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Artikel nummerZAGAPPMBP13RFB
Producent ZAGG
Part nummer APPMBP13RFB
Omschrijving InvisibleShield Original Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch retina Full
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Product specificaties ***
Omschrijving Apple MacBook Pro 33.02 cm (13") Screen Protector
The ultimate screen protection for your Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch is available in many types of protection, as well as many coverage options. Choose your options below.

Nano Memory Technology™
Intelligent protection.

Micro molecules engineered into the composition of the film use their muscle memory to consistently return the film to it’s original structure. Over and over again, no matter how deep the scratch or rough the tumble, the invisibleSHIELD uses the advanced powers of Nano-Memory Technology™ to reverse the damage of device impact.

Lifetime Warranty
Always & forever.

If your invisibleSHIELD ever shows signs of scratches or wear, we’ll replace it, no questions asked – for the life of your device

Market Leaders
65 million people can’t be wrong.

The fact that we’ve sold over 65 million invisibleSHIELDs helps us help you. Being the market leader allows us to get new products to you faster as we work with device manufacturers to prepare for their new devices. As soon as a new device is launched, there will be an invisibleSHIELD ready to protect it.

6,500 Designs
There is an invisibleSHIELD for everyone.

No matter what device you have, there is an invisibleSHIELD to protect it. You can cover everything from phones and tablets to cameras, e-readers to watches, game console systems to GPS systems, and everything in between. If it’s a gadget, you can bet we have a custom cut invisibleSHIELD for it.

Continued Innovation
You decide which invisibleSHIELD is best for your device.

Just like with your kids, your pets, or that perfect pair of jeans, you know what’s best for your favorite devices. So it doesn’t make sense to leave you with only one option for protecting the things you love. That’s why we are constantly creating new invisibleSHIELD options – to help you get the perfect fit for your device. Whether you need High Definition clarity, a smudge barrier, or EXTREME protection, we have the perfect invisibleSHIELD for your needs.

Trust the Experts
The original is still the best.

We’ve been providing protective film for your favorite devices since 2005 – longer than anyone else. In that time we’ve sold over 65 million invisibleSHIELDs – more than anyone else. So if anyone knows how to create the perfect invisibleSHIELD for all of your devices, we do. If that doesn’t convince you, ask a neighbor, chances are they have an invisibleSHIELD they can show you.

Made in the U.S.A.
To protect the world.

Since we enhanced technology created by the U.S. Military, it only makes sense that we would maintain production of our Military Grade invisibleSHIELDs in the U.S. That’s right, all the invisibleSHIELDs spread to every corner of the world were made right here in the good ‘ol U.S.A. We take pride in that fact and consider it is one of the reasons our invisibleSHIELDs are so much better than the rest.
Kenmerken Compatibele producten MacBook Pro 13'' 2012-2013
Maximumafmetingen schermcompatibiliteit 13 "
Oppervlakte kleur Monotone
Kleur van het product Transparent
Producttype Notebook skin
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