProLiant ML, DL, and BL servers. It functions without additional software, and can be accessed from any location via a web browser. ProLiant Onboard Administrator works hand-in-hand with the BladeSystem Onoard Administrator, HP Systems Insight Manager, HP Insight Control, and HP Insight Dynamics - VSE helping customers unlock the full potential of their ProLiant servers and run their business with confidence. HP ProLiant Onboard Administrator provides core management functionality out of the box including server power control, ROM-based setup, embedded health and management logs, current power consumption level, SSH and SSL support, and flexible access via a decicated or shared network port. For the ultimate remote management experience, extend the capabilities of ProLiant Onboard Administrator with HP iLO Advanced and iLO Advanced for BladeSystem. In addition to its high performance graphical and text console, iLO Advanced and iLO Advanced for BladeSystem provide a number of unique diagnostic capabilities, including automatic video footage of the server's last boot and last fault, intelligent global team collaboration for up to four users, the ability to measure, regulate, and cap server power consumption, and much more. Finally, extending ProLiant Onboard Administrator with iLO Advanced or iLO Advanced for BladeSystem requires no additional software - HP ProLiant ML, DL, and BL servers ship with the necessary firmware already installed. A simple license key activates all advanced features.
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CPQ699045B21 BL465c Gen8 6380 1P 16G Svr
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